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JBL Link Soundbar with Android Built-in - $299 @ Big W


Cheapest ever according to Price Hipster and past deals

Combine with discounted gift cards, Zip discount on Saturday etc

Product Features:

One-piece soundbar with JBL legendary sound: Brings the best of JBL’s legendary sound to your smart TV with rich bass performance.
Android TV built-in: Android TV delivers a smarter viewing experience, find and watch programs more easily than ever.
Google Assistant built-in: Search with your voice. Just say “Hey Google” to quickly find the latest blockbuster, check the score of the big game or dim the lights in a ‘hands-free’ experience.
PrivacySwitch™ for far-field microphone: Enables to mute your soundbar microphones for extra privacy and security protection when not using the Google Assistant.
Multiple 4K video HDMI inputs: With 3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI ARC output, the Link Bar becomes a 4K entertainment hub for video or gaming devices, with just one cable connection to your TV.
Chromecast built-in: Let you instantly stream your favorite music, radio, or podcasts from your mobile device to your speakers.
Wireless Bluetooth streaming: Wirelessly stream high-quality sound and video from your smartphone or tablet.

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    Here for expert reviews

    • its top tunes innit bruv

  • Was just about to post this. Can possibly pair with this JBL subwoofer

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    Honestly want to know people's opinions on this, because the price seems really good

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      No soundbar is good enough without a subwoofer.

      • Thinking of grabbing with this JBL Subwoofer

        Do you have any experience with this one specifically?

        • No

          • @kz: i already bought subwoofer for $100 , was waiting for soundbar, any gift card to make it more cheaper ??

            • @harsh27: can we pay through zip in store $300 Tomorrow and get $30 back ?? it accepts zip pay

    • +1

      I must say if you have a dumb TV this could definitely make a great upgrade, combined with the subwoofer from JBL.

      • Do you have any experience with this one? Or maybe having compared this to soundbar + subwoofers in the under $650 range

        • Not this one specifically. I have a TCL Android Tv and got a TCL 2.1 channel soundbar for $209. Happy with it but can't really compare it to others.

          I suggest you head down to local good guys and experience the different demo units for yourself to decide. Realistically, it is very difficult to notice differences in sound bars unless they are of hugely different technologies.

  • +1

    How does this soundbar + JBL subwoofer compare to the other soundbars? Was thinking about getting the Yamaha YAS-209…

  • Thinking about YAS209

  • Need Yas-209 to be close to $200 mark……can't afford to plonk more than that for the bedroom ! Wish wish…

  • It was $299 on Harvey Norman a few days ago.

  • Purchased jbl 5.1 with subwoofer at jbhifi for 600 dollars minus 25 (rrp 800+), i haggled. Very good sound system.

    • Do you think it's better than this paired with a $100 subwoofer?

  • i bought the JBL bar 2.1 deep bass during black friday for $385, has sounded really good and very easy to set up. The bar that I bought looks very similar to this one except that this one has built-in google assistant (which tbh i didn't want). If paired with the $100 sub I reckon it'd be almost identical to the JBL bar 2.1 deep bass, which for $400 is a decent deal. Or you can just buy the JBL bar 2.1 deep bass on special for $425 (usual RRP $545) from Bing Lee right now.

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    Would be great to see a review from someone on here. My googling led me to this which has put me off purchasing.

    "The JBL Link Bar tries to combine three devices into one, but all three have different issues. As a Google Assistant smart speaker, it’s laggy and slow, it turns on your TV when you just want to listen to music, and it can be hard to use your voice to navigate video content. As a streaming box, it has a limited selection of streaming apps in the UK. Even used purely as a soundbar, it’s difficult to get audio to output from your TV’s built-in apps to the soundbar over HDMI-ARC, meaning you’re more or less restricted to relying on the soundbar’s own apps and devices that are plugged directly into it."


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    Saw this post yesterday and picked up the soundbar and the matching sub deal. I haven't got the sub yet (only ordered yesterday) AND I've never had a soundbar before so have nothing to compare it against, but compared to the built in speakers of my Sony X95H this is way clearer and more bass. Figured at $400 for a JBL set up, can't really go too wrong.

    Haven't tested extensively, but I've got it set up as via ARC. I was playing Prime Video (Secret Life of Pets 2) and noticed some sound gaps so immediately turned off the mic and seemed to go away. Android TV is baked into the Sony, so I have no intention of using the soundbar's Android TV feature.

    Will definitely be curious to check how it holds up against other soundbars. For now though, I'm pretty happy with the buy

  • Planning on picking this up, any other thoughts?

    • Do it

  • Is this is the same Link Bar (sold for $599 at Good Guys) as this? https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/jbl-link-bar-android-tv-sound...
    I'm thinking of buying this sound bar from BigW and pickup the subwoofer SW10 for $100 from JBL online.

    • +1

      Yep, but $349 now not $299

      • Thank you.
        I'm happy even with $349 (vs $599)

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