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40,000 $200 Regional Travel Rebates on $400 Travel Spend Available to Victorians


From Friday at 10am, the Victorian government is offering 40,000 Victorians $200 'vouchers' to travel within Victoria between December 12 and January 22 as a stimulus for the tourism industry.

You have to spend over $400 on one of the following categories to get the $200 back:
- accommodation
- tours
- local attractions

Exclusions are gaming, alcohol (except if alcohol is included in wine/brewery/distillery tasting type tour but excludes any alcohol purchased and consumed outside of the experience), fuel, food and drinks (except where packaged with an eligible expense such as a winery tour), groceries, personal items such as clothing and accessories, transport costs (rental vehicles, train and bus tickets).

It's really a reimbursement from the government though – travellers have to apply for the voucher, pay for the travel upfront and then receive a reimbursement from the government.

Still, $200 back on your trip is still $200 back!

Another 40,000 vouchers will be available on January 20, and may be redeemed for travel from January 27 to April 1, and the final batch of vouchers will be released on March 30 for use from April 6 to May 31.

Update: An extra 30,000 regional tourism vouchers will be made available to Victorians at 12PM today. Sold Out

Round 2: 40,000 vouchers will be released from 20 January 2021, 10.00am for travel between 27 January 2021 to 1 April 2021. Sold Out

Round 3: 30 March 2021, 10.00am, for travel between 6 April 2021 to 31 May 2021

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      • +1

        Did find this on their website:

        When can I expect payment after redeeming my voucher?
        We are aiming to process payments on a weekly basis following the claim period opening, as follows:

        Round 1: Between 11 January 2021 and 12 February 2021

        So could be next week sometime

        • one more week to go. I lodged my on 12/1 and got nothing. Not liking my odds.

  • +1

    Received email confirming eligibility

  • just received email with link to claim.

    It seems going to business Victoria website.

    Good luck with your claims , better submit it earlier it will get processed faster

    • I've just put in my claim today.

      Tip 1: need to create account.
      Tip 2: need to use a 13-character password
      Tip 3: when creating account the next page you get is "not found"

      Their website is terrible!

  • Did anyone received theirs for Round 2?

    Submitted mine on 10/03/2021.

    I still haven't received anything yet.

    • did they send confirmation they have received it ? Do they have contact number?

  • Is it only one voucher per household across the entire scheme?

  • We got a voucher from the second round. Had a lovely break in Mt Beauty. Submitted the claim on 12/3, money landed in our account on 24/3. Very straightforward and streamlined process. Quite surprising for a government run program.

  • How do I provide my Passport Number as the ID if I don't have a driving license/proof of age card/seniors' card?

    • +1

      No way to know you're Victorian if you use Passport so I don't think it'll work

  • Do you have to spend all $400 on one event?

    • No

  • Are you eligible for this one if you also have the metro one?

    • what metro one?

    • I am wondering this as well

    • +2

      The page for the Metro Travel Voucher Sceme said:
      "Those who has received a voucher through the Regional Travel Voucher Scheme are eligible to receive another travel voucher in this scheme."

  • Got it…quick

  • Done!

  • I can't get through, 403 error

  • DONE!!

  • Allocation exhausted

  • Got registered within 30 secs before all those 403 errors came up. I had my laptop, PC and mobile in front of me so keep trying guys. Keep smashing that F5 button!

  • 4 mins into it and its gone

  • 2 minutes in and gone in a flash

  • Got it done within the first 2 min!

  • terrible today.. round 2 was so much easier

  • Gone in 3 min

    Sorry. The allocation of vouchers as part of Round 3 of the Regional Travel Voucher Scheme was exhausted during the time you were applying. We apologise for the inconvenience.

    Thank you for your interest and your continued support of regional Victoria.


  • gone in like 3min

  • Literally died on the last page… :|

  • got it in 3 round

  • does this work with Airbnb rental?

    • Yes, if you get a receipt with proof of your stay and payment amount.

  • So what happens here,

    My brother in law applied this morning at work (13 mins ago) and I did at work also.
    Different name, but we are at the same residence at the moment.

    I had no idea he was going to bloody apply, it wasn't until I spoke to my partner now that she told me it was one per household and that he applied!, I ticked the boxes quickly as well to see that info.

    Am I up shit creek now?

    • +3

      Just claim one reimbursement and should be fine

      • +3

        Ok thanks, I am sorry to those who missed out, I would have not applied on my end if I knew he was going to.

  • +4

    Should have been offered to all Victorians - no application required

    • Absolutely.

      • +1

        Oh well, can easily get the $200 back via my yearly tax return - maybe my income wasn’t so much in 2020/21…..

        • +1

          Or don't claim tax and just pretend to be a big corporation….bastards.

          • @iNeed2Pee:

            Or don't claim tax

            What does that mean???

            • @jv: I think I mean don't pay tax.

  • -1

    I was there 14 minutes before the page went live. Refreshing the page at 10:00 on the dot and the site was down.. refreshing continuously and was down for me every attempt and when it came good the "allocation was exhausted"…. what a complete sham.

  • +1

    Got one

  • +2

    These kinds of 'Lottery' kind of deals are sometimes bad. This is always gonna benefit to someone who has been playing around IT. Look at the Solar Panel Allocation. Same thing.
    eBay does this, fine they are pvt. corp. But this govt. sh*t isn't good practice where one has to literally count the timer, refresh page and almost like competition. Has to be another way. Maybe someone can suggest and any better idea could be looked upon by Services Australia/Vic Govt.

    I secured my voucher Today however still feel this process is somewhat broken.

    • Should just do what the big music festivals used to do.

      Put in an application and it goes into a 'lottery' to win the chance.

      Anyone who doesn't claim their win has it put into another draw chance a few weeks later.

    • It should have been offered to everyone, since not everyone is going to claim it

      • +2

        Everyone should be able to claim it once, they're trying to get more people to spend so why not incentivise it? I've worked my ass off in the past year helping people at the hospital and all I get is a chance to get $200? Haven't had any holidays in 1.5 years because we're so understaffed and I'd like to enjoy myself before the next wave hits

  • +2

    Might be round 4!

    In a statement late on Tuesday, acting Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events Jaala Pulford announced unused regional vouchers taken up in earlier rounds would form the basis of a fourth release.

    Details will be unveiled at a later date.

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