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Ergohuman V2 Plus Elite Mesh & Leather Office Chair or Ergohuman Fit $549 + Shipping @ Temple And Webster


The leather seat variant is currently on sale for $549

Ergohuman Fit is also available for $549

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  • +3

    I have this one for 2 years already, and I regret I didn't get the full mesh version.

    • why?

      • +36

        Because a leather seat does not provide necessary aeration to the bottom, which is very noticeable during summer - especially if you sit in it for the whole day.

        • +5

          Mostly people do not know the pain, IT people have to face. I agree get a full mesh if you have to sit all day

          • +9

            @randomrandom: Not only IT people, don't forget about gamers, engineers, writers, students, admins, call centre operators - any sort of profession that requires sitting at the desk.

          • @randomrandom: I have 3 full mesh versions and have no complaints.
            Looking to grab another one.

        • +1

          When you say full mesh, you mean the "Fabric" option in the link?

        • +5

          Mesh is quite helpful when you are having a lot of high protein diet :)

      • +14

        So your butt can feel the breeze

      • +33

        During those lengthy Zoom calls, mesh seating will allow you to silently fart through it, rather than have the fart trapped or make a noise between the leather seat and your butt.

        • +9

          Hrm…… some fart just can't be silenced

        • +5

          I always mute myself now. I forgot that other people could hear me after working from home so long, one day I let one rip on a call. No-one seemed to notice and no-one said anything, but it's made me pretty aware of it now and I haven't forgotten to mute since. Friends and family are used to my liberal farting, but I still like to pretend I can behave professionally when it comes to colleagues.

    • +4

      I have the upholstered version and my wife has the full Mesh. I prefer mine, it's a little softer, the mesh feels less comfortable, though only slightly.
      I imagine the leather is similar to upholstered, so just my 0.02.
      Having said that the leather would be worse in heat than either mesh or upholstery

    • +3

      I have had this back mesh & leather base one since Feb this year and I am rather glad that I didn't get the full mesh version. The leather gives much better & ample support to the bottom in my opinion. I tried my friend's all mesh version and just couldn't get to a setting where I felt fully comfortable as I do on the leather base.

      Aeration during summers not an issue for me as have proper refrigerated cooling in my home office, but could be a concern for some. Also leather base is easier to wipe clean as compared to mesh. Each to its own, my vote is for leather base, mesh back.

      • +5

        leather base is easier to wipe clean

        I'm going to refrain from making any remarks that might smudge your good name…

        • lol

      • I have 2 of those I bought for for my USA flight. They are good for an hour or two then they start to get a bit uncomfortable. But I am 6ft 2 and 106kg so mileage may vary.

    • do you mean mesh and fabric seat? i don't see a full mesh unless you mean this one which is more expensive https://www.templeandwebster.com.au/Ergohuman-V2-Plus-Deluxe…

      • Yes, I mean more expensive version. I believe it is worth extra $150. I remember it costed just $100 more when I bought mine.

      • Does the full mesh one ever go on sale? That’s the one I’m looking at atm

        • BF just passed and they had a sale.

      • Someone in here recommend me this char, basically its same chair but different branching name, with discount, its not too bad, still waiting for it to be shipped.

    • +1

      I regretted getting full mesh. I feel after a year it's maybe lost a bit of its spring (110kg human who sprawls when watching media) and I figured fabric seat would have been better for longevity.

      • probably the opposite, foam will degrade quicker but is possible to replace/reupholster.

  • +2

    I'm around 188cm~ and this chair is super comfy except the head rest is just a few cm's too short. I'd say this chair is perfect if you're under 6ft or if you don't care about the head rest

    • +8

      Head rest is supposed to be a neck rest, perhaps that's why it's a bit low.

      • I had it wrong actually, sitting up straight without slouching it's low enough that it's behind by shoulders.

        Can't even be a neck rest unless I'm slouching, which I usually do, which is kinda the opposite you'd want from an ergonomic chair.

        • oof that's terrible. I always hear that's it's too tall for people, though I guess that's generally for the seat height rather than back/neck.

          • @TheContact: The rest of the chair really is awesome though! Strong recommend if you're not a lanky fella like me

            • @FrugalFrella: I'm a lanky bastard too, also 188cm. I have the Fit though and that fits me fine.

          • @TheContact: I'm 186cm tall and the neck rest is perfect. It's fully height and tilt adjustable so it's very easy to find an adjustment to suit your body.
            I've had this chair for about a month now and I'm extremely happy with it. I've got the leather seat with mesh back. My wife has the full mesh V3 version and I'm glad I got the leather seat, to me it seems far more comfortable than the mesh one. It just provides more support I suppose. Each to their own though, my wife is very happy with hers.

    • Bummer. I'm a cm or two taller and was thinking of buying this. Although for $600 you can get some pretty good chairs elsewhere I guess.

    • You don't understand how much I rate your user name.

  • +2

    I have the full mesh one.

    Debated between getting this or a secretlabs chair for a along time. Eventually decided on the ergohuman.

    Loving the ergohuman v2 so far. Very comfortable and the mesh is perfect for brisbane heat

  • This or Secret Lab?

    • +20

      This. Just for your future reference.
      Gaming chairs and ergonomic chairs are two different things.
      Gaming chairs look cool, but are not designed like an ergonomic chair for comfort.
      I have owned both the Ergohuman and Secret Lab.
      Secret Lab is nothing compared to this chair.

    • secret lab just look nice and you can find cheaper alternatives but it’s just better if you are higher than 190cm. office chairs are usually too tiny…

    • +1

      I have a 2020 Titan in softweave.Chair is garbage, pictures make it look like it has a lot of padding. but the part that you actually sit your butt on the foam is only 1 inch thick and it's sitting right on top of a metal beam. I'm only 70kg and I can feel it dig into my ass after an hour.

      Had to cut a 30x30cm square of 2 inch high density seating foam and insert it under the seat to make it bearable. Back rest is no more softer than plastic as well, and lumbar support digs into your back if you use it. The $200 office works chairs are more comfortable than this.

      • I was gonna say the Bathurst chair sounds better than that

  • +1

    What's the difference between Ergohuman V2 Plus Elite and the Ergohuman Fit High Back?

    Anyone have the Ergohuman Fit High Back, how's the back support for that?

    • +2

      I can't compare as I've never had the Plus Elite, but I have the Fit High Back.

      I find it very comfortable, and the lumbar support both soft yet supportive. The lumbar area can be adjusted up and down. The product has four levels of lumbar height adjustment, but the lowest doesn't seem practical for most adults. I'm on the fourth level and I'm not a tall person, so I'm not sure how suitable it is for very tall people. I do have a long torso however.

      EDIT: Should add that the curve is aggressive and the depth of the curve itself can't be adjusted. It is meant to flex slightly with one's weight (if you look at the side photos) and I dunno how well the lack of lumbar depth adjustability would work for very light or heavy adults.

      The seat is very comfortable, although I have a mesh back/upholstered seat variant. It can be adjusted for height of course and depth, which also helps with lumbar support. It feels more comfortable to me than my partner's Secretlabs Titan chair.

      The headrest is an optional attachment and is a pain in the butt to install. In reality it's a neckrest that's contoured to cradle the neck and the lower head.

      The build quality feels solid, much better than the cheapo Officeworks and IKEA chairs I've had.

      There are not many reviews on the Ergohuman Fit, note however that it appears to be a rebrand of a Eurotech chair. Googling Eurotech or Raynor Eurotech turns up reviews of chairs which are a dead ringer for this one.

      Anyway, just getting this all out. It was maddening when I was researching office chairs to find so little information on these chairs…

  • +3

    I've had a full mesh version (V1) for 5 years - super comfortable and still in perfect condition. Definitely money well spent.

    • +1 … 8 years for my full mesh V1. Still perfect (and unlike my couch has even survived the cats clawing it from time to time.)

  • is this a short person or tall person chair ? if you saying, you love it, how tall are you? lol

    • +1

      At 188cm I like this chair but it is a LITTLE narrow and the headrest is a bit low. So it would be better if you're a bit shorter.
      I have read feedback online though that suggests it doesn't go low enough for very short people lol.
      As long as you're within an average range I think it will be fine

      • Oof. I've been looking at these and I'm 188cm, too. Hearing that the headrest is too low is a deal breaker.

    • +3

      I'm 165cm and the headrest is perhaps a couple centimetres too high for me. Someone above said they are 188cm and the headrest is a couple centimetres too low for them. So I'd say between 165cm and 188cm is a very rough guide!

    • +2

      Im 5ft 10

      Love mine. Neither short or tall

      • Lol so exactly between 165 and 188…which is what capri suggests

      • +6

        Is that you Goldilocks?

    • I’m 191cm and this fits me fine - I have the full mesh.

  • +1

    I have this exact chair. Sitting in it right now.

    By far the best chair I have had the pleasure to sit in. Promotes good posture and I can sit in it all day and still feel my legs at the end of it.

    I know people like the mesh bottom, but I am not a fan of mesh bottom chairs. I thing that a cushion for your but is always going to be more comfortable then some stretched material. With that said, each for their own.

    Get fabric if you want longevity, as leather will show wear if you are using it a lot.

  • Does anyone find the base too heavy causing damaged to anything that's on it, I've placed a chair mat under it and the weight has completely destroyed it.

  • +1

    Great chair.
    As soon as you sit in it you get the ahhh comfort feeling
    It also cured my LOWER back pain (this chair doesn't work as well for upper back pain, as the support is in the lumbar area - the upper area is mesh and doesn't give support.
    Do not buy however if you want to sit with legs folded as the plastic rim will dig into your feet (for the mesh version anyway … I assume the fabric and leather may be somewhat better but I haven't had the chance to try them).

    • Okay so I'm confused with what I've read online… are the arm rests removable?

      • +2

        v2 ergohuman, yes it is. just 1x large screw to attach the arm rest to the base.

        • +1

          Thankyou. I tried to find evidence this online myself (visual evidence), because quite often you just can’t trust a listing description!

  • Do you think Boxing day will be cheaper? 🤣🤣🤣

    • black friday is the new boxing day

      • Yeah, maybe. I think it just depends how good business is for the business.

  • +6

    Delivery cost kills the deal. $117 for the delivery to WA

    • $66 to QLD if anyone is interested

      • +9

        I'll see your $66 and lower you $15; use code SHADD2C25.

        • I see your $15 and lower you to $5.95.

    • Delivery is all over the place. One postcode over is $42. My postcode is $120. One postcode in the other direction is $180. We’re talking maybe 5km difference max from $42 to $180.

      Test out a mate or rellie’s postcode nearby to get the best deal here…

      What they should do is offer depot pickup and have a flat rate for all (like online shed order sites have)

      • +1

        Australia Post is pretty good at delivering the the 'wrong' postcode if your street name is unique, or it's a long main road.

  • Anyone upgraded from a Buro Metro to this? Tempted to try….

  • I have a fake one. Sold to me as a real one. It's aiiight. Much comfortables. I'm 183cm and 125kg,

    Only issue I had was with one of the arms. I tried to get it replaced but i ended up finding the problem (wasn't seating fully in its place) and after modification it's all good.

    • I have a fake one. Sold to me as a real one.

      What happened?

      • I got it from MyDeal while Ergohuman was out of stock. It was $200 cheaper, it's the top one with all the adjustments. It an older revision with less chrome and some of the discount was from ebay so there was no reason to believe it was fake.

        There's a cast cup that receives the vertical post of the arm. This post wasn't able to sit all the way down into the cup. This meant that the left arm was a little higher than the right and because it wasn't fit properly to the cup it was able to rotate when it should have been held tight.Cleaning up the surface of the arm let it seat fully.

        I was assured that it was made in the Ergohuman factory in Japan and although it says 'ComfortComfort' on the side it's a genuine ErgoFit brand which is the budget name that Ergohuman use…

        • Comfort Seating/Comfort Workspace/Comfort Global seem to be be the overarching brand, so ComfortComfort could be legit. The remark about being made in Japan doesn't though, from what I know it should be China or Taiwan.

        • if its fake and from ebay you used to be able to keep the product and get a full refund while they cancel that sellers products

  • +1

    I got the fully leather covered one about three weeks ago. The lumbar support bit does protrude quite a way and you can't adjust it forwards/backwards. The pivot for the recline is a long way forward so you can't really leave it on unlocked and easily lean back or forward to recline whenever you like - you have to use the locking lever to unlock when you want to recline and lock it when you want to sit upright. There are a few other fiddly things with it.

    The leather is good and has a leather smell. The frame and spider are metal so will be strong. The casters roll easily.

    • have you tried the little handle/winder thing to tighten the resistance of the recliner?

      mine's always on unlock, and I have it adjusted so that sitting upright normally, it's not enough force to recline, and I have to push back on footrest and lean back a bit to add a bit more resistance/weight to recline

      on my wife's ergohuman we received a month or so ago, the recline was too "easy" by default.. had to adjust the winder thing to make it so she wouldn't instantly "fall back" and recline when changing to unlocked

      • Thanks yeah i cranked up the spring and cranked it up more just now - had to twist the disc instead of using the fold out handle i was cranking it so much. I might be carrying more of the effects of a WFH lyf so it doesn't take much effort to get that initial recline happening. I will give it more of a try in freestyle mode and see if i get used to it.

  • This or the Ikea Markus?

    I bought the Ikea chair but i am not 100% convinced with it…

    I can return the Ikea chair still so i was thinking of doing that if this chair ends up being markedly better.

    • this MARKUS or that MARKUS? There's 2 Markusses in the building.

      • Bascially the same thing but i got the cloth one

        • They're not even in the same price bracket but to answer your question:

          This or the Ikea Markus?

          I say this because price don't normally lie.

          • +1

            @[Deactivated]: Markus is rated as the best for its price. Just lacks a lot of adjustability.

            • +1

              @ATangk: based on whose rating?

              • +1

                @[Deactivated]: Best might be an exaggeration but its a good budget option. You can google the chair yourself. These things are so subjective, you'd really have to sit on one to know if its right or not.

              • @[Deactivated]: Are you a Rennes fan?

                • @thibaut: i sure am; are you a fan of Courtois?

                  • @[Deactivated]: Not particularly, just sharing a first name.
                    FCN fan since 1995. We should get some banter going… :-)

            • @ATangk:

              Just lacks a lot of adjustability.

              Exactly the reason I had to return mine as the lumbar support was hitting the wrong spot on my back.

    • Id say this. I dont rate the Marcus at all, plenty seem to like it though.

    • Unless you're over 185cm~ then the Ergohuman is loads better. I use the Markus as a personal chair and the Ergohuman for my office.
      Markus is good for the price but the Ergohuman is straight up a way better chair. Only reason I like the Markus is because it's a little taller

  • Please share tips on how to sit in a chair well to minimise spine fatigue.

    Currently use a very old el cheapo Officeworks chair I think.
    Also if anyone with experience can share what they think of something like this $27 Bloodyrippa that would be helpful thanks.

    • +1

      A good quality chair that is properly adjusted (plenty of YT videos shows you how) definitely helps, but biggest secret is to concentrate on not slouching. I've also found that a foot rest makes a big difference.

      • Thanks for your comment.

        properly adjusted (plenty of YT videos shows you how)

        Thanks I will try this and see how much it improves before buying anything.

        biggest secret is to concentrate on not slouching.

        Yes I thought maybe the Bloodyrippa would help with that (sticks into your back to remind you).

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