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LED Laptop Backpack with Programmable Screen Smart Digital Bag $139 (Was $399) @ Ahatech


LED Backpack

A smart backpack designed to brighten your day with some AhaTech LED Backpack light. It’s a perfect urban & laptop backpack for men and women that allows you to customize its design while you’re on the go. From the very moment you get your AhaTech Backpack, you become a geek, an artist, a raver, or all of these at once. As you plug in the power bank to the LED AhaTech Backpack, it lights up and puts on a pixel show for you. AhaTech LED backpacks required Power bank to operate. (Power bank is not included)

Then, with a few strokes of the fingertips on your mobile device, you can pair your smartphone with the App (LED Space) and display Letters, characters, pictures and animation. If you’re looking for a practical birthday gift or cool gadgets for anyone who goes to school, college or work, this AhaTech LED Backpack is a go-to option.


The free LED Space app allows you to display images and animations from the market or draw your own images and animations on your AhaTech LED Backpack.


Make your 15in laptop backpack your everyday assistant and display cool gadgets: clock, stopwatch, timer or activate a flashlight in night settings.

Practical Backpack

The durable design of the AhaTech rucksack backpack makes it a good fit for anyone who’s on the move. AhaTech LED Bag pack is a perfect college or school backpack that will sustain your active lifestyle.

Supported languages:

English, Chinese, Traditional, Russian, French, Italian, Latin, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese

Package included:

1x AhaTech LED Backpack

Power bank is not included

Perfect gift for the technically inclined, make your own and display animations, GIF, text, custom messages. The only limit is your imagination.
Technical dificulty - intermedet

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  • From the very moment you get your AhaTech Backpack, you become a geek, an artist, a raver, or all of these at once. Wow😂

    For $139 + cost of powerbank…
    Could just attach a cheap tablet to a backpack, & it could also provide music😉

  • Was $399

    How'd that work out?

    • Guess the reason for the price reduction

  • Why

    • a perfect school backpack that will sustain your active lifestyle
      Perfect gift for the technically inclined…
      Sounds perfect😂

      • Take that to school and your guaranteed to get rolled…

        • That's how you… sustain your active lifestyle😉

    • +3

      I hope I never get so old that I need to ask "why" to a programmable led display backpack. There's enough dots on there for a dancing Dickbutt, for one.

  • +1
  • No Bluetooth?

    • Or nfc or band 28. Or a headphone jack. No deal.

  • +2

    I can see it useful if you are on a scooter, bicycle, skateboard at night. Now if I can think up a design…

  • Wonder if this thing could be hacked?

  • I believe it is much better for mobile advertising if you get paid.😂

  • Am I the only one who thinks this is cool? Kids would love making stupid meme animations etc for it

    Should have included a power bank though.

    • Its really nice just this price isn't a deal. That's all.

  • +1

    $103.03 shipped here, with plenty of other similar options available for around the same price and less.

    • +1

      $100.25 for me including shipping (ETA 6 Jan) once you apply all the coupons listed on their ad.

      • Yes, I saw some sort of coupon offer that would make it a similar price, but it's hard to know who gets those and for how much… they seem to be a bit variable. The purported regular price of $399 is just ludicrous.

    • Doesn't ali charge gst now?

      • That's true. Still only going to be $110 or so with that.

      • Just checked and it came to $105.94 with shipping and GST, after applying a coupon shown on the product page.

  • Get companies to pay for ads on bag as you ride along.
    I wonder when Uber eat bikes back pack get this and have ads

    • +2

      Maybe a big flashing 'Please don't run me over' sign.

  • For when you need to take your laptop to a rave

  • I'm into it but kind of pointless aside from seeking attention.
    A bum bag with this feature, for raves and events would be a lot better.

  • "Hi, I'm a virgin. Nice to meet you."

    • +1

      this bag will go well the ikea hat.

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