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HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset $147.97 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon Australia via Amazon US


Good price on a solid product. Compared to the Flight S, it brings a fair bit more bass, and a bit more in the upper mids and treble (arguably a tiny bit more v-shaped, but not really), but the bass can be corrected with EQ and/or a future change in pads. Offers wired input (3.5mm jack), which is something that the Flight S lacks.

Unlikely to arrive before Christmas, so if you're happy to keep fishing, there's merit in waiting for Boxing Day deals from local stockists (notably JB).

Feature comparison and semi-basic technical analysis of the differences between the Flight and the Flight S.

Database of EQ profiles if you want a starting point to get these to Harman neutral.

For those who will ask in the comments: if you're looking for a genuine jump in detail and bluetooth functionality at the expense of battery life, check out the Audeze Penrose @ $400, otherwise: enjoy!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Just picked up the Flight S from the other deal! Why must you give my life such uncertainty! :D

    • I believe S are discounted as-well around $200

  • So if you want to use it wired, you need a Y splitter for the mic.

  • I heard the Audeze Penrose are amazing, but quite a price hike over these.

    I was deciding between these or the SteelSeries Arctis 7, but at the end I'm sure they're similar until you jump up in the price range.

    • +1

      My point was that you're fine at this level compared to pretty much everything other than the Penrose. This or the Arctis 7 are great, but I believe the driver in these performs a bit better, so longer term you'll get more out of pad changes, EQ, etc.

      Penrose are on another level compared to the rest of PC wireless headsets to date, but that should start to change around Q2 next year due to Bluetooth 5.2 and the impact that will have on how useful future bluetooth headphones are for gaming.

      • Yeah, I'll just go with these for now.

        I wonder if it'll last til Saturday and I grab a Amazon GC 10% off, but I doubt it!

        • what deal is that with the 10% Amazon GC?

  • What is the latency for these headphones? I know they are gaming headphones, but just wondering what the difference to wired is.

    • I don’t own these but from according to reviews, these uses the 2.4ghz usb connector. I own tons of electronics (keyboards, mice) which use that instead of Bluetooth and there’s no latency at all when I play games. I would say there’s pretty much no difference to good wired headphones beside a minor or barely noticeable downgrade in sound and mic quality (since it’s wireless ofc).

    • I've seen measurements between 13-70 ms depending on the methodology, but they are as low latency as such things can get.

  • +1

    I aint no Guru but these are the best headphones I have ever owned. Can wear them for almost a full day with no ear aches. Can go down to my kitchen and still hear all game sounds and chat back without missing a beat. The mute mic btn is great and notifies you by sound when you press it. The computer pogram that tells you how much battery life you have is also a bonus. All round great headset and well worth this price

    • Also I paid $119 a few months ago (JB Staff discount) and just ordered another as a present today and paid $135 (JB staff discount). Don't ask me how it works but if you know anyone that works at JB you can get a nice discount

      • +1

        We now know you? Bahaha

        • +1

          If I could order a unlimited amount. You would be the first that would receive it with that comment. Unfortunately I cant abuse the staff discount much :(

    • Do you use the mic? Do they sound good? Thanks :)

      • For a gaming headset MIC its alright. Heaps of people commented on how much better it was than my previous few

        • Thank you so much for the response. I think I will get it since what was stopping me before was being afraid that the mic sucks :D

  • The S version was like $198 yesterday, and normally it's $240 but now it's more expensive

    So I doubt any will be available by Saturday, may have to go via 5% discount GC via classifieds.

  • My cloud flights have been fantastic for two years now. I'm a power user wearing them on average 8-12 hours a day. They fit my massive head comfortably with adjustment to spare. I honestly prefer the sound of these over my sony 1000xm3's.

    • God no. I had the flights for a year they served me well, but the sound is completely different. The problem with the mx3s is the lack of treble which when fixed in the Equalizer it's heaps better than flights on-top of having noise cancelling when you want it

  • $183 for S at the moment, price keeps changing.

    • That's definitely some fluctuation.. returned a set to JB unopened that wifey bought recently as a present and she paid nearly $100 more!

    • Where are you seeing the $183? Am seeing $240 for me :(

      • It kept changing

        • It's $182 again

  • +1

    bought 1 price match at jb hifi thx

    • How much did you have to pay for it? Cause it seems like JB hifi includes the Amazon delivery fee when you try to price match, which would come up to be around $166 ($148 + $18 delivery)

      • I'm a Prime member it's free? And I'm confident it's free even if you're not as it's over $49

      • I paid $147.50
        yeah first the guy told me I need to pay + delivery but I said If you have Amazon prime its free, he ask me I have prime I said yes( I lied i don't have prime)then he went to ask his manager if he can do it without the delivery fee and the manager said yes.. so probably depend on the mood of the manager that day if he will do it with the fee or without delivery fee.

        • Yup, and if you had ZIP you could of got 10% back today as it's Saturday.

        • Could you please upload the receipt? I've tried a few JB hi-fi's but had no luck price matching cause it's shipped from US

          • +1

            @Kuma: I'm probably not gonna go, I wanna try these I bought and if I dislike them I'll order off Amazon as I get 10% off with ZIP so I'll grab some gift cards instead.

            It seems a few others bought from JB, hopefully they can post for you.

          • +1
  • I just grabbed some CoolerMaster MH752 for $75, off someone. It was mentioned these have amazing sound for gaming, but their not wireless.

    Will I regret not buying wireless? I was thinking of ordering these HyperX Cloud Flight too, and then just palming a pair off if I don't like it. I hate reselling tho!

    • Not at all, they're a great starter headset for wired purposes, the issue is just the audio quality coming out of the headphone jack on the controller.

      I personally own the Takstar Pro 82, which the Cooler Master MH751 & MH752 are based on, including the same drivers. They're a little inferior apparently, but still great.

      • Do you have to plug it into the controller, or directly into PS4?

        Wouldn't that drain controller?

        I believe cable is 3m long, but I'm gonna grab some Amazon gift cards today with ZIP and I can still order HyperX wireless.

        • The MH752 has a USB interface that the headset plugs into, but I don't think you can use that with a console.

          AFAIK the only 3.5mm jacks for consoles are built into the controllers.

          • @jasswolf: Apparently they fixed the low volume issue with an update. However I am concerned how much it'll drain the controller battery life?

            Ohwell, I only paid $75 and it's only been used a handful of times. It shouldn't be an issue unloading it, I'll head to JB and try get a price match on HyperX.

            • +1

              @Adelv: The power required for sensitive, low impedance headphones like these is very minimal. The USB attachment is useless for console purposes.

              • @jasswolf: Fair enough, it's not like I game for endless hours.

                I'll try hook it up tonight, gonna grab some Amazon GC and if it sucks I'll grab these off Amazon.

  • +1

    I owned a pair of HyperX Flight S for ~3 months and had to return it today.

    Is no one else experiencing the sharp crackle/pop with the headset? Looking online and a lot of people experienced this with no firmware updates from HyperX to resolve it. I contacted HX directly and they even said it is a known fault and allowed me to claim warranty.

    Even at this price, the issue with the consistent crackling would sway me far from this headset. Other than the crackling the headset was perfect; comfort, aesthetics, ease of use. Only other thing I wish it had is a physical mic mute button, as with the electrical mute when you move too far from the USB, it disconnects and the mic defaults back to on.

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