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[eBay Plus] Roborock S6 Pure for $509.36 Delivered (+ $50 eBay Gift Card) @ Roborock Australia eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Roborock S6 pure has come down to $509.36 delivered with the PLUSHOHO coupon code.
Additional $50 eBay gift card makes it a pretty good deal, beating the $499 at Gearbite during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

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  • Seller only has 368 positive feedback and it has already been on eBay for more than 1 year, a bit worry

  • Any thoughts on this? Are they any good?

    • My limited research suggests this is a good performer (not the best at anything, but I’m not too picky). I have an S50 which has been an excellent investment, and I think this will perform similarly.

    • i have an s50 and its probably the best purchase ive ever made

      • Totally agree. Got it for $399 from an eBay plus deal, one of the best purchases for 2019 for me.

  • +2

    Just a warning. Got the S6 Pure from the recent sale ($499 Gearbite) and it immediately came up with Error 14 (battery malfunction) and wouldn't charge. Sending back to Gearbite and they are great to deal with. Might not be the case with other sellers.

    • Hopefully being the ‘official’ Roborock Australia, they will be easy to deal with if anything goes awry

  • I cant see any gift card include in the box

    • Mine was included in the box (between the large outer box and the inner box with the handle). Worth contacting ebay to let them know.

  • hi Guys - How are you finding Roborock S6 Pure? Happy with vacuum and mop ? thanks