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Roku Gin 700ml $49.50 @ Liquorland


Good Gin @ $55.
Now with 10% Liquorland discount (brings it down to $49.50) plus 22% Shopback cashback should bring it down to $38.61

Original Deal - 10% off Sitewide @ Liquorland (+ 22% ShopBack Cashback ( $25 Cap) between 12-4pm AEDT 11/12)

EDIT - Without the ShopBack cashback, it's now cheaper at Dan Murphy's and possible cheapest ever! Thanks to Naphii and MikeWhitneysHair

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    I'm not a big gin person, but my mate swears by it. It retails for a lot more.

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      I tried Bombay Sapphire as my first gin years ago, and wasn't a fan. Hence when the Mrs bought this I was sceptical and thought we'll never touch it.

      … We finished it within 2 weeks I think. Gin and tonic is now one of our fave drink.

      At this price, I would suggest you give it a try and see if it changes your view of gin as it did mine.

      • Bombay Sapphire is horrible IMO. Really like Roku. I found it almost as good as Gin Mare which is a lot more expensive.

        • How does this compare to ink Gin?

  • Pre-cashback price in the title please mate

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      Sorry. done

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    Not a deal if cashback is included in the price

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      $49.50 is still a good price without cashback. I've updated the title though :)

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    Good deal with cashback, thanks

  • Got one thanks op!

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      No, it needs to mention the specific product to be a dupe. It's fine to post a new deal which highlights an especially good bargain within a larger promotion.

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        So technically you could create a post for every product on the site and that would be fine?

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          especially good bargain

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          Many wouldn't consider 10% off RRP a great bargain. The RRP on Roku is about $65 from memory. Deals get posted for it being on sale around $55 such as yesterday, so a further 10% off the sale price is excellent IMO.

        • Yeah…have you seen all the individually posted Woolworths bargains every week!

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      OP could/should have referenced the original post though

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        Fair point. I've added it.

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    Is it compatible with Plex?

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      No, no HDMI I'm afraid

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      Is it compatible with Plex?

      It's ok for streaming, but it does take a while for it to buffer through the kidneys.

  • How does the 22% Shopback cashback works? Still getting $49.50 after channelling thru shopback.

    • It's cashback, so you pay and then get 22% back in a few months once it's been verified. That's the theory anyways

      • Thanks. just saw the info on the shopback website.

  • Has anyone had a successful click and collect processed? I've tried twice but both times it's been "lost" in the system

    • "Thank you Grace. Your order has been successfully processed."

      Thats what I got from Ordering 2 x Roku Gins for Click & Collect. Awaiting my text to say its ready for pick up..

    • Yes, I just ordered successfully.

    • I had trouble paying directly using Amex. Had to use the same card through PayPal and went through fine. Got my collection text 20mins later.

    • Ye, just collected two bottles. Email confirmation of order, SMS confirmation it was ready for pickup.

  • +1
    • No cashback deal though - Hence the buy now drink later

    • Would have dropped the price to match/beat them. Was $54.80 yesterday but good pick up. Still a better deal at LL with the Shopback

  • Thanks, this is one of my favourite go-to gin's and this is a great price!

  • Just picked mine up!

  • Bought one recently based on the feedback from ozbargain, then realised I don't really like spirits lol

    • Buy first, think later ~

  • Good timing, still have half the bottle of Woolworths Indian Tonic Water left but no gin.

    • +4

      For a reasonable gin like this, at least buy a better tonic. The drink is something like 75% tonic anyway, why waste this gin on 75c/L tonic.

  • I know this is a gin listing and I love gin though the Dimple and Cafe Patron are good prices with the cashback huh

  • Got one, thanks OP

  • Can employee discount be used with cashback?

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        I asked Shopback but they refused:(

        • +1

          Thats surprising when it’s not a coupon

        • I can confirm that it will work.

  • Roku or Jinzu?

  • Is it also tax deductible?

    • Yep

    • +1

      If drank on premises.

  • +3

    Thanks OP! Got 2 for $99 and free delivery!

  • how is this one compare to BOMBAY SAPPHIRE? (which i didnt like personally)

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      It's much better than Bombay, which I really don't like. It's more similar to Gin Mare IMO, which is way better.

      • thanks

  • hope they bring suntory sui here an inexpensive gin retailing for about 1,200 yen in japan

  • Any good recipes ?

    • Lime and Soda
      Mint and Soda/Lemonade
      Shot out of a hookers strippers girlfirend's bellybutton.

      • +1

        Yes, YouKnowStuff

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  • Thanks OP! Got one, the cheapest ever

  • Be careful making purchases based on shopback special cashbacks. My last one with BWS didnt go through and they said tough luck.

  • Liquor land doesn't ship to my address, and Dans have $12 shipping :( . Still a good deal though

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