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[eBook] Free: "Woodworking: The Complete Guide for Beginners." $0 @ Amazon AU, US


Are you new to ‘woodworking’ and are looking for creative and easy to fulfill home and yard projects?

Would you like to forget those expensive tools and create a unique art by using your arms and inexpensive hand-tools?

Or maybe, you are looking for a possible business opportunity and a way to make decent extra income every month?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, please read on…

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Thanks to DealDroid at hukd

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    US link actually points to AU

    Should be:


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    Might be a time waster based on reviews…


    I can't work how you could possibly build anything without a diagram, that's what's lacking with this book :(


    I'm only a few pages in and realise that I have made a big mistake. This book is awful. Clearly nobody proof read it before publication. Don't waste your money unless you're looking a for a laugh at how bad it is or want to give someone a rubbish Christmas present.


    Poorly written and left to your own devices has how to construct some of the projects really disappointed and my opinion not worth the money

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    Anyone with woodworking skills, can you recommend how I can get started? There are a lot of resources on the Internet but it's overwhelming. I'm not aiming to become a carpenter but some skills would be nice.

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    Check out Steve Ramsey on Youtube.

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      Yes, I watched a lot of his videos (I'm a total beginner). Some good hints there.

      I particularly liked the ones about using SketchUp - and I used it to build a mobile tool cart and a home gym.

      However, the main problem for me is that he uses a table saw for most of his projects, and I'll never get one of those.

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        You're in the same boat as me, I've decided not to get a table saw either. Depends what stuff you want to make. I found Peter Millard's channel very useful. He makes lots of cabinets/bookshelves etc. Very small workshop so he doesn't use a table saw.

        • Ah thanks, subscribed.

  • Wood Jerry. Wood.

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    I guess this book can help me build something erotic with timber, woodn’t tit?

  • The The Woodwright's Shop is great if using hand-tools. Free to watch

    Matt Estlea

    Paul Sellers
    ( he's really skilled though, he makes it look easy )

  • I’d also recommend Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking, which is a fairly well regarded book for beginners

  • No one read free books, just download and keep in library just in case you need, it is like most of the freebies ..

  • I think the freeness has expired

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