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$10/30 Days for ALL Mobile Plans (5/18/50/70GB) for 1st 3 Renewals + $20 Referral Credit for Referee/Referrer @ OzSale Mobile


OzSale Mobile has extended the deal until 25 December and has increased the data, e.g., 40GB plan is now 70GB.

I got the previous deal of 40GB and now into 2nd month, great speed and can recharge the 2nd and 3rd months with $20 referral credit.

  • Additional facility that you can choose the date of activation and can delay upto 45 days or when the promo activation date (which ever comes first).

Offer ends 25 December. T&Cs apply*

$10.00 for 30 days, For your first 3 renewals

Ongoing price are:

  • $45.90 for 70GB every 30 days.
  • $35.90 for 50GB every 30 days.
  • $25.90 for 18GB every 30 days.
  • $15.90 for 5GB every 30 days.

*Promo T&Cs: Must order online by 11:59pm AEST 25 December 2020. Service must be activated prior to 31 January 2021. Price discount applies to first three renewals only. Payment failure may result in loss of price discount. Ongoing price is $45.90/30 days or the prevailing plan price after the three renewals. Not exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer. Promotion may be withdrawn or extended at OZSALE Mobile's discretion. Standard T&Cs and Fair Usage applies.

Prevoius deal

Mod: Referral solicitation not permitted. Use referral system below ONLY.

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$20 Credit for referrer and referee

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  • +1

    So first 3 months are $10 on all plans? Is there any exit fees?

    Mod: Removed referral solicitation

    • I don't think there is any exit fee, just port-out to another provider. Can't deleted the CC details as we can do with Kogan, however it can be changed to a different CC.

    • +2

      From their FAQs:
      There are no lock-in contracts with OZSALE Mobile, so you are free to change your plan as you need and you may cancel at any time without penalty (other than breaking our hearts). If you do cancel your service, you will lose any unused allowance at the time of cancellation.

  • I love the customer review on their page, 'I've been a customer for years'- Jim NSW. I've never heard of this company

    • OZSALE is quite old, I registered with them in 2011. However, their mobile service is quite recent, launched in 2020. By the way, I checked my first registeration email and the acknowledgement is also from Jim ********.

  • Please Note that you have to activate by 31 December ????


    • I've got the both, 3 months and $20 credit by using a referral, then did 2 friend referrals, now paid the 2nd month's $10 with the referral $.

      Active by 31 December is for the previous deal (40Gb max). For the current deal (70Gb max), you have to activate by 31 January.

      • OK so the dude on chat says they corrected that LOL

      • How does the referral thing work, is it a code or link?

        • there is a input box when you sign up to link to the mobile phone of the referrer

    • ++++ wrong deal to comment in

  • APPARENTLY, according to dude in chat, you cannot stack promotions

    And to get the 3 months promotion, you need to activate by 31 December

  • +1

    He told me the same thing yesterday but if you look at the Plan info, it says:

    *Promo T&Cs: Must order online by 11:59pm AEST 25 December 2020. Service must be activated prior to 31 January 2021.

    • OK, i refer him to your comments heh

  • OK he admits its 31 January BUT still says


  • Nice!

  • Can someone walk us through how to stop it auto recharging?

    • You cannot unless you tell your bank to cancel the card!!!

      This is postpaid, so you might get a hit on your credit rating

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