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[eBay Plus] $1 Tuesday Deals: Bluedio Earphones (OOS) | Apple AirPods 2 $99 (OOS) | 8ft Trampoline $169, Massage Gun $39 @ eBay


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Tuesday 8/12/2020 2pm

One item per transaction, two transactions per person.

Wednesday 9/12/2020 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm

Thursday 10/12/2020 2pm -

  • 8ft trampoline with kids’ enclosure - $169 (was $279.95) - 200 available.
  • Monopoly Christmas edition - $29 (was $58.95) - 100 available.
  • Braun Series 6 Wet & Dry Shaver - $129 (was $189) - 200 available.
  • Massage machine - $39 (was $59.99) - 200 available.
  • Belvedere vodka - $49 (was $79.99) - 180 available.

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  • +1

    If you guys think these sold out fast don't even bother trying to get the airpods tomorrow.

    • No. M not wasting my time tomo. I am looking to buy the trampoline though.

  • +3

    Multiple Escorts?


    Needless to see, I'm now quite excited.

  • -1

    The worst part is you cant even contact ebay via customer care.
    Hate this about them

    • +1

      you cant even contact ebay via customer care.

      no CHAT option?

    • +1

      Unless something changed recently is have to disagree.

      I've used the eBay plus chat many times. As a plus member you definitely get a priority service over a non paying eBay member.

      Customer service has mostly been great

    • +1

      What are you talking about? Live chat is always available for everyone from 8am-8pm weekdays AET and 9am-7pm AET on weekends.

      Even without plus, I've never waited more than a minute.

  • I just realised that it selected standard untracked post for me, didn’t have time to look so I will contact the seller to make it express

    • leave it and u might get a voucher :)

      • Did the same as ebay plus item default to express. They are charging an extra $2 to change the shipping method.

        • I get what OP means now, mine is the same: standard untracked. dammit . how is that possible I thought it auto-selects express when you're in metro

          • @I Smell Pennies: Now mine got shipped and I have tracked Aus post shipping! didnt even contact seller. yay!

            • -2

              @jayboi: How are you guys so worried about if a $1 item is tracked or not!?

              • +1

                @videoman: Im not worried. with untracked shipping its just not trustable and won't arrive until maybe after Christmas with Ausposts slow shipping times and may even get lost with no trace. I don't care about the money, I just want my item
                and also there is an option for express delivery for free that I didnt get, but now its all g, have tracking at least

              • @videoman: More chance of a late shipping voucher if it was express lmao

                • @I Smell Pennies: How do you get the voucher?

                  I got a voucher for a box of wine I ordered on black Friday. They shipped out via standard instead of express by mistake.
                  It still came on time and I ended up with a $5 voucher.

          • @I Smell Pennies: how do you check whether it's tracked or not?

            • @Feeblely: I'm not sure what they really mean by 'untrackable'. I can clearly track it on the Auspost website lol

  • Can anybody tell how to cancel ebay plus free trial?

    • click on ebay plus on top left on browser and the go to edit membership and cancel

      • Thanks

  • +2

    Hi, dear customer.

    Thank you for your purchase,
    So sorry to notice that this earphone were out of stock.
    Would you mind choosing another model for replacement?
    Here is the link

    We need to handle the order,
    If you don't want, we can cancel and refund,
    Hope understand.
    Any inconvenience, please forgive.
    Please check it and reply asap.

    • Lol, China is a colour now?

      • Nah it's just a subtle political statement.

  • New message from: bluedio_official_au Top Rated Seller(37,615TurquoiseShooting Star)
    Hi, dear customer.

    Thank you for your purchase,
    So sorry to notice that this earphone were out of stock.
    Would you mind choosing another model for replacement?
    Here is the link

    We need to handle the order,
    If you don't want, we can cancel and refund,
    Hope understand.
    Any inconvenience, please forgive.
    Please check it and reply asap.

    • Even I got the message

    • Did you take up the offer lol?

      • They replied item will be back at stock in 2 months :(
        So had to go with the replacement offer

        • How do you select the replacement? Do you checkout the item?

          • @ShopResponsibly: They message you to accept their offer and they will just send out the replacement if accept.
            Don't waste time negotiating, I tried to get a better headphone set willing to pay difference but they didn't budge. Replacement is a $21 item

    • Got the same message from the seller.

    • same message.. but when you say no. they shipped out original immediately

  • Mine just got shipped out! didnt bother to contact seller for the shipping speed error but I have a standard Aus post tracking number! Happy days

    • When is the estimated delivery date?

      I made two orders, one automatically defaulted to express delivery and the other defaulted to standard, very dodgy from this seller

      • yeah that gave me OCD

      • +1

        There was no delivery option to choose from, only one standard post was there.
        I think the seller wants to save some money.

        • I'm not sure as I didn't see, was in a rush. But I ordered two and they have now both been shipped and one is arriving this Friday and the other 23 December

          If there was indeed only one standard option then I find it strange that one is being posted via express shipping

          • @OCD Completionist: AWEI WT50 Sport Wireless had express shipping but another one didn't have it at that time.

  • -2

    Did i miss out on these airpods need these for a Christmas gift

    • +2

      I am happy to inform you that you didnt miss out on the AirPods, they start tomorrow at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm

    • +2

      Not yet but if it took you this long to realize then you might actually miss out xD. best of luck :)

    • Not yet. You can miss out on them tomorrow tho

  • Does the item gets displayed on the same page, or we have to search for that particular item. I mean there are lots of airpods available which one is with the deal

    • Technically, nobody knows before hand. It's guesswork, but ATangK nailed it in advance yesterday…

      • They did nail it yes… Funny thing is, I didn't even see that comment haha

        I instead did a whole bunch of research to find a pattern in which links ended up being the discounted item. I ended up finding the Bluedio one on my own, only later realising that comment existed.

        (Didn't search for the other sports earphone because I wasn't planning on purchasing that one)

    • Does the item gets displayed on the same page

      There will be a link to the airpods on the ebay plus promo page at launch time.

  • My airpods 2 from black friday deal still haven't arrived!!

    • +3

      You'll certainly be eligible for the $5 late shipping voucher!

      Congratulations on your second ozbargain comment!

  • Tomorrow should be fun!

  • Quick question what's the point of linking a PayPal account to eBay?

    It looks like I still need to login when clicking buy now

  • i follow the link but see no mention of airpods?

    • congrats on your first comment on not finding the airpods. even after the sale starts, you will never find it as it will be gone faster than lightning.

  • -1

    whats the point having $1 deal, when you have to pay full price in the end, when you got the following response from the seller

    Hi, dear customer.

    Sorry to disturb you again.
    We haven't get your response.
    This earphone you bought were out of stock.
    Would you mind choosing another one for replacement.
    Here is the link:

    If you don't want, we had to cancel and refund.
    Please check and let us know your idea.

    • Message them with the choice you want and they’ll ship that one out instead. They’re asking for confirmation from you to ship a different model

      • What choice were you able to select from? The seller just didn’t budge last night I only got $21 “China” headphone or a $21 Bluetooth in ear set. Went for the headphones

        • +1

          I didn't participate in the deal loll

    • You definitely got offered a better alternative! See previous posts for the ones that come in "China" colour. At least these are more comparable

  • The Bluedio seller is dodgy af, advertising as express shipping only to sneakily ship them via standard untrack.

    When contacting them about it they will ask for an extra $2 for express shipping, false advertising at its finest. Will definitely be leaving a negative review 🙂

    • yep, negative review incoming as soon as i get the product. very sus

      I reckon hes also pushing/getting rid of an inferior product by replacing it and getting the same $ from ebay. How can they provide incorrect stock numbers to ebay?
      Theres better bluetooth headphones on ebay for much less than the $21 this is listed for.

      should have gone for the sports awei model.

  • -2

    Airpods link anyone?

  • Have y’all seen the new airpods max? $899 noise cancelling headphones 😂😂


    • +1

      I almost fell off my chair seeing the price. That's like buying an iPhone SE (2020) 256gb! Maybe waiting for eBay to come out with this eBay plus deals, lol.

    • Screw me sideways, these guys are out of touch…or I'm making way too little moneys

  • Anyone got airpods link?

  • +1

    link will be posted when 100% sure. don't want to be refreshing wrong page

  • +1

    Good luck everybody

    • Already miss it

    • Same as last deals

  • easy cops

    • same here… surprising

  • first time I got the air pods :)

  • got one!

  • PLUSAPZ - finally got one!

  • can you only get 1 per account?

    • Yep, code only works once

    • What if you got one last time on Black Friday will you be able to buy another?

      • yes can confirm. I got one on black friday

      • Yes, I purchased a pair on Black Friday and a pair today

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/123932436002
    Edit: didn't realise already posted :)

  • Thanks guys, got myself a set

  • Got charged $250 on paypal so I cancelled. When I went to do it again, no stock. Ffs.

    • forgot to apply the code?

      • Nahh, definitely clicked the pre-applied code in the box. Don't know why, on paypal the popup was $250, so I closed to redo it. Stupid, but oh well, I have one in my cart now for 12pm

        • I have one in my cart now for 12pm

          Good, I always use the two-step process anyway, get it into the card and apply the code, then the next drop just click pay. It's never failed me.

          • +1

            @ash2000: as an update, I kept clicking the "pay now" screen despite no stock in the hope of people who don't complete the sales process… now it says my payment is processing!
            Hopefully won't need to scramble to get it at 12pm and I can relax for the rest of the day…

      • Yes 🤣 and i asked them i used the code and was in rush to checkout quickly and didn't check if it's been applied or not

        • I'm 100% sure it glitched up on me, so always be careful and see if it charged you the right amount. You can always message the seller and cancel if you already went through the entire process haha and better luck next drop!

    • Happened my friend when they forgot to enter the code.

      Better luck next time.

    • I order cyberpunk 2077 one day edition from gamersman when it was on special 1 per limit and forgot to put the code in and paid the full amount and then i try to talked to ebay and they gave me the after code discount money as ebay voucher to later use

      • Remember code voucher is not GC, you need to use in one go.

        Last time they gave me $30 voucher, I only used $8.99, contacted eBay, they gave me back the difference as voucher again, but said they only did this once, I need to be more careful next time.

        I found eBay service improve, deals are better than Amazon now. Good for the competition.

  • Got it. It's Titan Gear!

  • already gonskis


  • Got one, again.

    • new ID or same ID?

      • New id. I always create new id with ebay plus trial to go.

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