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$30 (+ Targeted $50) eBay Gift Card for Renewing eBay Plus Membership $48.99 @ eBay


If you ended up getting $50 voucher for joining with ebay plus around this time last year, it'd mean it's time for you to cancel your subscription. I believe this has been posted before, but not in the last 6 months.

On ebay plus page:
1. Edit Membership > Cancel Membership > I still want to cancel > select a reason (i chose too expensive) > Next > you'll be prompted to keep your membership and receive a $30 digital ebay voucher.

Updated: 17/12

  1. After you've done the above, cancel eBay plus completely. You won't be able to reactivate or do anything. Just wait for the date to lapse and let your membership expire.

  2. Use: https://tc.ebay.com.au/ebayplus-50coupon-stp - i didn't receive this email - so it's not targeted.

  3. Click 'join now' and sign up as you normal do (i filmed the whole process just in case ebay didn't acknowledge I used the link) to my surprise, $50 was there instantly.

  4. $30 gift card goes to your ebay inbox. (I didn't receive a notification and it wasn't on the page: https://www.ebay.com.au/myb/Summary)

Wait upto 10 days? But i got mine within 2 days.

Enjoy. I have had a few good deals and returns with ebay plus, so I'll take them up on this offer! Anything less, I probably wouldn't have!

I have received the $50 instantly and found the $30 gift card in my messages! Great for resubscribers

$80 in vouchers for $48.99!!

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  • Might want to stack with this offer. Worked for me, got both the $50 voucher and $30 gift card.

    NOTE : $50 voucher is a one-time use code and not stackable with other discounts if I recall correctly.

    • Nice one, how do I get it to stack? If I can, that'd be a no brainer!

      • After accepting the offer for $30 gift card, sign up using the $50 voucher sign up link after your eBay Plus membership expires. You should receive the $50 voucher instantly upon signing up, and the $30 gift card comes about 3 days later. Did this about 2 months back, so not sure if it is still working.

        • after accepting the $30 voucher, it just shows next renewal date. Do I need to cancel again?

          • @cheapass88: Accept the $30 gift card offer, then go back to eBay Plus membership and this time cancel the membership. Then when the membership expires, sign up using the $50 voucher sign up link.

            • @epicraiders: Hello, if I accept to get the $30 gist card then I need to pay first the renewal fee right? So, if I got back and cancel will I get the refund for the renewal fee? Otherwise when I signup to get the $50 voucher I need to pay again the signup fee.

              Edit: nvm, I think I now get the idea. I try it next week when my sub is about to expire.

        • I don't understand. if you keep your membership to get the $30 voucher how are you supposed to sign up to eBay plus to get the 50$ voucher. You are already signed up.?

          • @manity: I am interested to know. Mooney is gonna expire in 4 days

          • @manity: I understand.

            Accept the $30 gift card offer, then go back to eBay Plus membership and this time cancel the membership. Then when the membership expires, sign up using the $50 voucher sign up link.

    • Darn, I just turned back the $30 gift card and cancelled my membership. It's expiring on 22 Dec. Now I can't find a way to reinstate it, otherwise I would have kept it to combine these offers. Amazon Prime lets you reinstate or renew your membership before it expires, but eBay Plus apparently won't. It only show my eBay Plus expiry date and no way to undo it. How lame.

    • thanks mate, i have received both $50 + $30 gift cards for $48.99 fee!

    • Worked for me. Have done it like described. Instant $50 voucher then 3 days later I have received the $30 voucher. Thanks so much!

      • Where did you get the $30 voucher, email? 5 days now and still no $30 voucher. Got the $50 though.

        Update: just got it in my Ebay messages. Not in email.

      • I got $50 but still didn’t get $30. It’s been about 9 days. I have a screenshot that I accepted the $30 offer. The only thing I can think of is that I didn’t cancel my membership. I just removed PayPal and auto renewal and signed up once membership expired. I’m not sure if that makes a difference, but I’ll email eBay about my screenshot in a week or so.

        • Would have been a good plan. Might still is. If all goes well after you contact them then what can happen is they give you the $30 voucher then you’ll get another $30 via the system. Good luck!

          • @inubaran: Cheers, that would be good. But I’ll be happy with one :)

            I wish there was a page to see all the eBay offers you accept. Like this offer, and seller offers.

  • good deal…but the giftcard only kicks in once you pay your renewal

    "The $30 eBay Digital Gift Card will be sent to your registered email address on your eBay account within 10 days of payment of the annual Plus membership fee"

  • I would let the membership expire and sign up on the $50 voucher offer again.

  • Last month I got a $50 voucher.

  • Never got my gift card from a previous Deal. Amazon prime all the way!!!

  • I received this message a month ago, and still cancelled. eBay plus isn't worth $20 to me, I use Amazon like every week or 2. I haven't used eBay plus in 10 months!

    • That true, if you going to send 50+30 bucks on ebay anyways. It basically getting it for free plus extra 30 if already subs currently.

      It legit hard find any good deals, but free express shipping come in handy.

      I hardly even use both, what do you guys get from Amazon apart from daily household goods, small electronics is more expensive than eBay. Amazon prime does get in handy for US prime deal though.

    • I got the $50 voucher for renewing just as I was looking for a new golf driver, so it worked out I got ebay plus and saved $1 on the year.
      Same as you though, I wouldn't pay $20 on top after getting the $30 voucher. The incentive just isn't there like Amazon.
      I get value enough just from their streaming services, but then free post on most of my purchases meant I saved the annual fee in 3-4 purchases.

    • I had multiple trial accounts setup.
      Now cancelled on all of them except for one(main account).

      Couple of deals are worth the money esp $1 Tuesdays.
      Cannot complain too much.

      However, prime membership is worth every cent

  • Definitely not paying money to scam bay.

  • Be careful with this offer. While redeeming the voucher I got a website error. Money was taken off it, but the payment didn't go through. I spent weeks emailing their technical support and finally got it back, but it was a massive waste of time. Also, voucher needed to be spent in one transaction.

  • Bruh this you can only receive this voucher if you renew and you receive it after you resub, lame as fk.

  • The GC I received was a Coles Ebay voucher, $30off when spending $80 using Coles Ebay.

    Wasn't too bad though since I used it to get some 1/2 price specials on Wednesday and got free delivery

  • Make sure you screenshot the offer as many people have issues with getting the voucher.

  • $1 or bust.

  • Thank You for Choosing eBay Plus - $30 eBay Gift Card
    Gift card delivered after membership payment (mine is expiring 10th Feb 2021) so after that i will get the $30 gift card ?. Expires 3 years from issue.

    • Yes. Whenever you make payment for your next membership,$30 voucher comes through within couple of weeks( mine arrived within a week).

      That voucher expires in 3 years

  • What a lifesaver - I was about to cancel my membership this weekend!

  • My next payment is 22 July 2021, is this worth doing now?

  • Does the voucher or gift card have minimum spending conditions?

  • When signing up again for the $50 promo today, I get: Sorry, you're ineligible for this offer.

    Does that mean my membership hasn't expired long enough?
    Only just expired yesterday.

  • Thanks OP. Just renewed mine and received $50 instantly. Now I have to wait for $30 to come. Fingers crossed

  • Do you still get the $30 if you decide to cancel ebay plus that you just subscribed for?
    Edit: meant to say the $50 voucher… I think I'm not risking it. Just a bonus $1 then I guess :)

  • I cancelled my membership last week and got the prompt for the $30 but ignored it, is there a way to get it back and use the link to get the $80?

    • I doubt there is. Your only option now is the $50 voucher.

    • Just sign up with a new account and get another 30 day trial. I was in your shoes too and it said I'm even ineligible for the $50 voucher. Now I'm gonna try it with the new account.

  • Was I meant to cancel ebay plus to get $30 voucher, then wait for it to expire, then click on new link to register?

    Or cancel ebay plus and get voucher, then immediately before expiry click on new link to register?

    • You’ll get the $30 voucher after you pay to get the $50 voucher. :) (read the OP it’s very clear)
      Step 1. Fake cancel, accept $30 offer
      Step 2. True cancel, ignore $30 offer (you’re still recorded in the system in Step 1)
      Step 3. Wait to expire
      Step 4. After it expires signup using $50 voucher link and get $50 instantly (if you’re lucky)
      Step 5. Wait for $30 voucher within 10 days (if you’re lucky)

      • followed as mentioned above, a week after expiration and still get the error: https://imgur.com/pBA8pG2

        • Mine expired yesterday and tried the link just now. Got the $50 voucher instantly. Hopefully I'll receive the $30 as well in a few days.

          If you get lucky if you sign-up you might still get the $30 voucher as you might still be recorded in their system as someone who took the $30 offer.

  • I got the $50 voucher right away. Waiting for the $30. However, not sure what to get.

  • "Sorry, you're ineligible for this offer."

  • Two days before expiry renewed for the $30 voucher then cancelled. Then two days after expiry signed up again for the $50 voucher.

    Got the $50 voucher immediately but no sign of the $30 voucher. Its been about 4-5 days since re-signing.

  • What da heck!!! I got $30 coles voucher. Must spend minimum $80 to get $30 off. If knew this I wouldn't join. Not happy

    • In lieu of the $30 ebay voucher? If so, I'd consider that lucky since others including myself only got the $50 and nothing else.

      • No. Just $30 coles voucher. No other vouchers. I can't use it. Got nothing to but on ebay coles.

  • Do I need to delink my ebay from paypal after fully cancelling? or there shouldn't be any problems leaving it there?

  • never got the $30 after two weeks from renew but got the $50 immediately on signup

  • I accepted the $30 offer on Dec 12th and then cancelled my eBay sub the same day, after my sub laped on 18th I joined back again with that $50 voucher link on Dec 27th, instantly received the $50 voucher but $30 voucher was no where to be found.
    So today I contacted ebay staff via chat and explained the situation that I accepted the $30 retention voucher but never received it, the nice rep looked at my account verified details and then put the $30 voucher on my account.

    Hence if somebody has been waiting for more than 2 days I would suggest contact eBay via chat and hopefully your matter would be resolved in less than 10 mins as well. Enjoy :)

    • Tried the same thing but the support person checked and said they can see that as I received the $50 voucher, I'm not eligible for the $30. Oh well!

      I renewed approx 5 days after cancelling so maybe I waited too long.

      OR more likely it's been OzBargained and they've caught onto this hack :)

      • Same response from eBay. I think it's a bust now.

        Struggling to find something to spend the $50 on in any case lol

        • Same for me. But it’s not a hack. The terms of the 30 offer allowed the steps above. We accepted the offer and made payment in the timeframe of the offer. The agent was making up terms.

        • I just bought some groceries from Coles to use my $50 which unfortunately doesn't stack with 10% off. Of course I bought mostly from the half price specials category :)

        • Had another crack on chat and this time got a $30 voucher (not gift card).

          • @myfeetarehappy: Lucky you! You inspired me to do the same but I got the same response as last time ie that I could only get one offer and since I already got the $50, not eligible for the $30.