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Dimplex C1.6kw Cooling Only Window Box Air Con $341.10 + Delivery (or Free Pickup) @ The Good Guys


Thanks to a @Pcoder reply on a Kogan deal I submitted, started looking into this quite favorably reviewed unit, and found it's one of the few things that the TGG code actually works on.

10% off acts on the TGG price of $379, which is a good price already as compared to the next best at Appliances Online who have it at $459.

I ended up using the savings to get it delivered ($35 in Melbourne), ordered today and it's arriving tomorrow.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    I am surprised to see Box Air Con still exists.

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      They're easy to install, cheap and work for what they're designed for. They'll be around for a while yet :)

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      They are just as efficient as a split system but with potentially much easier install (and potentially temp installs for renters).

      Miles better than portable refrigerator systems as you're not creating a negative airpressure inside the house bringing in outside hot air (outletting the hot air from the unit).

      • just as efficient as a split system

        Not even close in the numbers I've seen. I don't know why that is.

        This one does not specify efficiency, but 1.5 star cooling energy rating cannot be good.

        And why the "Must be installed by a licensed professional." ?

        • Split systems are split because they separate the heating/compressing side from the cooling expansion area, which is how heat pump AC units work. This has it all in one box so they bleed into one another and destroy efficiency. But it is smaller and cheap.

          Thinking about one for the man cave.

          • @skyva:

            so they bleed into one another and destroy efficiency.

            eh? Can you explain, or link to one? Don't be afraid to get technical :)

            • @bargaino: Totally not technical, but I presume they mean the bit that spits out hot is close to the bit that spits out cold, so maybe takes more energy to make the cold bit cold?

        • "Must be installed by a licensed professional"

          That applies to split systems and ducted aircons - there's no reason it should apply to this if it's got a plug. Maybe it's default wording?

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          • @Switchblade88: It gives the manufacturer the ability to weasle out of warranty claims. I had a brand name split (known brand, cant remember which one) and it was very difficult to claim warranty repair even though it was installed by an electrician. Landlord was close to threatening small claims court. The sparky that repaired it reckoned self installed splits are a common problem and that makes genuine warrantly claims more difficult. But for $340 for one of these, install it yourself and if you're unlucky and it stops, just buy another one.

        • I used to think split systems were much more efficient, but at a similar price point there's often actually not that much difference between the two.

          Box AVs are much more efficient economically-speaking (installation) :)

          • @DisabledUser17524:

            at a similar price point there's often actually not that much difference between the two.

            Where are the efficient box window models?

            As for installation, I just did my own. You need a vacuum pump and gauges, but with pre-flared hose sets and you-tube instructions, it is easy enough.

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    $329 with a good guys commercial membership

  • Looking at one of these to replace my portable air con which doesn’t cool the room down just the person sitting 3cm in front of it, but not too sure about installing in a rental without making too many permanent changes. Not to mention how to secure above it in a vertical type window. Been reading so many articles all day and have just ended up giving myself a headache haha

    • I just bought this for a bedroom that has no obvious easy (cheap) place for a split system to be installed:
      Hasn't arrived yet, but manual says it just plugs in. Hopefully good enough to keep the room somewhat cool for when we go to bed on a +40 day.
      If it isn't very good, i'll just chuck it in the spare room and get a proper split system down the track.

      • It will work , but prob a bit clunky for a room you want to sleep in.

        • Yeah, goal is to keep the room cool during the day while the solar is producing, then turn it off at night for a quiet sleep and hope the room doesn't heat up like a bugger again…

          • @NigelTufnel: To be fair for me personally I’ve been able to sleep with the portable air con which sounds like a jet and I sleep with a fan on all year round because I’m crazy so noise isn’t too much of an issue for me, but will probably need to get approval from Strata for the noise produced outside. It’s more so the install on the window sill (brackets and drilling) then possibly buying some plexiglass to keep the opening secure.

            Having a look at the manuals to get more of an idea

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              @MBix: @MBix I put this exact unit into a house i'm renting about a month ago. I just built a timber base to mount the unit to with a couple of lengths of pine on the bottom to hold it onto the window track, and a leg for outside. I just cut a sheet of pine to fit the window hole, looks alright painted white. Its something anyone with a few handy skills can do, PM if you want pics

    • the Kogan aircon looks great! wish these were around back when i was renting. I think there was one obscure hard to find 'cassette aircon' and thats all.

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