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[PC] Steam - Free - 4 SEGA Games: Streets of Kamurocho/Endless Zone/Armor of Heroes/Golden Axed - Steam


These four free mini games from Sega are back.
Grab them if you missed them the last time around.

Endless Zone: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1368450/Endless_Zone/

Streets of Kamurocho: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1368430/Streets_Of_Kamuro...

Golden Axed: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1368460/Golden_Axed_A_Can...


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  • Interesting story behind golden axed


    • That was a pretty interesting watch, thanks!

    • Very cool insight; it makes me want to reinstall it. I've installed it before but couldn't figure out how to setup the attack button! (Despite Googling and Steam forums). I loved the other Golden Axe games Sega have.

      • In the launcher when you boot up the game, click on inputs and reassign the action buttons to your liking.

  • These just say "Free" and "Play Game" in my browser session. I'm new to Steam but there doesn't seem to be a way to "buy" or add to my library… are these permanently free and I don't need to get them added before the price goes back up?

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      If you have Steam installed you'll probably have to let it open in Steam and then prompt you to install which you can then cancel. It will then be added to your library. I've had to do that in the past for some free games.

      • Yeah don't have my PC Gaming Rig built yet so was hoping to do it in the browser. All good.

        • you dont need gaming PC to install steam applications, any PC will do

          • @dione: Yeah I appreciate that. I eventually caved last night and installed Steam client on a very old PC in my house just to click the "Play Game" and cancel the install to add them to my library. Also helped me prep my Steam account, and add/buy some other games, to it before my gaming rig is ready.

            Bit more complicated to get these ones than Free Epic Games where you can just "purchase" them in a browser session on your phone and it'll be waiting for you in your library whenever you get to it with a proper client.

  • Also noting these can be grabbed using Steam on Mac as well. When you click the "Free: Play Game" button on the page the game won't install and you get an error, but it is added to your library. Saves having to go into Bootcamp or load through virtualisation to grab the games.

  • Isn't this like a dupe..? I have all of the four in my library from an earlier deal.

  • Awesome, I missed these a while back during the Sega anniversary sale since I thought they would be there forever, big mistake.
    Thanks OP, you're a legend.

  • It's so weird but none of the games are coming up in the Steam store for me. I have tried searching for each of them to no avail. The direct links take me to a generic Steam homepage.