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Ergohuman V2 Plus Elite Mesh & Leather Office Chair or Ergohuman Fit $549 + Shipping @ Temple And Webster


The leather seat variant is currently on sale for $549

Ergohuman Fit is also available for $549

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        Update: I watched a few videos and one of them included a tip which said having the back rest at a slight angle actually helps and is better than sitting with perfectly straight back.

        After adjusting the back rest to a very slight angle, comfort improved a lot. I had the back rest at basically 90 degrees because I thought that was best to force you to have back straight (but probably was causing bad posture and slouching).

        Everything else was already correct (seat height, position of arms on desk etc).

        Thanks for recommending YouTube.

  • Was all set to purchase but the $100 shipping to WA killed it for me.

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    How do these compare with an Aeron for example?

    • +1

      Idk about Aeron but I can say that it's not as good as a steelcase leap v2.

      But it's much cheaper obviously so that's to be expected.

  • I was stuck deciding between this chair and steelcase leap v2 during black friday. Decided to go with the steelcase for $997, it's shipping late december so i wont be able to try it for a while.

    From what i researched most people who tried both steelcase and ergohuman, preferred the steelcase. Hope I made the right decision. Although i rarely get back pain at the moment sitting on a shitty uncomfortable cheap chair, i want to plan for the future. I would happily pay $1-2k for a proper ergonomic chair if it means a lifetime without back pain.

    • I tried the Steelcase leap V2 in the Steelcase showroom in Sydney, amazing chair tbh. You did a great choice

      • Isn't the short back and no headrest annoying?

        • Im 5'7" so i dont ussually lean my head backwards on a headrest. The seat is incredibly comfortable though, I believe some retailers sell it with the headrest though, theres also the Gesture (which also has a headrest option) which I tried as well but it wasnt as comfortable as the leap.

          • @itswags98: Ah ok. Most chair backs are too short for me.

            I forgot about the headrest options but they cost like $300 more on an already $1000 chair. So hard to find a good chair for a tall person under $1000.

  • +1

    before you buy this, invest in a lumbar spine cushion in your current chair and see if it works for you. If not then upgrade your chair too

  • Good for 110 kg person?

    • this dude is 125 kg and sitting on a fake version of it and seems OK.

    • +1

      Was 130+ Kg and held me up just fine. Down to 100 Kg now though. Still works fine.

      • Well done!

        • +4

          the chair or him?

  • Are these the best value at this price range?

    I don't sit down for 8 hours a day, so I'm wondering if I need to spend this much but I do want to look after my lower back.

    • i don't own this but price won't lie to you.

  • $100 shipping kills the deal for me

  • +1

    Brought the leather version a few months ago but regret not getting the mesh. I have a similar chair in mesh at work and it is soo much cooler and also doesn’t get marked as easily as the leather.

    But if you like leather it does feel like a good quality material….

    • My partner bought the leather version too (From this deal ) and after sitting in it for a while I found that it gave me toasty buns. Just experiencing how warm it got in relatively mild weather convinced me that if I was going to buy this chair, I would definitely opt for full mesh or upholstered.

  • prefer full mesh version

  • not going to sit anymore during work hours, anyone got recommendations on a solid standing desk?

    • +1

      Virgin sitters vs chad standers

      • I have a Varidesk and can highly recommend

  • Anyone has OSIM PREDATOR GAMING CHAIR? They any good?

  • $117 shipping to WA. Ouch

  • How is this chair compared to used herman miller? The average price of herman miller is 500 AUD.

    • The average price of herman miller is 500 AUD.

      For a Mirra, maybe.

      • yeah It's a mirra

    • +1

      HM are far better IMHO

  • +1

    It's probably been a good year for these companies, but I suspect next year considering half the country has bought home office setups I would like to think prices will drop. I also think the "used" market may get full as people return to work and have $500-800 chairs sitting at home getting no use.

    • Yes check out tpw share price, they did take a hit once vaccine news came out

      • Oh wow that is a huge jump from $2 a share.

  • So anyone got a recommendation for a great office chair for someone 188cm and up?

  • Which of these are better for a bad back and knee?

    Or are there better alternatives since these starts at like $650 after shipping leaves a lot of options. But it's also quite expensive, so I want to make sure I make the right choice.

  • This or a second hand Aeron?

  • Cbf leather

  • -1

    Just purchased Japanese ergohuman (full version I think) for $419 but had to pay $80 for delivery to Sydney. It beat nearly $900.

    It's coming from catch of the day.

    Happy with my purchase. Waiting to arrive next week.

    • Saw that one on eBay as well, would be interested to hear your thoughts. I'm wondering that vs the Ergohuman Fit IOO with the cheaper materials for around the same price.

  • is the neck rest height adjustable?

  • Too expensive already.. is it a bargain, really?

    • Yes, hard to find a better chair for the price.

  • I wish the full mesh is on sale. Been waiting so long for it

  • I have the Mesh one and it is amaaaaaazing!

  • The “Maximum Seat Height - Top to Bottom” is mentioned to be 55cm. Is this up to the seat base or up to the seat top? (ie Does the seat padding add extra height or is that included in this 55cms?) Appreciate anyone having the chair to please clarify. Thanks.

  • Chrome looks tacky as hell.

    • +2

      Try using Firefox

  • Any concerns the leather would wear out faster than the mesh? I know it says genuine leather… But that doesn't say much. Least it's not pleather right?

    • +1

      I have this version for nearly a year now. The outer 'skin' of the leather peeled off at some areas, but the seat is still perfect. It's just aesthetics. I now use a cushion seat cover to protect the leather.

      • Seems to be the common issue for the PU "leather"

  • +1

    leather variant via link is still showing $699 for me? can anyone confirm they are still seeing $549?

    Apologies if I've missed something.

  • Oh snap it's gone back up. Changed in the last 45 mins. I still have it in the cart and it's advised that price has changed. Gg

  • How about this for $400? Ergohuman fit ioo? What's the difference?


    • +2

      Earlier this month I asked about the iOO models. This is from Ergohuman.com.au but should apply here:

      The Ergohuman range have cast aluminium frames and are certified for bodyweights up to 150kgs and for up to 3 shifts (24hours) per day. They have a heavy duty mechanism and are a solid felling and heavy chair. We offer an all mesh, leather/mesh combo and an all leather version. Most models are black plus the Platinum in a grey/silver combination which is very contemporary.

      The IOO ranges have nylon/plastic frames and are very durable products, but don’t have the certifications of the Ergohuman Chairs. The IOO Weight Balance is the entry level Chair and has less adjustability than the IOO High Back. It is a very good ergonomic chair and a popular choice for office fit-outs where a good quality ergonomic chair is required at a price. We sell an all mesh, all black version only.

      The IOO High Back has a better mechanism including tension control on the backrest. Its close to the Ergohuman ranges for the range of adjustments and the frame materials means we have can have alternative colours. Therefore we sell a version with a white frame in black, red or blue upholstery with a mesh back and fabric seat. This is popular for home offices as they are more in keeping with the look of modern office technology with the white frame. The zero pressure fabric seat is contoured to reduce pressure points over long periods of sitting.

  • Had it in my cart for a couple of hours but did not bite. Guess I'll end up going for one of the Ikea chairs..

  • I had mine for 5 years and still going strong
    Mesh bottom is a bit firm though.

  • Just a heads up - T&W are unsure if the warranty on the item is 3 years or 5 years long (It states 3 years in one section and 5 years in another). They're contacting the supplier to check now. Unfortunately based on what I can see from other websites, it appears that the warranty is 3 years long and not 5 years.

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