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[Switch] BEBONCOOL Wireless Controller $36.54 Delivered @ BBC-AU via Amazon AU


Seems to be a decent controller. Was watching it for a bit and today a lighting deal

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Seems to be a decent controller.

    Based on what criteria?

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      It has buttons

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      idk the avocado theme ?

    • Ok from the reviews.

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      some one said

  • Deal started at 90% claimed, now down to 76% claimed…

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      Orders canceled after reading your previous comment.

  • Review seems to be pretty decent but oh well, it's all claimed now.

    • it's all claimed now.

      Deal is 96% Claimed

      • Deal is 93% Claimed

        • Maybe it's different on your end? I checked again and it still says 100%

          • @lesher: Deal is 100% Claimed

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    Just spend $54.5 on getting the official Nintendo switch pro controller at Harvey Norman, asked them price match with Gamerware(located in Chatswood, nsw) at $74.5, paid with latitude pay, mins $20, so why not spend about $18 more on getting the best one for switch, price match could be done online or in store, of course in store is more easy.

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      Just spend $54.5 on getting the official Nintendo switch pro controller

      Cool. Will that work with my Xbox?

    • Honestly I'd rather get the sn30+ pro

      • Why? Is it better?

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          I know it's too late to reply now, but in case anyone read this in the future: mainly two reason

          1. personal preference placement for the dpad (I hate dpad that are not placed in the same location as PlayStation one)

          2. This controller works seamlessly with pc (with barely noticeable input delay) and switch. It's also compatible with Android as well although I never really used it to comment on it.

          My past experience with Bluetooth has been rather bad and this one is really great.

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    Have 2 x Beboncools for a few months now. Brilliant for the price (also got as a lightning deal). Was waiting for the SN30+ Pros to drop below $50 but glad I bought these. Like others prefer the PS layout of Dpad on the top. Happy to answer any questions

  • so far no problems pairing and playing. Its pretty light. Buttons are bit clicky and loud for my liking but others might like it that way

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