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Nerf Fortnite - BASR L Bolt Action Clip Fed Blaster - $14.84 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Looks like a good deal, anywhere between $50 - $70 at your usual retailers.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I would love to buy this, Um for my son, but his mum would have a melt down if I gave him such a violent toy!!
    BTW cracker of a price!!

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      Im in the same boat… still got it anyway ๐Ÿ˜‚

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      I am trying to work out if i can justify buying this for my 2yr old/me without his mum going nuts….. let me know how you go ;)

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        My son is 11. From the age of one all he wanted was toy guns, my wife refused (point blank, no guns, period). Everything became a toy gun, his food, sticks in the part, everything. She finally relented and let him have a nerf gun… now he's lost interest. Its the 'no guns' that makes that so appealing IMO :)

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          As kid my religous JW mother banned all toy guns and always confiscated all my action figs and transformers weapons etc (wasnt allowed megatron). My mother never relented and I was absolutley obssesed with guns until adult. It does have reverse effect lol… i dreamt, slept, ate guns. Every stick outside was a gun

          My boy though has owned every toy gun since he was 5, he never touches them

          • @Multiple:

            As kid my religous JW mother banned all toy guns…

            What did your father think about that?

    • Gee he better not watch the Winter Olympics then….๐Ÿ˜ƒ
      Itโ€™s like anything if you teach him some respect like donโ€™t shoot it at anyoneโ€™s head or animals etc he should have some fun with it.
      This can apply right down to cricket balls ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      I bought back the one that shoots out foam balls from America.Gee they go well…

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    This thing is huge by the way. I blind bought one online a little while ago and was surprised when I got the actual box. The Amazon product page says 68cm, but I measured ours and its 90cm long.

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      Ask your girlfriend to measure it..

  • thanks OP, bought one. great value!

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  • The Fortnite Nerf Mega - HC E Blaster - Desert Eagle is also $9.37 if anyone is interested in a pistol to go with this:

    • Good price on that one as well.

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    Showing Unavailable

  • looks like its out of stock now! bummer!!

  • dammit.. just added some to cart.. got to checkout, and it was OOS.

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      More stock available

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  • 5 more stock available

  • Back in stock

  • Back in stock, just checked out with one.

  • I think it's back in stock

  • Currently back in stock for same price

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    "Educational Objective(s): Social Skills"


  • Thanks. Checked just now. Back in stock and bought one.

  • Its back in stock.. just bought one .. Thanks OP

  • OOS again

  • No stock.

  • Thanks OP, got one.

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    Educational Objective(s): Social Skills


    "Delivery 25 Dec - 12 Jan for Prime members"

    I thought it would be a great secret santa, but it's likely not going to arrive in time for christmas etc.

    • Hmmm, Mine says delivered on 18th December

    • Mine says 17th Dec.

      • must have been very limited stock. I ordered 1, then 30 seconds later ordered another with a delivery date 2 days later.

        • I'm in WA, so we do have to Wait Awhile for everything lol

  • Does it have the usual NERF range of 20-30m?
    Need mods.

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      If it can't penetrate an armoured personal carrier from at least 2.5km away I'm not interested.

  • What's the range like on the BASR-L?

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    Just remember that Nerf guns in Australia are nerfed compared the American counterparts (Orange trigger they get vs gray Trigger we get). Our gun laws are that strict, lol.

    • we don't even get the rival brand either

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        You can get Rival from Amazon with no issues.

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      If you're so inclined you can mod these bad boys pretty extensively, there's a pretty sizable community of Nerf enthusiasts who mock up their Nerf guns with some pretty insane cosmetic replicas of real-life or fantasy weaponry along with beefed-up internals for greater range, hitting power, accuracy, etc.

      I quite like these Nerf Centurion mods:

      There's even off-the-shelf kits and parts you can get from Nerf/Foam Blaster hobby stores , that just bolt onto your stock standard Nerf models.

    • Wouldn't it be the other way around, as in theirs need an orange trigger to clearly distinguish the toys because there are so many real guns over there?

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        Yeah probably, all I know is that the Nerf guns sold in Aus are weakened.

        • As in the internal springs and firing mechanism are weakened so they have shorter ranges or what? Where did you get this from?

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            @Gnostikos: Google it and look on youtube/reddit. It looks as if this year they lessened the restrictions though.

            • @butterbuts: Well apparently those grey trigger restrictions were lifted in June 2020, so any projectile-firing toy exceeding Australian limits can still be imported and legally sold here if it already complies with some foreign standard, which all Nerf blasters do in the US.

              It's all irrelevant anyway, as people have been importing orange trigger Nerf blasters into Australia for years from Amazon US without issue. Even Kmart and other stores occasionally stocked orange trigger blasters on their shelves from time to time.

              • @Gnostikos: Customs would regularly confiscate nerf guns arriving from the US

                • @butterbuts: Really? Must have been pretty unlucky if that happened, it's not like the difference between orange and grey on something as small as a trigger is going to show up on a false colour X-ray image.

                  I haven't actually done it myself but plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests it was and remains easily possible, especially via Amazon US. An influx of orange trigger models are already being seen on Kmart shelves.

      • No, to distinguish toy guns, you need to have an orange tip. Search for "orange" in this wiki:

  • The Amazon box it came in was huge. They had to fit it diagonally.
    I've got too many Amazon boxes at home.

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    Had a notification come through saying back in stock. Clicked link and all gone again.

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