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DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo $742.47 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Price Match @ JB Hi-Fi)


Price matched with JBHIFI and applied my TCN gift cards for another 10% off, rrp 799

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  • Cheers OP, claimed price protection for the decent change in price.

  • Ouch… reading some of the verified purchaser reviews on Amazon isn't promising.

    • Must connect to a smart phone to use it.
    • The 8x zoom feature isn't optical, its digital.
    • The app they force you to use rates very poorly on the app store.
    • The mike you get is a wireless bluetooth version with sound quality issues due to compression.

    Anyone here own this particular model and can comment? Reads like a horror story from some of these reviewers, and for $500 you'd expect a lot better.

    • This new one is Pocket 2 and is $742.
      I think the old model was $500 ($300 on sale).

      But yes I think this is extremely expensive for what it is. Maybe I am missing something (use case) but I think small size limits ability (battery life etc).
      Says up to 140 minutes recording time but I think that is low quality, I searched but DJI omits detailed recording time info.
      My guess is 30-40 mins @ 4K60 with such small battery with heating up and limited video length.

      Also some comment saying it “fixed” issues with old model, one of those issue was non-replaceable battery, and this new model is the same (if record 4K charge often many times, device is dead in few years).

      I think it is too expensive for what it is, basically similar video quality as a smart-phone.
      At one point I thought this may be better than phone gimbal which is cheaper but you risk damaging your phone by dropping and also difficult to use (requires balancing every time).
      But at this full price if $742 I think it is a niche product, very odd product (maybe showing off by squeezing technology into small size). Professional will use something else, I guess this is for YouTuber or something.