Hate Having to Drive Like an Idiot

Being in Victoria and reintegrating back into society after WFH since Feb, I'm finding driving quite annoying in that either I've forgotten what/how bad other motorists were or there's possibly been an increase in the amount of idiot drivers there are out there.

Can't eliminate the possibility that it's 'me' too, or that I'm driving less such that these occurrences stand out more, but I don't believe so as follows:

Example 1: I was involved in a near crash at intersection of Tram Road (Station Street) / Doncaster Road where two northbound right turn lanes exit onto three eastbound lanes. I'm in the left right turn lane so once the arrow turns green, I drove into the middle of the eastbound lanes. The driver in the vehicle next to me in the right right turn lane also finished their turn into the middle lane.

Our destination was both Westfield Shopping Centre car park where that driver accused me of doing wrong, that is, he claimed I was wrong as he (argued) that he was allowed to turn right into the middle and right eastbound lanes (optional two lanes on exit). I tried to correct him and say that he was wrong as a multi-lane right turn requires the vehicle in the right lane to exit into the right lane too. It was too hard to argue with an idiot.

Example 2. Another time, I' merged onto the M1 Freeway and the vehicle in the left lane speeds up to block my merge (it's not an additional lane, but bonafide merging movement). I avoid hitting his car and honk, which he doesn't like and then proceeds to play funny buggers by blocking and lane changing in front of me to block me etc.

Example 3. Just driving down Union Road and I see an on-coming car slow-down and pull kerbside to look at Christmas lights at a house. The car doesn't fully stop but once it passes the house, I see it veer into my lane (on-coming) so I have to slam my brakes on while they swerve back into their side of the road.

Many more similar stories in such a short time of driving back on the road. The words of my father echo in my head.. '.. when driving, assume everyone is an idiot..'.

I see quite often that people will drive wrongly but because so many people do it (in some cases for location-specific), that it becomes the 'norm'. Eg, my above example 1, most in the left right turn lane will dive into the left exit lane to access Westfield, leaving the middle and right lane for the right right turns to freely play, even though not allowed. I assume I threw other driver off by abiding by the road rules.

Has anyone else noticed any changes to motorist driving behaviours? Watching DASH CAM OWNERS AUSTRALIA did help me get over the incidents as it reminded me of how many idiots there are on the road.


  • and the vehicle in the left lane speeds up to block my merge

    Which vehicle was in front initially and what are the road markings at the merge point?

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      I was in front, so they would've seen my vehicle merging in. I assume they just didn't want to slow down.

      I say 'sped' up also because I was already travelling at 100km/h to match the freeway speed but he came on fast (maybe there's another way of saying that without it sounding sexual). So either 'sped' up or was speeding.


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        According to those road line markings the vehicle in the left lane needs to give way.

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    Example 1 intersection

    Example 2 Merge here I'm guessing? (or here??)

    Example 1 is stupid and why there needs to be road rules that state, if you start in X lane, you finish your turn in X lane. At this intersection, the turn lines to not extend all the way around the corner (where they need to actuallly finish) so it just makes for moronic manoeuvres.

    Unfortunately, example 2, if you are in the merging lane (and it's not a zipper merge) you have to give way to any peanuts in the lane you want to merge into.

    Example 3, well, what do you do? While you are right and doing what you did, there is no telling some people. Even if you had the footage of what that driver did and showed them, they would still deny it.

    Lax driver testing, poor road designs and the "woke" age of entitlement means the roads are only going to get worse until we devolve into countries where there is no respect for other road users. Learn to drive defensively, because at the end of the day, these idiots are frustrating, but it's not worth losing your life or that of anyone else's to "teach them a lesson"

    it reminded me of how many idiots there are on the road.

    Just remember, 90% of drivers got their license from Kellogs or Sanitarium as a prize from a cereal box.

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      My bad, Example 2 is EASTERN, not M1


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        Yeah, either way, the example is the same, it's still a merging lane and not a zipper. Doesn't matter who is in front, you still need to give way… even to the speedy-up type of morons.

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    My tip for when two lanes, turn into a road with three lanes is, if you start left end on the leftest lane. If you start right, end on the right most lane. All cars leave the middle lane for the “idiot”. Once your in lane, merge into the middle as required. Saves headache you describe in your situation.

    Life isn’t about right and wrong, it’s usually grey, just doing what I proposed saves a headache.

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    when driving, assume everyone is an idiot

    End of story. Try not to get too worked up by them.

    And once an idiot is past you, never honk them. I know it's tempting, but it just invites the type of reaction that you got.

  • I agree - since people haven't been driving for 9 months, skills are certainly lacking with many "drivers"….

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      Driving skills are lacking in general… driver education can improve a lot in Australia imo

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    What car do you drive? Not sure if there is anything to do with it?

    Jokes aside (or maybe it is what you drive?).

    Pre-covid - you'll find the same behavior, maybe you were desensitised?. Due to lockdown and driving less often, your tolerance for idiotic behavior "normalised". It's like not seeing the sun for a long time and when you see it, it hurts your eyes. That's my theory :D

    Anyways, sounds you managed to avoid all those incidents 👍, otherwise you'll be here posting, "I had an accident and the other person was an idiot and didn't know the road rules and argued with me".

    • I confirm with the stats in terms of safety (I believe). White SUV (Rav4 Hybrid), and white (if I recall correctly) being the colour with the least amount of crashes (?)

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    As a Victorian I have always said drivers here are the most aggressive you will ever encounter

    • As a Victorian I agree.

      • More North / West the aggression and pack like behavior increases ten fold.

        • Mildura or Albanvale?

          • @MS Paint: more thinking Roxburgh but agreed on Albanvale.

    • I disagree.

      I think Sydney drivers are more aggressive, but they seem to be more skilled.
      Whereas, Melbourne drivers try to drive safer, but the only thing they seem to know is sticking to the speed limits. Even if that means driving side by side on a multi lane road.

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      Having driven trucks for 20yrs in Sydney/Melbourne/Country etc - Melbourne in the last decade has certainly caught up with Shitney for brain dead drivers with very poorr skills…and anger management issues.

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    MSPAINT diagrams for rep.

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    OP, what I have also noticed is there are a lot of delivery people out on the roads - delivery riders, vans (delivering our online shopping: Austpost, Amazon, etc…), etc… adding to the "madness" on the roads.

    I have noticed the gig economy delivery people appears to lack road rules knowledge or practice it and pays limited attention to their surroundings. See news of deaths of such workers :( e.g https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-24/uber-eats-vows-to-imp... It reminds me of people playing frogger 😬

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      I have noticed the gig economy delivery people appears to lack road rules knowledge or practice it and pays limited attention to their surroundings.

      These people really scare the shit out of me. A lot of them have got into that sort of work during the past 6 months because they could make some money. There was hardly any traffic around before and they obviously got used to riding all over the shop. Now that a lot of traffic has returned, they're still riding as though there's noone around. I have lost count of the number of near misses I've had with them coming out of side streets or just changing lanes without looking. I try and give them a wide berth when i see them and slow down as much as I can in case they do something stupid. I don't lose my patience or get angry or beep the horn or whatever because I think they just don't know any better.

      A lot of them are younger international students going through tough times. It pains me to think that some of these people are only going to learn the hard way after getting hit by a car or something. And some probably won't make it home at all.

      Instead of sitting there with speed cameras, I think cops should be out there educating these guys and girls. I'm not talking about simply handing out fines, but actually pulling them up and talking to them about the dangers of the way they ride.

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    You don’t have to drive like and idiot. You should expect others to drive like an idiot, but be the beacon of driving competence and diligence that we can all aspire to be.

  • Was born and raised in Melbourne however moved to QLD as a teenager.
    Learned to drive cars and ride motorcycles on the Gold Coast and then up and around Brisbane.

    Moved back to Melbourne permanently in 2014 where it was my first time driving.
    Also got another motorcycle 2.5 years ago.

    By far, Melbourne is the worst (never driven in Sydney but have visited several times and didn't seem to bad).
    The Nepean Highway is a deathtrap. Nothing but tradies and soccer mums speeding, tailgating, and failing to use indicators, look when changing lanes, or give way.

    If I'm over more inner or north east, it's a lot more relaxed and a noticeable difference.
    But yeah, the bay area/south east is shocking for bad drivers.

  • I agree - lots of moronic merges and lane changes nowadays. Heaps more slow pokes also.

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      Slow pokes I can handle, at least they're usually predictable and can be planned around (e.g. you know they'll speed up if there's a passing lane). Worst case the journey takes a couple more minutes.

      It's the random behaviour that gets me sweating. Just over the weekend in driving to the zoo and back I had;
      A ute driving beside us just moved over into our lane (avoided by moving into the breakdown lane).
      A guy who I nearly rear ended when he braked to a stop at a green traffic light in a 70km zone.
      100m further down the road a delivery driver pulls out in front of a car in that same 70km zone.

      How that wasn't an accident I still don't know.