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11W Wiz Wi-Fi TW Downlight $24 (Was $56), 10W Wiz Wifi TW + Colour $26 (Was $60) @ Bunnings


Some WiZ compatible lights are heavily reduced at Bunnings. Still at full pricing elsewhere such as JD Lighting.

Atom WiZ Connected 10W IP44 Colours + Adjustable White Flush Lens Smart Downlight AT4010

Atom WiZ Connected 11W IP44 Adjustable White Flush Lens Smart Downlight AT9012 (not on website yet)

Update - Atom Website Links with Lumen Output


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  • Do they connect directly to GPU?

    • Bunnings site says that they are "Plug In", so i would say yes.

    • Yes, They will connect to a standard GPO, they are supplied with a flex and plug.

  • anyone know if we can flash Tasmota onto these? had a quick DDG, but couldnt find anything

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      WiZ is (iz?) owned by Philips, so no.

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      No but I think Wiz devices expose local WIFI controllable APIs anyway so are not necessarily cloud dependent

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      My AT4010 which I bought from Amazon has an ESP32-WROOM-32 board on it, so maybe?

  • They say dimmable via app etc, anyone know if hardware dimmable/compatible ?

  • Can you hardwire these or are they plug only?

  • Are these bright? Can't see lumens on bunnings spec

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      Says it in the description - 815.

      I bought 4 of these recently as a tester and put them in the kitchen. Pretty happy with them, and the native app is pretty good although I mostly use voice control and smartthings for logic.

      Waiting for the zemismart zigbee units to arrive to compare before I buy more, but with these at $26 I'm very tempted to buy more anyway.

      • Can you group these in the app for say different rooms / parts of the house etc?

  • Anyone know if these can be used outdoors? I need few downlights on the house eaves and the porch

    • They are rated IP44 front face. They will be ok on Eves and Porch provided they wont get direct water spray.

      The back of the unit and the driver will need to be kept in the roof and dry.

  • anyone know if you lose household power and then it restores, does the lights start blinking as a sign to reconnect to wifi? That would be annoying.

    • No you can set what they do on power restore

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    This may be a stupid question. Do these have a replaceable lightbulb, or do you have to replace the whole unit?

    • Whole unit will need to be replaced from memory.
      Pretty sure these Downlights have a life span of approx 40,000 hours compared to halogen bulbs being around 1500 -2000 hours so you won’t be changing them often.

  • What's Tifi?

    • Looks like a Typo

    • Fixed

  • Bought but got confused, colours mean RGB or no? Can anyone confirm?

    • The AT4010 had Red, Green and Blue + Warm White & Cool White LEDs.
      The AT9012 (which is on shelf in store) is just Warm White & Cool White LEDs.

      • Thank you!

  • Has anyone compared these with the similar priced Arlec or Deta? Looking to buy 12 to put in the bedrooms.

    • am keen to know too

    • These Atom lights should be much better quality.
      Compared to the Arlec, the Atom has 3 year warranty (1 year Arlec couldn't see on the page) and higher lumen output or 815lm (~666lm Arlec).
      The downlight itself has much more heatsinking as well to help prolong life.
      The WiZ app also is better supported.

  • Can confirm, they had about 8 of the AT9012 bulbs at my local for $24.
    We currently have the non-smart AT9012WH bulbs in our ceiling so a very simple replacement.

    I grabbed 2 to test and they seem to work really well - I will grab more.

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