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50% off ($30 Minimum Spend, Maximum $15 Discount) + $0 Delivery Fee on First Order at Doordash


Minimum spend $30 & maximum discount of $15.

Seems to be generic code. Was handed 2 of theses card and it had the same code.

Thanks to ChinaBigBalls. Code “ ZCTGEIS” (appears to be reusable) also works if “ EMMLAJE” doesn’t work for your area.

Thanks to Winterr for code “ ZZROIXZ” - might work for other areas.

Thanks to Nigelwsk for code “ STORE2DOOR”

Thanks to Cityofgroover for code " EXXBMGE "

DON’T FORGET to use a referral:
Referee gets $5-$15 off first 1-3 orders over $10-$20. Referrer gets $12-$20 credit once referee places an order over $20.

Referral Links

Referral: random (2162)

Referee gets $15 off first 3 orders over $20. Referrer gets $30 credit once referee places an order over $20.


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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  • +1

    Just tried, it's only for new customers

    • Doordash make it incredibly easy to be a "new customer".

      • How? They require phone OTP

      • +1


      • So just register a new email? New ph?

      • How? They check phone number and credit card

        • +6

          use PayPal, apple or google pay.
          Ph number isn't necessary, you can make a burner email via emailondeck and click "need help" when it comes up for ph verifcation. there should be an option for email verification there

          • @frforreal: Damn. ^This guy eats for free, alot haha.

          • @frforreal: but you need to create a new paypal account right?

          • @frforreal: Where is the option for email verification? I've looked around and can't find it. Thanks

          • +1

            @frforreal: Just got both of my accounts banned. They got me :(
            I used a different email + phone, but used Google pay with the credit card the same on both accs.

            Your account has been deactivated
            We wanted to let you know that our system has detected some abnormal behavior coming from this account that may be in violation of our Terms of Service. As a result, your order submission was not successful, your credit card was not charged, and your DoorDash account has been deactivated. If you feel this was done in error, please contact Support

          • @frforreal: only phone verification is supported?

      • +7

        No. I’ve tried using new phone number, new phone (literally), new cc, new PayPal. Nothing works. Maybe they blocked my address or something… don’t care anymore, they can take their promotions and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

        • Happened to me too…it's been a year and all because they refuse to verify a card on my account, every new card, PayPal option is a no-go. Never been so angry about something I've not even paid for yet.

        • Damn that escalated quickly!

        • I was going to say might need a new phone, but you've already tried that. So weird, is it from the same IP?

          • @TEER3X: Maybe try mobile data. Put in a slightly different address

            • @Mr Bargain Hunter: Yeah I normally do that, hit aeroplane mode on then off, but I forgot this time. I did use a different address too.

  • +3

    Scumbags they don't give existing customers anything good

    • +7

      The codes for existing customers either never work or get disabled shortly after, and customer service don't help. I hate Doordash.

      • +1

        Doordash have only been awful for me every time I've used them. I won't even bother trying to exploit their half price deals because I hate them so much.

    • You mean like most companies??

  • +2

    These guys are super cashed up from recent IPO, will be great if they spend some of that for more promotions.

    • +1

      You can always buy the stock and be super cashed up as well.

      • +2

        IMO they are waaaaaaaaay overvalued, shorting them would be a better play. Even during the pandemic where more people are ordering takeaway than ever they were still not profitable.

        • Uhm Tesla is the same. You don't see their stocks going down.

          • @nightelves: Tesla is also the Uber Eats of their marketplace. Doordash is the doordash of their marketplace.

            It's a big difference

    • I don’t think it will last long. The price on the app is quite expensive compared to price on the restaurant itself.

      Without promo code I don’t think many people will use DoorDash.

      • +5

        Same price for me as Ubereats, but Doordash tend to have cheaper delivery so I tend to pick them.

      • Restaurants choose to add an extra few dollars on items because they are charged a surcharge by places like Ubereats, Deliveroo, DD and so on, but like another commenter said, delivery seems to be a little cheaper than others

    • they've been spending big on TV ads and YouTube ads.
      no need to actually give customers a bargain.

    • These guys are super cashed up from recent IPO, will be great if they spend some of that for more promotions.

      Yeah - right.

      Did you notice how uber killed most of their promos shortly after going public? Because shareholders like profits, not just user growth.

      • -1

        Institutional shareholders love year of year customer growth over anything else :P, no body gaf about retail shareholders

      • Hasn't Uber bled money since its inception?

        • Hasn't Uber bled money since its inception?

          Indeed it has … I guess they're still spending big in other markets.

  • +1

    Certain Areas only. Tried for Geelong area and it came up with "this promotion is not valid in this area"-

  • im in scumshine area. not valid for my area either

  • +6

    Instead of this referral gives $15 off for 3 Times ( its like $45 off)

    • +1

      Yes, please use the referral, it is way better value

    • Referral is good for someone with a real number, but for many people here they use burner accounts with made up numbers so referral isnt useful because you can't get the OTP

      • Sometimes I think of OzBargain thus;

      • do you have to use different payment methods too, cc etc

    • Can't find this referral offer in my account, all I can see $5 for me & $5 for friend.

    • awesome tip! thanks!

  • +18

    I have been using the code:ZCTGEIS for a month or so (it does same thing as OPs code but is repeatable). I live in Adelaide so not sure if there are area restrictions. Reply if it works for our fellow bargainbabbies ❤

    • +2

      I thought you were trolling. But happy to report that it worked for me. Can't say for now if it's repeatable as I have not tried it yet.

    • Bloody legend, the code from the deal wasn't valid for my area. But your code was! Beaut!

    • Cheers mate :)

      Got the error "this promotion is not valid in this area" here in Perth with the code from the OP, but your code worked!

    • +1

      Promo only valid for new customers as well?

    • awesome mate, just tried doordash for the first time. Only 7 restaurants in my area, but looking fwd for it to grow

    • Weird, comes up with the new user message for me

  • Are the markups on doordash similar to ubereats and menulog?

    • +1

      Their markups are a not as bad as Ubereats or Menulog, but their customer service is worse than Ubereats.

  • +1

    Once again, not available to QLD it would seem.

    • +3

      This works: ZCTGEIS

      • +3

        God dang it, I just drove to KFC to pick up my own food like some sort of peasant

        • +1

          Why not revoke ur Neg then?

          • -1

            @PopCounty: Because the listed code does not work in QLD….
            And I am unsure if the other one does either, as I have already gathered my dinner

  • +4

    $30 minimum order !
    $15 max discount !

    That means not a great deal if ordering even a cent more or less than $30 !

    • +1


      Obviously people still take advantage of this offer, because any offer is better than none, but I am sure it pisses people off in the long term.

      It is akin to Deliveroo sending an email with the offer of ''$30 off'', and its only in the fine print its something like: ''$10 off your next 3 orders, but only after you place a regular order for over $30 first. The discount has to also be taken within 5 days''

      Or maybe I am just grumpy today and no one thinks the same

    • +1

      Care to explain?

      So not a great deal if ordering $31 worth of food?

      • You have to order at LEAST $30 worth of food, so your minimum spend is gonna be $15 regardless which is quite high for half price. And every cent you spend over that $30 won't be discounted, cos $15 is max discount.

        • +1

          Ah I understand now.

          Your interpretation of a great deal is different to mine.

  • Doesn't seem to work in the ACT

  • +1

    In effect, this is $15 off a minimum $30 spend… there is no way to get a lesser discount, nor a greater one. The 50% off is marketing guff.

    As a $15 voucher? Not bad!

    • +1

      Yeah, reading the title took a moment. Easier to just say $15 off orders over $30.

  • Doesn't work in WA

  • Doesn't work for me in NSW (Parramatta)

    • These were handed out from Parramatta station.

      • Sorry I meant this code may only be working for new customers. Doesn't work for existing customers (pickup or delivery)

  • So the code provided didn't work for me at all as a new user, indicating it wasn't available for my area.

  • +1

    Limited areas

  • This is more like clickbait.

  • Doesn't work in Brighton, maybe Melbourne excluded too

    • The code ZCTGEIS has been working for more people. Dunno if it has free delivery though. I think they screwed up since it is unlimited uses too (was for me at least).

      • I don't live in Brighton

  • Targeted, not valid in my area.

    • +2

      Try the code ZCTGEIS, its unlimited uses (not sure of expiry) but might not include free delivery.

      • It worked, but keeps declining my credit cards, paypal & google pay.

        Issue with all payment methods.

        Maybe that code is "blacklisted". Sigh, so close….

  • +4

    First time sign up to doordash
    Phone number validated, app just kept requesting to scan my bank card over and over and over again
    Terrible experience, half hour wasted and support is useless, now I am starving :p

    • Same experience here.

      • I was having issues but pay pal worked fine

  • +1

    This is far worse than just using a referral code (see the bottom of the post).

    This is:

    New customers, 1x $15 off a $30+ order.

    Referral is:

    New customers, 3x $15 off $20+ order.

    • I signed up via a referral link to received $15x 3, how do I get $15 off first 3 orders, can't see it applied when I have more $20 order?

      • +1

        Unless you've tried to apply a different coupon code it should be applied automatically when you go to checkout.

        If it's not working, you might need to get a hold of their support.

        Here's what I paid for my last one a week or so ago:

  • +1

    Thanks mate, good deal, I just used it but it wouldn't accept my credit cards so I had to use PayPal

  • +1

    I've also got a card with same terms as OP but different code: ZZROIXZ

  • Terrible experience. Tried processing payment multiple times only to be told 'fraud detection' then account subsequently suspended. Was a legitimate first time user as well..

  • +2

    Great deal, got 2 burritos from Zambero for $18 with a bunch of extras, even arrived in a menulog bag!

  • For those interested in creating a new account, here is my experience on how to get it working:

    1. Get a fake new email account from | From my experience there was no need for either Phone nor Email Verification.

    2. Sign up with fake Name (remember this), Phone Number ( eg. 04XX XXX XXX) and insert the email provided to you through | If verification is necessary I've heard that it can be done through email, so just proceed to the EmailonDeck page you had made your email from.

    3. Because I was using my iPhone, I was able to checkout through Apple Pay, however the stitch up here is that the billing address must match the fake Name you have provided Door Dash.

    Things to Note:

    • I created the account through a Desktop and then logged onto my phone.
    • I added another person onto the google chrome browser, which can be done in the top right.
    • I was on a fresh install of Door Dash on my phone.
    • I used a melbourne located VPN to present myself on a different IP.
    • I don't know how this would work through computer, as for some reason (most likely due to the billing address) my PayPal did not work. This includes the use of cards with prior purchases through DoorDash.

    Hopefully this is helpful, although if it isn't please present your concerns in the replies.

    P.S I am not also claiming that this is the definite way of doing it. This has just seemed to work for me and hopefully will work for others.

    • How do you get a new phone number every time ?

  • +1

    First time using door dash. Offer worked. Got the completely wrong order delivered. Submitted dispute and got a generic “we are unable to provide compensation due to the amount of disputes recently processed on this account” —- literally my first order ever. Won’t bother doing a charge back over $17 but pretty shocking.

    45min later I hear the door. It was re delivered properly.

    Restaurant must’ve realised what happened - will order from them again, not through door dash.

  • +5

    ZCTGEIS no longer working :(

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