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Brother Laser Printer HL-L2350DW Wireless Duplex $100.79 (Save $58.21) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Pretty good price - Cheapest ever on ozbargain?

RRP is $159, previous deals around $120-$130.

Just got it 10 days ago for $144.

Wireless, Laser, Duplex and the all important Brother brand.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I have this printer and it's great. I don't remember what price I bought it for but it's lasted me years and still going strong.

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    cheap cartridge available?

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      Brother toners are cheap as, about less than $20 a cartridge, the only issue is they have separate drum and once the drum due for replacement it will be more than buying the brand new one, but that's probably after 100k pages.

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        What’s the separate drum for? I would have thought you just replace the black cartridge…

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          Some manufacturers combine drum and toner in the same kit (and they tend to be expensive to replace like samsung) others separate them. Drum is just a frame holding the toner with a few rollers on it.

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            @lgacb08: I assume you mean once the drum is due for replacement it will cost more to replace than the printer?

      • Separating the two is a feature when you consider the drum has a life ten times greater than the capacity of the toner.

        Personally, I think having a user serviceable drum on these cheapo printers is pointless (at least for the user. I assume it makes the manufacture easier or cheaper somehow). You never fix these printers, you send them to landfill.

        • You never fix these printers, you send them to landfill.

          If you are environmentally conscious, they are actually considered e-Waste. You should drop them off at your nearest transfer station free of charge.

          • @DoctorCalculon: People are not environmentally conscious at this price point in the market.

            The easiest way to solve this problem is to have devices that last longer. The fastest way to make people not send these to landfill is to start handing out cheap (or even free) ink and toner cartridges. That way people will use them until they actually break. Then you pay people to return the broken device for end of life handling. If someone can get a dollar from collecting broken devices then you don't need to take it to a collection centre at all, you can literally put it on the street on any day of the week and someone will take it for you (just like how people collect scrap metal).

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    Waiting for a good deal on a colour equivalent

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      I’m waiting with you as well.

      Even better with a scanner.

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        Is this the line for printers with colour, scanner and A3 photo prints?

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          In a compact format - does that exist?

        • Hey, don't push in! I was here first :P

        • A3? Or did you mean A5? A3 is huge.

          • @ATangk: I'm after an A3 printer with an average form factor.

      • I'm also looking for one with a scanner, but haven't done much research. any opinions of this model?

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          Brother HL-L2395DW. Perfect device, $215 Officeworks

          • @nuker: thanks, I just realized after comparing that the one on amazon isn't wireless!

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      I'm right behind you guys… metaphorically speaking

    • had to wait all year but ended up getting the cdw8690 for $650 via officeworks price beat. has 2sided scanning.

      • where did you price match? could I get one?

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    Oh yes. I got the HL-1110 more than 5 years ago, it's time to upgrade to this Duplex and Wireless version. The days of manually turning pages are finally over.

    Never mind, out of stock…

    • If you have to manual duplex you lose…

  • Damn, all gone.

  • This one has chipped toners which make compatible ones a bit more expensive.

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        I have the HL-L2395DW ( ) - it takes the same toners are this - and I've bought them in sets of 4 for just under $17 for a compatible toner. There's a single one here for $18 delivered:

        There's only 2 downsides to that I have encountered with my printer, and I suspect the same 2 issues would exist with this printer too, since those bits are the same:
        * Compatible toners seem to rub off more easily off the paper than genuine. There's an option in the driver settings to say fix toner for longer. Or you can say you're using thicker paper, which makes the printing a bit slower.
        * The manual paper feeder is quite hard to load such that it goes in perfectly straightly, and the page gets printed straight. It's usually about 2 or 3 degrees off - enough to be perfectly readable, yet also annoyingly not quite right ;-)

        Other than that I've had no problems, and it works with everything - windows 10, linux, mac os, iOs, Android, even an old windows XP VM - all can print no problems.

      • Yes, pretty cheap. Just a few dollars more than my Brother without chips.

      • Alternatively, refill 'em and reduce the total amount of plastic you're using. At my favourite place for ordering Brother toner you can get refills and reset chips in quantity to bring the cost down to about $17 each as well. They also sell the drums fairly cheap, too, but I've never worn one out to the point I had to replace it.

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    thanks grabbed one.

    Wasn’t able to find a good laser printer deal on Black Friday and happy that the wait paid off.

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    Damn. Snooze and I lose. Cheap ones gone

  • I’ve got the 2270DW Mono Laser and printed sheets come out curled. Do newer models still suffer this issue?

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    cyan sus.

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      Admin, tasks (hence printer)

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    no scanning, no deal.
    trust me one day you will regret buying print only

    • my phone can scan just as good as a printer loll

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        Unless you want to leave a stack in the tray and let it feed through..

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        Will it let me point my phone at a 100 page, double sided document, press a button and walk away?

    • I have two multifunction printers and I don't remember the last time I used the scanner functionality.

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        Get an office job to get that reminder

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      The proper tool for the job: Laser printer for printing, separate document scanner for scanning.
      Use a document scanner for scanning multiple pages, it's worth the initial investment. They do fast, accurate (not skewed) double-sided scanning and can also scan irregular page lengths (eg bills).
      Much better than the slow and skewed output of those horrid multifunction monstrosities.

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      Bought a multi-function printer/scanner/fax 15 years ago. I've never used the scanner.

    • I bought a separate scanner. I used to have a scanner + printer combo for a decade. Having a separate scanner makes printer selection a lot easier.

    • Yea I have a separate MFC unit for odd occasion of colour /scanner.
      This one will suit for a workhorse of regular quick and cheap printing

  • What a truley horrific mish-mash of a non-intuitive web site.

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      Yeah, and with that name (Amazon) they can never be successful.

    • Yea they won't last long

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    I did 9000 pages in 2 years of a degree on one of these. great printer, can reccomend.

    • with the original cartridge alone???

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      I weep for the trees that perished.

      Every one of my assignments and submissions has been online.

  • If I don't need wifi but do want automatic duplex - is this HL-2300D ? (seems to be around the same price as the 2350DW, $130ish?)

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    dammit i missed this needed a printer exactly like this.

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      • good guys commercial has them for 108, so i just grabbed one there. easy done.

  • I know it's irrelevant, but I have to say this. I bought my HL series about 8 years ago for $48 and it is still working like a charm after so many years!

  • I paid $80 in 2015

    • I paid $40 for the mono laser in 2014.