What Milk Do You Buy?

People named their preferred milk in their comments on this previous forum topic, but I thought I'd put it up as a more granular poll than branded vs homebrand. Don't forget to indicate:

  • brand
  • skim or full cream
  • unhomogenised (if so)
  • organic (if so)
  • goat's, sheep's, soy, almond… if not cow's milk

Poll Options


  • +1
    Suggested Pauls Farmhouse Gold Milk 1.5L

    My favourite milk and I would probably get it maybe twice a year if I feel like treating myself.

    I drink only full cream

    • "Twice a year"??

      • +2

        Poll was for preferred milk. So that's my preferred milk. I drink the cheapest full cream milk on other days.

        I felt sad typing that out… It's not even that expensive

        • +2

          Yup. I would cut something else, if I had to. But… preferences, preferences. Food quality is at the very top of mine.

          From Pauls, I would get the organic non-homogenised one, though. The less processed, the better.

  • Suggested Cleopatra Unpasteurised Unhomogenised Full Cream Grass-fed Jersey Cows' Milk

    Sometimes we get that ($3-3.50/L).

  • Suggested Frozen HBM

    HBM is best…

  • Anyone else suggest something for the poll and have OP not add it? Especially in the light milk category.

    Given the comments about light milk and the plug for unpasteurised (illegal to be sold for human consumption in Australia) milk I suspect OP is trying to push some alternative health ideas under the guise of a genuine discussion and poll. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  • +1
    Suggested Full cream Canberra Milk


    Edit : I put a suggested poll option but it disappeared

  • +3
    Suggested Woolworths Full Cream Lactose Free

    Or Liddels if I want to splurge. The power of lactose intolerance compels me.

  • -1

    Whatever is cheapest

  • +3
    Suggested Norco Full Cream

    Norco full cream owned by farmers not an international corporation

  • Suggested Homebrand (Coles/Woolworths) Full Cream Milk

    I only buy regular milk. Not branded, not fancy.

  • No sh*t i dont know was half the options are

    I drink milk from the fridge usually the one with the longest expiry date so im less like to the throw it out….

  • Bannister Downs Dairy, WA owned and operated, only stocked at a few shops, coles and some iga's

  • Coles full cream

  • +1

    Irritatingly woolies and coles introduced their marketing tax to ‘help the farmers’.

    • +1

      And then being fined for not helping farmers. Everybody else… shrugs off and go on as if nothing ever happened.

    • down down, prices are down.

      down down and staying down.

      -Coles, a few years ago

  • Suggested Whatever is the cheapest, no matter which brand

    I'll buy any milk that is the cheapest, as long as it's not expiring tomorrow or anything. It's all cow juice, doesn't matter what brand you slap on the plastic bottle or print on the carton.

    • Different cows, different "juice". Like us, cows are what they eat.

      • I actually saw on youtube that cows are often fed stale or irregular candy mixed into their feed, it's apparently very nutritious to the cow quad stomach and they love the taste of it. I would like the idea of my milk coming from candy cows and would probably pay 20 cents extra a liter for the knowledge.

        • "Nutritious"?? 😂

  • +2
    Suggested Lactose free milk

    I have lactose free milk, for obvious reasons.

  • +1
    Suggested Pauls Pure Organic Unhomogenised Full Cream

    Or Paul's farmhouse gold

    • I sometimes buy that too. How do you reckon it compares to Aldi's Organic Full Cream?

      • +1

        I actually find it a bit easier to digest. Might be because it's unhomogenised or maybe because it isn't ultra pasteurised.

        Plus my daughter loves the lumps of cream in the unhomogenised milk!

        I find the ALDI organic to be similar to Cole's organic. Both are ok

  • Breast Milk

  • +4
    Suggested Malk

    It is full of Vitamin R

    • I don’t get it, everyone loves rats, but they don’t wanna drink the rats milk?

      • Disparaging malk is a bootable offence

  • Coles/Woolworths milk is ok, but watery if compared to pyengana or Ashgrove. not a pure milk drinker, but you can see the difference in capucinos or a bit in recipes. Cream brands - of the same type - are the most different though, to the point of ruining your recipe.

  • +1
    Suggested Dairy Farmers Reduced Cream Milk

    Dairy Farmers Reduced Cream Milk

    Get through a heap drinking lattes and on my cereal.

  • Sweetened Condensed Milk for my Iced Vietnamese Coffee and cereal 🤤😂

  • +1
    Suggested IGA home brand milk

    I usually buy them for my flat white, they are way superior to Woolworths home brand milk

  • +2
    Suggested Farmers Own Light Milk

    Farmers Own Light Milk

  • Browne's (WA) Extra Creamy or Cream on Top - $3.40 for 2l at Cole's.


  • any brand as long as it has fresh cow juice.

  • +1

    oat milk for me!

    • +1 for oat milk! Use it in my coffee and it even froths up nicely

  • -3

    Who cares

  • +1


    I have a glass of milk/day max for my coffee. Some days I don’t even have coffee

    Tried some home brands and they tend to taste yucky before the best before date

    The milk froths from A2M are better than other brands I tried

    Farmhouse is probably my second choice

    • +1

      The milk froths from A2M are better than other brands I tried

      I'm sure it is 😉

  • Farmhouse Gold then Norco then dairy farmers.

  • I like the taste of uht milk.

  • im on the Cleo. Kids have had it since they were 1 year old ( now 9 and 11 )
    Wife also takes cleo. she is asian and cant handle any pasturised milk but has no issues with cleo as it has the bacteria and enzymes for digestion

  • bonsoy if its on sale
    purple vitasoy if not

  • I really am surprised at the amount of Full Cream milk votes.

    I assumed the most popular would be colesworth 'lite' milk (1.3% - 1.4% fat), but their isn't even an option yet.

  • +1
    Suggested Brownes

    Full cream milk Woolworths or Aldi store branded.
    Brownes full cream milk as the local branded product.
    I sometimes buy chocolate milks but no particular brand.
    Lactose free store brand uht for the little one.

  • +3
    Suggested Maleny Dairies Full Cream

    We get Maleny Dairies milk so only a couple of hours from Brissy.

    • Just bought 3L of non-homogenised Maleny. Hadn't realised Guernsey cows produced as much A2 as Jersey ones. Too bad they don't sell organic. And I'm only a half hour drive away from the farm.

      Have you found/tried Cooloola milk?

  • I use Oatly Barista Edition 1L exclusively for coffee drinking. It's a very neutral flavour so you can taste more of the subtle flavours in your coffee.

  • +1
    Suggested Maleny Dairies Milk

    Local from Maleny Dairies Milk

  • +2
    Suggested Coles Organic or Woolworths (Macro) Organic Soy milk $1.60

    I'm putting an or option for Coles or Woolworths - I buy depending on the incentive I get at the supermarket.

    Coles is less sweet.

  • Farmers Own Full Cream Milk Unhomogenised - $3

  • +1
    Suggested Unhomogenised - Farmers Own Full Cream Milk

    $3 Unhomogenised Farmers Own Full Cream Milk

  • Is it safe to drink unhomogenised milk?

    • *Safer.

      The one that can be unsafe is unpasteurised, i.e. raw.

  • pauls physical

  • Soy milk… farming agriculture is destroying the land and isn't sustainable.

    Soy is better for you, better for the environment… I don't see much in favour of calf growth serum.

  • Suggested Gippsland Jersey Full Cream

    Gippsland Jersey is my usual go to. If that's not available, I try for anything Aussie owned. I generally avoid the cheap woolies/coles milk but their slightly more expensive stuff seems alright.

  • Suggested Mother Cow Dairy

    Mother Cow Dairy - https://www.mothercowdairy.com.au/

  • What Milk Do You Buy?

    I'm pro bovine

  • I get free milk from the inlaws next door. Straight from the udder!

    • +1

      Wow. What an indirect way to call your mother in law a cow. Bravo.

  • Pauls Farmhouse Gold Full Cream Milk Unhomogenised is the best!

    "It's the best, Jerry! The best!"

  • Suggested Pura Full Cream Milk

    I generally only use this for coffee or occasionally cereal but from all the different milks I have tried I like this one the most. Other milks seem inconsistent in taste and some are simply overpowering

  • Australian made and owned

  • Cat Milkis the best

  • Suggested Oat Milk

    I put a little Oat Milk in my coffee.

    Otherwise I get my calcium from Greek Yogurt

    • -1

      Homemade kefir is a better OzBargain than industrialised yoghurt. Much healthier too.

      • Im addicted to greek yogurt, fruit and granola for breakfast but thanks for the suggestion!

        • +1

          Taste the same. Will save you a buck and give you much more diverse gut-friendly bacteria.

  • I used to always get Semi-Skimmed in the UK, we went onto the Light Milk, but I actually really like Zymil (Lactose Free). I think it blends nicer with a morning coffee.. less morning poo as well! 😆

  • +1
    Suggested fleurieu milk unhomogenised

    fleurieu milk unhomogenised
    I imagine fleurieu is only in SA, but it's good milk at a reasonable cost. 2L $4.50

  • Breast is best.

  • Suggested Coles / Woolworths / Aldi Soy milk

    Either of these are okay. Aldi's soy milk is a bit weak, but drinkable.

  • …I just want milk that tastes like milk

  • Suggested Bonsoy!

    Bonsoy is the best soy option out there.

  • Big titty breast Milk

  • Any brand Rice milk !! Love the sweet stuff

  • cmmooooon malk

  • Suggested Harvey Fresh Full Cream Milk

    Usually full cream