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[VIC] Free Entry for Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staff, ADF Personnel, Paramedics, Vicpol, Aged Care Staff @ Gumbuya World, Tynong


Gumbuya Word are offering free entry to Covid-19 frontline workers from Monday the 14th until Sunday the 20th of December. ID must be presented at the gate upon entry. Tickets can be booked online (not sure if you can just rock up). Frontline workers are defined as…

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Hospital Staff
  • ADF Personnel
  • Paramedics
  • Victoria Police members / staff
  • Aged Care Staff

Frontline workers can also bring along immediate family for half price. Ages 14 and over are $26 (Normally $52) and Ages 3 to 13 are $23 (Normally $46).

2705 Princes Highway, Tynong

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  • Can people please share what level of ID is acceptable? After the Nandos issues (who constitutes a frontline healthcare worker? What level of evidence is required?, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/525983) I'm sure they wouldn't want to replicate this, especially in the circumstance it's not the shortest drive out to Gumbaya World…

    • a Littmann stethoscope in your neck

      • +1

        A cardiolg\ogy IV for the extra street rep

        • My tubing cracked yesterday! After just 4 years!

          • @Save Medicare: Email them and they will possibly replace it. Have had a few close friends and my partner who had theirs replaced with no issues.

      • Do Psychiatrists even keep theirs after getting on the training pathway?

        • Psych patients dont have a heart or lungs?

          • +2

            @DiLs: The number of QTc reviews done would suggest at least a heart.

      • -1

        How about an endoscope around the neck?

  • I wonder if GP medical centre staff count. Would love to send my medical receptionists and their families over to gumbuya for a day

  • Never sure whether pathology collector is included or not neither. Maccas never have any issued to claim, not sure on this one

    • +1

      You’d think pathology collectors aka the people actually doing the COVID swabs would be included on these frontline worker deals
      But yeah you’re right it’s a bit unclear

      • It was doctors and nurses who took all samples at our hospital.

        • Maybe because pathology collector were not allowed to do it at the beginning of covid. Literraly the head office said no, until the agreement was reached around the 2nd wave in VIC.

          • @hanofee: In a hospital setting it made sense to limit the number of front facing staff interacting with cases but interesting to know there was a flat out restriction on pathology taking samples at all.

            I still think the deep cleaners are the biggest heroes of the pandemic, often the most under appreciated but frequently exposed.

            So many played a part.

  • I remember when they use to farm and sell quails and pheasants there

  • Damn….just visited yesterday…with whole family….

    • +1

      Love your userid… Hahha

  • Thanks…lol

  • Are pharmacists included ?

  • Would immediate family include parents/siblings?

    • +1

      I would deem immediate to be your partner, parents, siblings and children. Not sure about Gumbuya's definition. I reckon they needed to be clearer on that and also what ID's they'll accept for the free entry.

      • Messaged them and they said partners and children only…

  • At Gumbuya Park we’ll have a ball, Gumbuya Park is fun for all…

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