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[NSW, VIC, WA, QLD] Original Glazed Dozen for $12 (Click & Collect) @ Krispy Kreme via Scoopon


Vouchers not redeemable at 7-Eleven, Jesters or South Australian outlets.

Voucher Valid Until 18 Feb 2021 for one Krispy Kreme Original Glazed® Dozen

Available from selected stores only. Store hours vary
Valid for the location selected at the time of purchase - please make your selection carefully
Orders must be placed through the Krispy Kreme online store by 5:00pm for next day pick-up

Conditions of the Deal
Valid for Click and Collect orders only (pick-up only, not available for delivery)
Failure to collect order will void voucher. Kripsy Kreme's online order terms: https://www.krispykreme.com.au/delivery-information/
Entire voucher must be used in one visit. Maximum of one voucher redeemable per person. Vouchers for this offer are limited and subject to availability. Not valid with any other offer or promotional discount. Full terms and conditions are located on the terms and conditions page of our website

How to Redeem
Stores will not accept walk-ins. Online Click & Collect orders only!

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    How much are these normally?

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        $30.95 for 2 dozen,
        Note that the online orders are not fresh from the store!!! They are previous days stock from Huntingwood distribution centre!

        If you want 2 dozen then just pay the extra $6.95 and get fresh ones.

        That’s why they need 24hrs notice.

        • Note that the online orders are not fresh from the store!!! They are previous days stock from Huntingwood distribution centre!


          • @Diji: The store manager told me this morning that all orders come from Huntingwood, even though the store is pumping out thousands of doughnuts.

            Believe me, it made no real sense to me. But online orders are fulfilled from the warehouse rather than the instore production.

            The coupon also points out ‘no walk in’s!’

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      My local store is $24.95, not sure the others

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    Do these freeze well?

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    • +1

      Yes they do.

  • +10

    Whatever happened to the buy one dozen get one dozen free deal by Krispy Kreme back in August or so?

    Guess this is as good as it gets, still keen dough.

    • +19

      I glazed over the post, it doesn't seem that bad - dough nut be picky.

      • +10

        That's a hole lotta puns

    • +1

      That would require getting 24 though, which is a lot. I think this deal might be better.

      • -1

        I read the terms and conditions… you’re allowed to share with others. No need to eat them all yourself ;P

  • 10% off with sign up to Scoopon as well?

    • Isnt that with Min Spend of $45 ??

  • +5

    Scoopon still exist, good to know

  • Anyone know if we can pick up at 7/11?

    • I don't think so. Got to order through click and collect and…

      Click and Collect not available through 7-Eleven, BP, or Jesters Stockists

      • Sucks to be me.

        • +6

          Your body says thankyou..

          • @R00D: not from the OP picture though…

  • +2

    Wife says No!
    Stomach say Yes!

    • Doctor says Yeaah boooiiiii

    • +2

      Doughnut tell the wife.

  • +2

    sugar sugar Sugar then sugaR and more and more sUgar suGaR and more SUgaR. . sUgAr. . sugAR. … SUGaR x 12.

    • +1

      Damn they’re good though. I only eat these once/twice a year. I don’t know how people can eat a whole dozen to themselves. After 2 I get diabetic symptoms.

  • With Click and Collect do they make the donuts one day prior? Which makes it less fresh

    I remember reading this in one of the earlier KK post?

    • Still tastes as good cause of the amount of shortening and leavening agent they use.

      • Really? I thought it degraded quite quickly in terms of taste and texture. The best is when you go and pick up a fresh warm batch..Dont get me wrong i know keeping it in the fridge etc will make it last longer and still is decent but nowhere near as good as when its fresh.

        • Anything freshly cooked tastes better…

      • +1

        Sorry! Gotta disagree there. Once that delicious glaze integrity starts to crack or cake up in the slightest, they aren’t as good. Still delicious, though.

    • +1

      Have noticed this too with the online order. It feels very dry compared to a 4 pack at 7 eleven. It feels like a couple of days old, even after 2 days, the 7 eleven ones taste better.

      • +2

        Probably best off buying from the factory stores then. I love rocking up to a store just to see the donuts moving up and down the factory line. Specifically ask to get the ones rolling off the line (otherwise they might give you a pre-boxed one) and they're just so darn good fresh…

  • +5

    Well, this offer will definitely help me play Santa by Xmas…

  • +1

    Damn, no stores near my home or work. Surprised how few stores they have.

  • can you buy multiple dozens?

    • +1

      Yep :) More diabetes for me

  • Got some :)

  • +6

    Very restrictive, voucher valid for 1 specified store and must order by 5pm for next day C&C. Such BS! It's the original glazed dozen without customisation, the kind that they make non-stop all day long, why not just on the spot pickup?

    • +2

      Not all stores make them fresh. They need lead in time for this exact reason.

  • -1

    Thanks got 4 vouchers! Since they expire Feb 2021, it'll be good to have on hand for parties and mid week cravings.

  • +1

    so the fountain gate store only take phone orders.

  • -1

    Conscious of their voucher code… its 6 alphanumeric - wouldn't people be able to hack this?

    thanks for the deal. got 4 :)

  • Couldn't help myself. Got 1 box saying to myself I will take it to a party. Or will share with the family, not sure yet. Thank you

  • Cudo used to give these for free, $10 credit for 24pack, sign up new members for $10, rinse and repeat, those where the days.

  • +1

    if you buy 4 do we need to create 4 accts with KK?

    • Yes, I learnt this the hard way

  • +2

    Wow, 45 mins travel just to my closest KK.

    May as well go to Daniels Donuts as I do believe their original glazed is better. Has more vanilla in the powdered sugar.

    • +2

      DD are very overrated. Nothing special.

      • At the end of the day, it's just a donut premix iced or glazed. Each donut would be made extremely cheap!

        I'm a baker by trade, so I always rise to the occasion with yeast raised goodies.

        Fun fact: Want to know how the donuts get their holes? That glaze is pretty special too!

        • +4

          Freshly made cinnamon donuts from DK are better anyway.

      • They dont even make it. They get them trucked and just pipe them. Oakleigh Donut co is tastier.

  • Is anyone else struggling to create an account? I create it and it go to login and it keeps saying "user does not exist".

    • same here,

      tried multiple times using Chrome 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (64-bit), and could not create a Scoopon account
      I also cleared Chrome cookies, cache etc, still could not create an account
      then tried Edge and worked first time
      instantly received voucher for 12 donuts : )

  • Lunch sorted, thanks OP.

    • +2


    • Won’t be lunch today!

  • why not SA??

  • I wonder if you can claim two on the same day from same store?

    • Should be fine.

  • Anyone , have any luck with Fountain Gate Store ?

  • +2

    It's not 5pm yet order for tmr has already closed

  • Anyone getting cupon code not valid when trying to redeem?

  • Do you have to redeem tonight or can you do it any time till 12 Feb ?

    • $12 coupon expires tonight.
      Can use coupon to redeem by 18/02/21

  • For anyone wanting a copy of the Voucher layout & terms:


  • Just picked up some and they're nice and fresh.

  • Damn, i hate this 5pm day before cut off. The store isnt close to me so really only worth while if i have plans in that area, i keep discovering plans after the cut off time :(.

  • +3

    To redeem a second voucher you need to checkout as a guest.

    • Thanks mate. I was wondering why second code is not working.

  • Reminder

    Coupons expire tonight!

    I just put in an order for a week from now :)

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