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20% off @ digiDIRECT eBay


Official Digidirect eBay store-wide 20% off sale (the only exclusion is gift cards)
Maximum discount: $1000 and multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (maximum of 10 items per transaction)
Offer availability: Started at 10:00 AEDT on 11 December 2020 and eBay reserves the right to end the offer at their discretion.

Obligatory first poster statement: Please go easy at me!

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  • +2

    nice, bought the Sony 200-600 for 2.3k and hopefully get the Sony cashback for 2.1k.

    • why hoping and not certain ?
      i'll join if true

      huh? cashback up to $300 only

      • Yeah sorry. I meant after 200 cashback. So 2.1k total.

    • I wonder why there is no cashback for 90mm

      • +1

        There's always only a select number of lenses with cashback.

    • I want to get the same. Requested for a price match at Sony au website. Any idea how long they take?

      • They replied with an email stating that price match not accepted.

        I tried to live chat and ended the chat asking me to wait for a callback.

        Let's see. There should be 2% cashback if you buy from

    • Got mine for $2900 a few months back. Sniff…. :(

    • Hey I have just made the purchase on the 200 600. Just wondering if you were able to claim the cashback from sony?

  • no drone listed

    • Try the PLUSHOHO deal. Tello and Mavic Mini/2 are there.

      • thanks! DJI Mini 2 for $712.x is that the cheapest ever?
        edit i think the store jacked the price a bit , over the rrp

  • No c-stands dang it.

  • +4

    some good deals for some, but they've taken some good Sony camera and lenses off the ebay listings (eg. A7iii, A7Siii, A9 ii, 70-200 f2.8, sony and sigma 100-400)

    • I don't think the Sigma 100-400 has ever been listed on their eBay store.

  • Good discount for the mini instax printer too

  • No Sony 12-24mm F4 G ;(

    • Not going for the new 2.8 version?

      • I don’t really need it doing landscapes…
        It’s twice the price, twice the weight and will be even harder to adapt filters too.

        I also have the Batis 18/2.8 for ultimate quality anyway

        Apart from focusing.. how much do you shoot with F2.8 at those wide focal lengths?

        • Suppose it depends on what you shoot. If you shoot indoor architecture or astro I'd imagine 12mm at 2.8 would be fantastic.

          • @dust: I also want the 2.8. Just cant afford it atm.

  • +3

    This deserves a + as it is not capped at $300 like usual.

  • +1

    Tamron 70-180mm F2.8 Di III VXD Lens for Sony FE for $1,670.40.

    Lowest I've seen it so far.

    • Fairy good yes I’ve been eyeing it.
      Excluding TDIMENSION etc, it’s the cheapest obviously better as it’s fully authorised

  • +1

    Don't forget 1% cashback + 3% discounted gift card

    • Please elaborate. I'm looking for a tamron 17-28 for 1190

  • +1

    Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 10-20mm $479 ($599) is current market price. Got one on AmazonAU

  • They are the master of Price Jacking.

    • yes, i checked the XT3 i bought from them a while ago on ebay 20% earlie zsxthis month, it was $1968, and now, it is $1999

  • No Nikon 35mm DX :(

  • Nice!
    Bought a Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM Lens for EOS-M for $191! I was about to buy a used one the other day for $190!!!

  • Looking for a DSLR for a begginer, any reccomendation? Been told these are good but can't find them in deal
    Nikon D5600
    Canon EOS 80D

    • +2

      I would personally go for a mirrorless as it seems DSLRs are a dying breed.

    • +3

      Do you really want the bulk of a DSLR?
      If canon is your game I’d suggest an m50 over an 80d (I have an 80d) but if I could do it all again I would have just gone and bought a fuji straight off the bat (currently have an xpro2)

    • +1

      Canon 80D was superseded by the 90D.

      I bought a Canon 80D about 18 month ago as a beginner and I love it. I bought it second hand for about $1100 which included the 18-135 f3.5-5.6 USM lens. A lot cheaper than the $2000ish asking for a 90D with the same lens. Camera is almost identical as well, though I think the 90D supports 4K video. 80D is only 1080p.

      Consider mirrorless too as Canon and other are all in on this technology. Canon EOS RP can be had relatively cheaply as well, and is a full frame sensor, where as the 80D/90D and D5600 are all APSC sensors.

      • I got my 80d new from Shopping square ages ago for $1349 new with the 18-135. Love that lens.I only take it off to put the 35mm macro on.
        Dual pixel focussing changed my life as well.

    • Just go mirrorless unless there's some reason you NEED a DSLR. It's so much easier. I'll never go back.

    • This from Ryda, Nikon Z50 kit is a good deal, $1378 with $300 in-store bonus:

    • People suggesting mirrorless are forgetting about ergonomics.

      The larger DSLR camera fits in your hand better, the grip is more defined. Not only that, but they support hand straps, whereas the smaller mirrorless cameras don't work with hand straps.

      The best example of hand strap is probably this:

      On a mirrorless, the strap ends up sitting forward of your knuckles instead of back of your hand, defeating the purpose. They claim it fits on mirrorless if you have the extra battery grip, but even then I wouldn't count on it. Some people use the regular neck strap and wrap it around their wrist, the poor man's hand strap!

      • +2

        People suggesting mirrorless are forgetting about ergonomics.

        No they're not. You, OTOH, are making ridiculous and unsupported claims because you clearly have a very limited knowledge of mirrorless cameras, acting as though they're all the one thing. (Fuji X-H1 and X-T1 here.)

      • I have a Nikon Z6; the ergonomics are perfect with none of your complaints.

        How about the improved ergonomics of seeing live view right in the viewfinder?

        • -2

          I'm not taking a swipe at mirrorless. I own both. I'm pointing out that mirrorless are in general smaller, and cannot be gripped as securely as a larger DSLR. It's the whole reason why Peak Design actually says "not suitable for mirrorless" on their hand straps. It's completely fine to generalise when generally a characteristic such as size is true.

        • Live view is not real, its LCD, by definition of Live View feature in cameras. In DSLRs its both, the "live" and the real.

    • Yiannakis50 - I have a Nikon D5000 and replaced it with a Sony Alpha A6000 as most of the photography I do is while travelling. The Nikon was just to heavy to carry around.

  • +1

    Mmm, the tripod I was looking at is the same price instore as the 20% discount item on EBay. I've ordered it online to pick up in Cannington - and I get QFF points.

    Not cool.

    • This is a really bad greedy store.

    • And they have taken down quite a lot of products from eBay too.

  • Can confirm this is a legit 20% off, although they do them every month or two so don't feel pressured to buy, if you miss it they will probably do another one post Christmas.

  • +8

    If you're looking for one…

    X-T3 body only, $1300 after 20% discount and $300 fuji cashback
    X-T4 body only, $1830 after 20% discount and $250 fuji cashback.

    not bad.

    • +1

      surely 1830 is cheapest ever for genuine reseller.

    • Xt3 is a bargain at that price.

      • is that the cheapest it has been?

  • +2

    Jack ruined this sale

  • +1

    Wait for Boxing Day.

  • Recently purchased a Sony A7 III (body only). Looking for a decent all-rounder lense and a lense that will excel at astro photography.

    • +2

      What's your budget? Do you have a star tracker? (i.e. something like star adventurer, ioptron skyguider etc)

      For wide angle: Rokinon/Samyang 14mm
      If you have a star tracker and wants more reach: Rokinon/Samyang 135mm

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