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WD BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD 500GB $95 + Delivery @ Shopping Express (10pm-11pm Only)


The WD BLACK™ SN750 NVMe™ SSD delivers top-tier performance for gaming and hardware enthusiasts who are looking to build or upgrade their PC. Available in capacities up to 2TB, the WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD rivals some of the best performing drives on the market to help give gamers that competitive edge.

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Shopping Express
Shopping Express


  • 10-11PM on a Sunday evening is a very specific time…whose their target market?

  • I am still waiting for kingston A2000 m.2 ssd and gigabyte psu to be shipped. Ordered on 30-Nov-20. Tried to contact them several times , but no success. No information whatsoever. Any one has idea, how to contact them.

    • Yeah I had the same issue with SE on a few items in the past. They're realllllyyyy slow to post stuff and even slower to respond to anything so I try to avoid them if I can

    • Took them 5 working days to ship my GPU after black friday sales…just gotta be patient.