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[QLD] Free Food to The Homeless between 21-27 December @ Memories of India


A fabulous gesture from this business. Please share with those in need per the restaurant’s Facebook post. Note that the restaurant is also collecting gifts for those that want to help out.

🎄🎄Christmas is all about giving🎄🎄 This year have been a tough year for all of us, my owners have Decided to provide food for homeless people during this Christmas week from the 21st-27th December. Been from a different religious and thinking about helping to Ipswich community is a must highlight word.
Timing from 7.30-9.00 pm and please let the people knows if you know someone needing food, let’s get together this 2020 and make one or more life happy by giving food this Christmas time
If you like to drop some gifts same like last year, please drop in to our restaurant staff thanks. Or call us for more informations please
Niloo at memories of India Ipswich restaurant

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  • Free Food

    They're going to get OzBargained…

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      Well hopefully all the resellers and brodens stay away for those who actually need food.

      • -9

        The 'wants' of the many, outweigh the 'needs' of few…

    • +28

      Many. Homeless people aren’t in 1893. They have internet access. Libraries have free computer usage. Many homeless people even own technology. Because a 100 dollar smartphone costs less than a week of rent, and there’s free wifi all over the place. And not all homeless people are freaking bag ladies, they can also be people who sleep in their car, who are temporarily down on their luck.

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        Is there a Facebook group for them?

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          I’m sure, there are plenty of support groups for homeless people, and Facebook for better or worse is still the primary social media website. I would be very surprised if there weren’t multiple facebook groups for homeless people to meet and discuss things relevant to them.

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          Of all the posts that you could've chosen to not be an obnoxious prick, this would've been the winner.

          Give it a shot. Just once. You might find that participating in some form of appropriate human interaction actually feels nice?

      • -4

        Many homeless people even own technology

        Do they?
        And dwellings and shares and automobiles and gold and land and yachts and … and cryptocurrencies as well?

        How lucky they are. Product of a voluntary humble and down_to_earth lifestyle.


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        Seen homeless people in the city (Melbourne) spending their day on their smartphones quite a few times

        • +2

          Getting mad at a homeless person owning a smartphone today is like getting mad at a homeless person for owning a radio in the 1990s.

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    How many homeless people use OzBargain?

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      I thought we are all homeless

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  • I think physical outdoor posters work better than FB in this case?

    • +1

      It was actually in the newspaper. I just found the Facebook post as it came straight from the business.

      • And that’s a nice thing to know! Thanks.

  • I love Indian food. Need to find that tent.

    Joking aside, well done to MoI

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      You probably love fancy Indian food, not plain rice and dal. I've been to some Indian eateries in Melbs that offer all you can eat for about $6. Interesting experience if you crave some homeless style food and atmosphere.

      • +2

        What's homeless style food like?

  • +10

    The people trolling in a thread about a restaurant giving free food to people who need it should be actually ashamed. Pretty sad.

  • First, it's plausible that someone is taking the initiative, really great work there!! But how to know who's homeless and in a real need? Just a concern for the people who're in a real need and not freeloaders who can afford to eat elsewhere.

    • Unfortunate, but not worth cancelling the whole thing on the who need it just because of some potential/hypothetical jerks.

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      I really don’t think many people would take free food that is clearly meant for people in need.

    • Just a concern for the people who're in a real need and not freeloaders who can afford to eat elsewhere.

      Would you if not in need?

      It will not be a banquet. Just food.

    • I know I'm late to the party/shitshow but if you can be bothered to go to the restaurant and humble your dignity to ask for a single free meal consisting of probably just lentils and roti (and maybe rice) while masquerading as homeless, you are the likely the target 'in need' demographic they are looking for anyway.

      I know it's "just a concern" but it's also really not your concern.

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    The hate on this thread for provding someone who is homeless, is way to the height.
    Ever heard about word to mouth, they have posted this msgs at quite a places, so pretty much word should get out and its a good treat to have a belly full during a festival that 95% Indians dont even have this Christian festival Culture as they are mojority Hindus. Its good to provide someone with food who is going hungry while others are exchanging expensive gifts and having a feast.
    Think about it.
    So pretty racist comments i see here and its disappointing the keyboard warrirors decides to prove their point with comments like that with belly full. Keep going on.
    May be sometimes visit India and see how much free food Gurudrwara and Temples give to homeless people, you dont come close to that with your narrow mind.
    This comment section ticked me off sicne I have been to India and see all the charities of Sikhs, Jains, and Hindus do.
    You keep going @Memroies of Indiaipswich.com.au

  • This is kind gesture. I hope they’re paying their employees well too unlike most of restaurants who exploit their employees like The Rolling Dough in Sunshine VIC on Ballarat rd who’s employee told me most of them get paid 10$/h and their employer cut tax from their pay.