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[Windows] iToolab UnlockGo (Unlock iPhone) - Free 3 Months Access (Was $39.95) @ Itoolab


iToolab UnlockGo is an iOS unlocking tool that is available for both Windows and Mac. It allows you to easily unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch regardless of how it was locked in the first place. This program is also one of the best ways to remove the iCloud activation lock from an iPhone, iPad or iPad touch without the Apple ID or password.

Giveaway Details
Product name: iToolab UnlockGo
Website: https://itoolab.com/unlock-iphone/
Supported OS: Win 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Download link: https://download.itoolab.com/unlockgo.exe

How to Get UnlockGo Free?
Now go to the giveaway page, fill your name and email address, click the "Get License" button, check your mailbox for the activation key. Then register the software to unlock your device by entering licensed code.

The licence is valid for 3 months for 5 devices and 1 Mac.


  1. UnlockGo easily removes passcodes, fingerprint, face ID and PIN.
  2. It can also remove the iCloud Activation Lock from an iPhone, iPad and iTouch without the Apple ID or password.
  3. You can use it to reset or wipe an iOS device without a password or iTunes.
  4. Using UnlockGo is easy and straightforward. You will not need any technical expertise.

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  • +2

    If only law enforcement had access to this app!

    • Can someone link this to Popo's twitter acount?

    • Wouldnt help; as it says, part of the unlock is an erase.

      The po' want the data, not the physical phone.

      • +1

        But perhaps it would help thieves rebirth stolen iPhones?

        • It could, i suppose, better than ewaste at least!

          But as it warns, you have to use the app every time you reboot the phone.

  • +3



    Ladies first.

    • Does a metric frucktonne of phoning home, but otherwise, its a valid windows executable.

  • What really? I thought iPhones directly talked to Apple servers and if the device is locked to an ID it's impossible to switch it unless that person removes the ID?
    How long has this been available?

    • -2

      The licence is valid for 3 months

    • +2

      Most methods redirect the communication between apple and the phone, and instead reply with fake 'approval' messages.

      Its why you need to run it every reboot.

      Tools like this became available about 2010, prior to that, you had to manually use DNS server bypassing.

  • Ok you need this everytime you reboot and I'd assume any stolen devices are blocked from the network anyway and at still identifiable via find my phone?
    Good for people who genuinely forgot their email/password I have a friend who has an iPhone X she can't use for this reason but no good for thieves.
    I'm gonna forward this to her thanks OP
    I feel pretty stupid I actually tried to find a resolution a year or so back but seems this is old news

  • Thank you, however can we use this tool to remove the Activation lock on apple watch?

    • Unfortunately no since this is likely using the "checkra1n" vulnerability found in iPhone 5S to the iPhone X it would not work on an Apple Watch.

  • This tool can be used only on iOS 12 or later.
    Is there a way to use it on an older iOS version, or maybe a different tool if anyone can help please.
    I have an iPhone 8 with iCloud locked screen

    • This tool currently supports devices only form iPhone 5S to iPhone X with iOS running from 12.3 to iOS 14.1(iOS 12.4.5, 12.4.6 excluded), but our engineers are working on more functions about ios compatibility

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