18V Battery Systems (Compatible, Interchangeable, Interoperable)

There seems to be a myriad of 18V/20V battery systems out there but no resources to determine their interoperability.

I'm trying to compile a list of systems to help buyers choose tools and batteries.

I've omitted the higher end systems for now because I assume they are a close silo and are designed not to be interoperable.

Corrections, additions and modifications are welcome. Let me know in the comments.

Note: The aim is not to see which system is better - because that deserves its own thread (maybe) :)
but merely to see which tools works with which battery.


18V/20V Systems

Ozito Power X Change

Xfinity Plus

  • Workzone Xfinity Plus 20V (Aldi) verA
  • PowerG 20V (Autobarn) verA
  • Bayer 18V (Sydney Tools, unconfirmed) verB
  • Baumr 20V (Kogan, unconfirmed) verB
  • Greenlund 18V (Catch, unconfirmed) verB
  • Certa 20V (Kogan, unconfirmed) verC?
  • Matrix X-One 20V (unconfirmed) verC
  • Giantz 20v (Kogan, unconfirmed) verD? (same polarity as verA)
  • Rockwell 18V Shopseries (Supercheap) (unconfirmed)

Note: Same/similar form factor. Some with different polarity



# Note: Same slots. Different notches


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    Ozito PXC batteries are self-contained with a BMS; the only 3 terminals connected are ground, TempSense, and +ve. This means it'll charge from any charger that'll provide 21v, and the battery will self-balance.

    This also means that any tools with only two terminals (e.g. All the ALDI Xfinity skins) will run perfectly fine from an Ozito battery, or likewise any Ozito PXC tools will work from any other 5-cell Li-ion battery at 20v. I've done several mods for ALDI tools to accept my Ozito batteries.

    • Thanks! That's useful to know

      • +1

        No problem!

        Also to add, 18v & 20v are identical, both having 5 cells. It's just a marketing difference.

        Ozito PXC are rebrands of the Einhell brand in Europe, so they are also interoperable (although Bunnings is a closer source…)

        Haven't got Ryobi, Makita, Hitachi listed? Or ignoring those due to circuitry complexities and DRM?

        • I've ignored them for now as I don't know about their interoperability. Are they separate, or do the three of them work as one?

          Edit. I've added them as separate systems.

    • Here's a teardown of the Ozito battery. Its contains a LiCoO2 cells, negative temperature coefficient thermistor, microcontroller, and a monitoring & balancing chip. I like them because they are small & relatively cheap.


      • Just FYI they won't just bolt into Aldi tools.

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    These brands range from uncommon to obscure, but they have a standardised battery: https://www.cordless-alliance-system.com/

    • Thanks. Added

      • The Cordless Alliance System was developed by Metabo for the purpose of enabling cross brand interoperability…..
        Unfortunately other tool manufacturers are not interested in joining… So the only takers are European manufacturers of specialized tools, Crimpers, torque tools etc
        their tools all work with Metabo batteries (in fact their batteries and chargers are all made by Metabo- so they can concentrate on their tools)
        These tools are usually in specialised industries and rarely seen by DIY or home users

  • Thanks OP, this is really helpful as I'm looking to figure out which tool ecosystem to buy into. Just bought a house and it feels like a difficult decision working on a cost benefit analysis vs peer pressure from my friends who use Ryobi. Cheers!

    • nps. I'm trying to figure things out myself. Hence this guide :)

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      if you intend to share some skins with friends then Ryobi is the way, you guys can share cost of skin between each other for more obscure one that septum get used.

      Else Ozito PXC is the way to go from a value point of view, specially if you stop clearance kits. for example right now they have a 5 tool 2 battery life for $250. That's cheaper than some if the other brands single batteries…

      • +3

        Those Ozito bundles are ridiculously good value… if you can find stock!

        I've had to exchange a few skins (either worn out early, or internal fault) and it's been seamless to go to the desk and get a swap sorted. Cannot say the same for ALDI tools that they don't have in stock!

        One advantage of Ozito PXC over Ryobi is that Bunnings will discount the Ozito's to match ALDI when they have sales, which they won't do on Ryobi's. So patience can pay off very well - I have now got 6x 4Ah batteries that all cost me $39 each. You simply won't get this value AND national availability from any other range.

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      I don't think there is one system that solves all problems. Ryobi has an awkward, old battery system. But they do have a car charger that Ozito does not have. I've bought Makita brushless 18V vacuums because they are the best solution out of all the manufacturers. The 12V systems from some manufacturers are smaller & better for most woodworking drills.

      Mu default choice is Ozito. They are German designed but built in China.

      If money is no object go Milwaukee.

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    Ryobi have said they will stick with their system which is ancient & 20+ years old.

    • They would be screwing over their millions of customer if they changed

    • Adapters are one way to work around the interoperability. You can even 3D print them yourself: https://imgur.com/a/aBdtpDn (@snuffypot11)

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        You should be careful with adapters as some batteries (eg Milwaulkee, Dewalts, etc..) don't have an integrated battery management system (BMS), which is in the tool instead. So if you use these with a tool where the BMS is normally in the battery (eg Ryobi, Ozito), you take the risk of over-discharging the battery, which will damage the battery and runs the risk of catching on fire.

        • Good to know. Thanks!

        • This is just plain wrong, I recently opened a dewalt 18v lithium battery and they have bms built-in. Very hard to find one without bms nowadays and even if they do exists, the issue is not overdischarge but overcharge, which only happens during charging.

        • I disagree. I've never seen any lithium power pack without a BMS. My presumption is that these would not meet Australian design standards for safety, I could be wrong. The only removable lithium batteries I've seen without BMS are single cell batteries for small consumer devices such as phones and cameras. Some of these have tiny PCB's with basic protection.

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    Bosch green?

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    Great thread. Thanks OP for setting up and thanks everyone for sharing info. I've mostly got corded power tools, so don't have much experience to share, but still really interested. Seems like such a waste of money and resources having to buy multiple different batteries and chargers.

    • So true.. I have ryobi and Hitachi batteries and now thinking of getting ozito or aldi batteries to access some cheaper tools..

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    Someone on another thread posted that this (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001096991306.html) can be used to make Makita batteries compatible with Tool Pro and Worx (and judging by the above, that would mean Rockwell as well).

    I just scored a great deal on a Makita mower that came with two 6AH 18V batteries, and I'll be picking up that adapter so I'm not stuck with Makita tools exclusively.

  • I'm investigating what system the XU1 Blue tools/batteries belong to. From what I can tell, they seem to have Makita-like batteries. Can anyone with XU1 and Makita battery/tools confirm.

    They probably have notches that make them incompatible (like the Dewalt family) but I believe their form factor is the same.

  • Maybe worth adding which batteries has BMS built in?

    Does your list mean that all the xfinity plus batteries and tools are interchangeable without adapter?

    • +1

      I don't know which ones have BMS. Let me know and I'll add. I will also have to convert the list to some form of table as the information starts to become quite dense.

      Xfinity Plus VerA batteries have been confirmed by some here to be compatible.

      There are other versions on that list that may or may not be compatible.

      They were added based on observing the form factor of the batteries, slots and polarity.

  • i have a large set of Dewalt and ryobi one+ skins and batteries.

    a lot of my garden tools are ryobi and i needed more 4Abatteries so i purchased a $26 adapter for my DeWalt batteries to fit the ryobi skins, works a charm and easy to use.
    im going to purchase a second one soon.

  • I'm a little confused. I have a few of the supercheap toolpro devices. Am I safe to be looking at any in first list, or are adaptors needed?

    • Hi @dmbminaret . The first list just lists the systems. Toolpro list is the one you should be looking at. All the batteries in that list are interchangeable without adapters.

      • Oh ok. So these:

        ToolPro 18V
        Worx PowerShare 20V(worx-australia.com)
        Rockwell 18V Lithiumtech(rockwelltools.com.au)
        Rok 18V Green TypeB (Catch, unconfirmed)
        JCB 18V (circa 2018)

        • Correct. I have confirms for all except Rok 18V Green TypeB. I've added that in because the form factor looked the same to me.

  • Has anyone had experience with rockwell stuff?

    I've been happy with toolpro stuff and have a corded worx blower/vacuum but looking at a chainsaw and the toolpro batteries would be good to use:


  • +1

    In case anyone is interested or has the means to refine this with the resistor built in and non-permanent pin sockets

    Xfinity/Ryobi to Milwaukee:

  • The DeWalt 14.4V tools sold by Masters a few years ago will work quite happily with the standard 18/20V XR battery with a simple modification to the tool casings. They just run faster… The original batteries are still fine but I just wanted a backup should they fail etc.

    You just need to modify 14.4V tool to suit. It's easy if you compare one to another and my eyes are 57 yrs old. Photo if you want but just look at the side of the battery slide and remove plastic as needed (no need to mod batteries, ONLY the 14.4V tool…)

    Have used for a couple of years ago now and no issues.

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    So in the Infinity group, are all the different versions different polarity? Also it should be noted that after buying some Power G tools recently the impact driver has an additional pin which is not in line with where the xfinity battery is. I managed to bend the pin so that the battery fits and I believe it makes contact with the right pin on the battery, but something to note. The polisher, impact wrench and angle grinder don't have this extra pin

  • Can anyone eyeball this Hychika battery and tell me if it would fit the PowerG or ALDI tools? I got the recipricol saw cheap and came with two batteries:

    Looks very similar to Xfinity

    • doesn't look like it to me, regardless of if the pins line up the plastic rails that guide the battery into the tool are longer on the aldi, so chances are even if the hychika fit on the aldi the aldi wouldn't fit on the Hychika unless you filed down the corners of the plastic housing on the battery some

  • So just out of curiosity, does anyone know if the certa tools will work just the same on the aldi xfinity batteries?

    • so can anyone confirm if any beside powerG work with Xfinity Plus?

      • +1

        No, but if you are after a specific tool, I got an Autobarn to ship me a bunch of tools I couldn't get locally by calling them up. Shipping ended up costing me 18 bucks, but considering all the tools are 10 bucks each it was well worth it as an example, while bunnings 5 pc kits are getting hundreds of upvotes, I got 7pc for less money that a 5pc.

        Work light = 10
        Blower = 10
        Inflator = 10
        Impact driver = 20
        Angle grinder = 20
        DA Polisher = 30
        Impact Wrench = 30
        Delivery = 18
        7pc for $148 (already had batteries and chargers and other tools from Aldi). If that's not crazy value I don't know what is

        Also keep in mind Autobarn's new GT tools are compatible with their old ones, and of the above tools the only one that required any modification at all was the impact driver, which required me to slightly bend a 3rd pin that isn't normally in use. I probably could have just cut it, but I decided to bend it first and the battery went on and I believe it's making contact OK so pp ably the preferred option

        • not after a specific tool more so trying to source some compatible batterys that will fit power G and Aldi tools.

          • @stevednj48: TMK the cheapest place to get Aldi batteries is Aldi, not only is their price cheap, but they are often on clearance. No where else I've seen ever does discounts on batteries. Even Autobarn who were basically chucking out the power G tools still sold the batteries for more than they cost at Aldi at full price

            • @Jackson: yeah been keep a eye out at my local but last time batteries were on sale they didn't get stock in. I have plenty of skins but no batteries.

            • @Jackson: How often do their batteries go on sale? What's the best way to monitor? I don't shop at Aldi often.

              • +1

                @Valjew: The only way I know is to check in store at aldi

        • i got some skins today the drill has a 3rd pin which is for the temperature monitor i just cut it off and it work as i wont use it for long periods it feels like a toy compared to ozitio drill.

          • @stevednj48: They are a touch less professional feeling, probably just slightly less rubber vs plastic, but they still feel solid price was better than right. I will flog some of my ozito stuff and pay for my whole suite of power g. Just the compressor/inflator for ozito is 94, vs 10 for the Power G

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    FYI I just bought a couple of rockwell tools from mitre 10 to use my existing toolpro batteries with. The battery wouldn't fit and on closer inspection, they have a piece of plastic blocking one of the toolpro battery nibs from sliding in. I just got my trusty grinder with a cut off disk and cut a slot in the plastic to suit and all works fine.

    Here is a pic of the different chargers to explain a bit as I can't find a pic of the tool battery slot online:

    • Thanks for this. Just to confirm, do you mean the Toolpro batteries don't fit the Rockwell tools? Or the other way around? Someone confirmed that it worked at least one way without modification.

      • Yea toolpro batteries. The Rockwell tools have a solid section where the 4th nib on the toolpro batteries need to slide in. It kind of looks out of place and probably a recent change.

      • +1

        Strange. Here, you can see one has the three nib config but the other, like mine, has four. Mine aren't that old either, all within last 18-24 months.


        I'm also wondering if anyone has tried the 20v battery. It's $40 cheaper than the 18v 4ah.


        • Thanks for the update. That information is quite useful.

    • I know this post is fairly old, but any chance you can post a photo of the alterations you did to the Rockwell tool @dmbminaret?

  • I know this thread is for 18v, but does anyone know if Toolpro 12v batteries fit any other 12v brands?

  • I can confirm that Supercheap Auto 18v power tools use the same sized batteries as the Worx 20v

  • Does anyone know if the Aldi Xinfinity battery charger is compatible with Briggs & Stration (Victa) 5.0Ah 90Wh Li-Ion 18V battery (model 883253)? the pins and polarity seem to line up.

    • Try it out and let us know. No harm 🤥

    • Hi, did you shed some light on this? Thanks

  • hi does anyone know if the Baumr-AG battery is the same as the milwauke? look very similar.

  • +1

    I just bought one of the Aldi XFinity Plus Ultra 20v 8Ah 21700 batteries and it not only doesn't fit into the Certa Skins, 9base skids are too wide), the polarity is reversed. So I would suggest the Kogan/Certa entry needs to be revised.

  • +1

    Might need to add Xfinity Ultra compatibility separately to within it's own system :P.

    I got the 8Ah just today but it doesn't properly fit their sliding mitre saw. The pack is a hair too thick (as in height if the battery is flat on the table) and it rubs against the locking spring bolt, the one just behind the saw motor that locks the head down. I'm still leaning towards persevering with it to wear it in (literally) to make use of it.

    Haven't tried other tools yet as I bought it specifically with this tool in mind for the extra grunt.

  • +1

    The Garage Tough line at Autobarn are identical copies of PowerG tools that work with Xfinity batteries.

    • +1

      thats fantastic as it means you can just get garage tough batteries and they're ok with aldi and older power g stuff

  • I've got some Triton gear from the glorious days of real hardware competition when Masters was alive. Any know where triton batteries fit?

    • +1

      I've got Triton 18v from Masters too. The compatible brands are;
      Greenlund (Catch)
      Bayer (Sydney Tools)
      Zion (various online retailers)
      X-Power (eBay)

      These are all an Einhell design. I've seen images of older ALDI Taurus "titanium" tools which are also compatible. Ensure that they're the older "Titanium" sub brand. I also watched a Youtube video of a guy who found a range of GMC tools with compatible batteries but I think that range was limited to the UK.

      One thing to note is the different batteries have different charge rates which are depicted by the tabs in the various slots. This means that you may not be able to charge an original Triton battery (3hr charge) with a Zion Charger (1hr charge). These tab blockers don't exist on the tools suggesting that you can shove any battery into a high discharge tool. When this happen the battery BMS kicks in and shuts the tool down due to excessive current draw.

      I hope this helps.

      PS. I recently added a Greenlund circular saw to my collection. Couldn't resist the price - $40 including delivery to my local Kmart, I'm not a Catch member either. Can't beat that.
      I also recently found an bought a Greenlund kit as-new cond. Circular saw, (impact?) drill, torch, jigsaw, 2A battery, slow charger. $129 from Cashies. Still awaiting delivery.

      • I've recently acquired a few Triton tools and a couple Triton batteries. Any suggestion on which charger would be best for them? I've asked a bloke on Gumtree to let me know if the Bayer charger will actually charge his Triton batteries.

        • Even though the battery internals are the same the batteries and chargers are all "keyed" differently to prevent you from using them interchangeably.

          At least this is the case with the Triton and Greenlund brands. To use a Triton charger on my Greenlund battery replacement I had to modify the battery by cutting the "key" off, which is just a raised plastic tab where the connectors are.

          Other than that you would need the same branded charger. Not sure about the other brands you mentioned but I strongly suspect they would also by proprietarily locked out.

      • Just FYI for everyone: a Bayer charger from Super Cheap Auto will not charge a Triton battery (I bought one and tried). Apparently Bayer batteries work fine in Triton tools, but I haven't tested that.

        I got lucky and found a Triton charger on Cash Converters'website.

        • +1

          SCA sell Bayer? I thought it was Sydney Tools that stocked them?

          • +1

            @abc: Yep, you're right. It is Sydney Tools. I was exhausted when I posted.

  • Hi all,
    Has anyone found a 12v (car) charger to suit the Ozito PXC type batteries?
    I've seen that the Einhell brand has one their website, but can't find it selling anywhere.


  • +1

    For anyone using Worx/toolpro/Rockwell suite, I came across these aftermarket batteries.

    Ordered a 6ah with $10 eBay plus coupon making it ~$40. See how we go.



  • re: this:

    ToolPro 18V
    Worx PowerShare 20V(worx-australia.com)
    Rockwell 18V Lithiumtech(rockwelltools.com.au)
    Rok 18V Green TypeB (Catch, unconfirmed)
    JCB 18V (circa 2018)

    I have Rok and I have Rockwell.

    They do not work with each other and never will.

    Rok has three (3) large long wide grooves.

    Rockwell has four (4) short small tight grooves.

    Also Rok has two terminals, Rockwell has three.

    Also looking at the Worx and ToolPro sites I would say it is possible they work…








    notice they have plastic ridges in different places but the rockwell stuff i has does not block them off on the TOOL SKIN side… it is possible they are blocked off of the worx and toolpro side.

    • Yes they are the same and if you search eBay or Amazon for the Worx model number WA3551 you will find aftermarket ones.

      The Rockwell tools may need a little plastic blocker shaved off to fit the others.

      • Any tips on shaving the plastic off the Rockwell tools? Much work involved?

        • Nah, I just touched a grinder on it but I'm sure there's better ways.

          Just have to make a cut so the toolpro nib can slide through it.

        • I reckon you could use a drill with a drill bit to grind it away if you don't have a grinder.

  • re: this

    Xfinity Plus

    Workzone Xfinity Plus 20V (Aldi) verA
    PowerG 20V (Autobarn) verA
    Bayer 18V (Sydney Tools, unconfirmed) verB
    Baumr 20V (Kogan, unconfirmed) verB
    Greenlund 18V (Catch, unconfirmed) verB
    Certa 20V (Kogan, unconfirmed) verC?
    Matrix X-One 20V (unconfirmed) verC
    Giantz 20v (Kogan, unconfirmed) verD? (same polarity as verA)
    Rockwell 18V Shopseries (Supercheap) (unconfirmed)

    I have PowerG and GT Garage Tough series… obviously ok.

    I dont have Xfinity but it looks to be 'compatible' in that PowerG/GT is 5 slot pins but Aldi is only 4 pin slots… they should work given the look the same form factor but hard to tell where the pins are actually live.

    I just did a quick google and there's no way giantz bayer baumr and certa are compatible given the slots look different:





    But given most of these ones are niche and rubbish….

    • Speaking of Xfinity Plus, I bought some Xfinity Ultra 21700s on sale at Aldi the other day. They are longer than my old 4Ah Plus ones (though slimmer, presumably because the old ones had more 18650s), and don't click securely into my Gardenline mower or polesaw.

      They are still pin-compatible, but they work their way out with vibration during use. Quite annoying to have batteries which are so close to fitting but ultimately not right.

      There's an email address on the batteries so I've asked if the old shape can still be acquired, but don't hold out much hope. Seems wasteful.

      • Update: you can still get the old shape from Action Spares for $50pp.

  • Thread hijack - has anyone got a cheapish spot welder recommendation? This Sequre one looks interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgVKZzWESHc

    • +1

      There're plenty cheaper alternatives on Aliexpress, I had one for about $15, does the job for thin (0.1mm nickel strip) but you need a decent lead acid battery. For thicker one I reckon you pay $200 for a maletrics or kweld. Or DIY. Most of the strip on tool battery is around 0.2mm thick so if you want to go the same route expect for decent investment.
      But for odd blob job it's ok to use solder as long as you sand and prep the surface properly.

  • +3

    I can personally confirm the interoperability of these ones:
    ToolPro 18V
    Worx PowerShare 20V(worx-australia.com)

    My next door neighbour has Worx Line trimmer and a jet blower. Tried the toolpro battery on those Worx skins and they work seamlessly. Glad I tested it first out of curiosity and it worked! Cant let go of the tool pro 4.0aH AND 2aH Batteries as it was a gift from my kids.

    • Rockwell and SCA too work with Worx. I have all 3

      • +1

        Rockwell seem to have updated their tools - the worx batteries don’t slide all the way in as there’s a plastic section added. A little workaround needed!

        • +1

          FYI for anyone interested

          Rockwell fits into toolpro, but not the other way. Assume just need to take out that plastic section


  • This thread on another forum is a parallel discussion :) https://forums.overclockers.com.au/threads/18v-lithium-batte...

  • Thanks. I have 3 Worx batteries. Now on my way to get a Toolpro polisher

  • Which other 18-20v brand battery will fit Giantz garden tools

  • So I have a bunch of older Black & Decker 18v tools, drills, polesaws, etc. (battery 244760) I was about to turf the lot.
    Recently updated to the Ozito PXC 18v stuff.

    Is there a chance I don’t need to chuck all the B&D stuff?? Can I simply buy or make an adaptor?

  • i have a bunch of black and decker shit and its well known the company Stanley Black and Decker are the one company and they also own De Walt and Craftsman and Porter Cable..

    The last two arent really relevant as they have no footprint here.

    And everyone has the impression Stanley, B&D and De Walt use the same batteries but that isnt true.

    Firstly De Walt uses a 5 slot battery. Stanley D&D use 4 slots.

    But it gets worse:


    Basically the cutout and sizing for Stanley and B&D isnt the same. So unless you get out a dremel it wont work. But then it seems like a one way conversion.

    So that's that. I wouldnt invest in B&D now because they're not interesting in expanding their tool catalog. Its dead.

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