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[Switch] Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity $53 Delivered @ Amazon AU


$11 cheaper than the October Amazon deal, cheapest price yet on Amazon according to Camels.

Metacritic 78/100
Nintendo Release Date: Nov 20, 2020

Not sure if they are matching anyone, cheapest I could find is Catch/Kogan at $63 + Shipping or $64 at HN/JB.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Not even a month and is on sale.

    What do most ozbargainers say when a game goes on sale quickly??

  • What's up with the reviews saying that none are sealed/they are second hand? I was about to pull the trigger but am now a but doubtful

    • Pretty much all my amazon switch games don't have the plastic wrap.

      Even all the pre-orders.

      PS4 ones do though, not sure why.

      • +1 for my orders, same deal (and PS4 sealed). I redeem gold coins though and they're always unclaimed.

      • That's strange, I bought Rune factory 4 and 3D all stars during the black friday sale and both in their original shrink wrap. It sounds worrying that none of your amazon switch games came with the wrap imo.

        • Hm strange, although even from JB it often doesn't have shrink wrap.

          But like eagerfisherman mentioned, gold coins are always unclaimed, plus even pre-orders don't have the wrap.

          Not sure if it's a case-by-case basis or anything, but still odd as your ones have had the wrap.

        • What do you mean ‘original shrink wrap’ there is no shrink wrap from the factory, it is added afterwards by third parties (ie. Amazon warehouse workers) as Nintendo Australia do not sell titles with factory shrink.

          • @adepta: By shrink wrap, I mean the plastic film that came with the switch case just like any new PS4 or Xbox game. If what you're saying is true then good on amazon for adding that.

      • Thanks! I bit the bullet and grabbed a copy and now have way too many Switch games hahaha

    • Yep, mine was not sealed.

    • Received 2 games yesterday (animal crossing and super smash bros) and both were sealed! :)

    • I got mine from the $43 catch deal. Wasn't sealed aswell

    • I don't know why this is an issue and keeps coming up. Nintendo Australia don't shrink wrap their games.

      • It's an issue that keeps coming up because every single other media (cd/dvd/buray/game) comes sealed when new no matter what store it is purchased from.

    • Purchased some Switch games recently from Amazon AU, Mario Odyssey came sealed while Xenoblade didn't. Animal Crossing hasn't arrived yet.

      I definitely prefer sealed games, Xenoblade doesn't look second hand but really there'd be no way to know?

    • Nintendo Australia don’t seal their titles. Never have.

    • is normal, even the pre-order games don't come with plastic

    • I have literally never seen a sealed switch game. Have bought "brand new" games from amazon, jb hifi, target, eb games.

    • I got this game on launch day from EB in store and it wasn't sealed.

  • Mate picked it up, said it runs like absolute sh*t, constant frame drops to the point of being near unplayable, something like 15-20fps on a full battlefield.

    • It does have slowdowns here and there, docked is of course more stable.

      But I play mostly handheld and it's been fine honestly.

      • Personally noticed the slowdowns more in docked, perhaps because the giant screen exaggerated them.

      • Yes it has slowdowns but its definitely not unplayable..

      • Docked does not necessarily make games run better, as often docked mode will run at a higher resolution and may - and often does - run worse than in handheld mode.

        • It depends on the game I suppose, but granted I only played docked like 2 or 3 times.

          Maybe I got lucky in those times, but it definitely does perform pretty well in handheld.

    • Yeah, the frame drops really killed it for me.

      Some games I can deal with a lower frame rate but not this one, I wonder if it's the dynamic resolution or maybe that it bounces up and down.

    • Heard this from multiple reviewers too

    • Played 40 hours and it's hard to believe anyone could say it is unplayable. Barley noticed any frame drops at all. I played handheld 85% of the time

    • Yeah, I have the same issue. Barely able to maintain 20-25 FPS

      I would personally recommend holding off a couple of months until they patch things out.

    • u can probably try the demo and see if it's the case

  • Thanks, Wanted to try it at the right price.

    To my backlog it goes ;)

  • Only showing available from Gamesman for $80.

  • I like this game.

  • Still shows $53 for me, just got it.

  • Restocked!

  • Would recommend for anyone on the fence, been playing since launch and love it!

    Especially at this price it's well worth it.

  • Hack and Slash. Vastly different from BOTW. Not sure how much (if any) story is in this.

  • Any different to the first Hyrule Heros? Amazon has owned my wallet in recent weeks so can def wait awhile before we get to it.

    • It definitely feels a bit more zelda-esque than the first game (which already had good vibes).

      Still a hack-and-slash musou at the end of the day, but I felt it was more fun than the first one.

      Also note that there's no adventure mode which is a shame, but a whole bunch of sidequests on the map instead.

      • what do you mean by good vibes?

      • Major difference for me from no.1 is that special enemies no longer take high chip damage, they are designed to be countered, dodged into fury and arrow attacked at right time.
        Often feels boring when your story mode, waiting for major enemy to attack for 15secs, while someone throws a spear or club at you off screen.

        Great is fantastic, but some mechanics can slow a game down. Just killed 500 enemies in 4mins, now got to have a slow fight

        • Yeah I agree with you there, they definitely did take more damage in the first one. Also the stat boost from having multiple characters together at a boss is gone.

          I don't mind it that much, makes it more fun to learn attack patterns and parry/dodge at the right time, but it does feel a bit slow at times (especially when the weak-point hit doesn't even wipe off that much damage).

  • If you have played BOTW and loved it, then you definitely should take this.

    I would not recommend this game to those that are not into BOW or not into Warriors type of games.

    Higher resolution on TV, frame drop is acceptable for me (considering how many objects on screen at the same time and the capacity of a switch).

  • God I want this, too bad I already spent too much last week.

  • I got it at this price during the black friday/cyber Monday sales.. However, it required me to use the Amazon app and apply a $10 voucher. I wonder if the $10 Amazon app voucher is still available for others to purchase it at potentially $43!

  • Got it, cheers. Between Switch deals and Xmas presents, I'm going to be poor for the rest of the year.

  • I tried the game on dock thru tv. Unplayable. However, once you play on handheld it is a lot better as it seems to play on a lower resolution and is less choppy. Not the ideal experience but that's what I'm doing to get through it.

  • Plays a bit like Diablo, but set in Hyrule. I love it. Have not noticed any performance issues.

  • Looks like it's back up to $63 T_T