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[PC] Steam - Free to play weekend - Squad - Steam


Another free to play weekend, this time for Squad, which gives you the opportunity to try before you buy.


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  • Fair warning, the community isn't always welcome and opening to inexperienced players. Fantastic game when/if you can find a good Squad to work with.

    • Ive played this game for 5 years. that rarely happens. It does help to do the tutorials before jumping online.

  • Thanks OP downloading now :)

  • Didn't realise it was so common for others in this thread to have bad experiences. I've always had a positive experience playing with public squads. People are supportive with showing you how to do different things and what buttons to press, just need to ask over voip. Just don't be squad leader of your not prepared to lead.

  • Fun game with a dedicated community. I've not experienced the toxicity other people are talking about, but don't doubt that it's there. Do the tutorial, join an "infantry" squad when you join a server, select a role within that squad that isn't specialist (so, medic or rifleman) and say honestly that you're new and want to learn. Most times people will be happy to take the time to explain things, or give you small tasks that you can complete.