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eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera $199.99 (Was $299) @ Supercheap Auto


Part of Supercheap Auto's 7 day deals.

Link to White Camera.

Currently $279 at Bunnings can get Bunnings to price beat by 10%

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  • this item is not stocked in-store. You can order it from the Special Orders desk in-store or online.

    Sure they will price match?

    • Just get 10/8% off SCA gift cards + CR/SB.
      Or the ZipPay 10% hack on this Saturday

  • +5

    I called up Bunnings Osborne Park (WA) and they price beat over the phone. Got it for $179.99 but will need to wait a week to pick it up.

    • Great. Then you can go in on Saturday and zip pay it

      I'm trying to find a reason so I can do the same. Coz bargain. But i know nothing of the ecosystem

  • +6

    If you click view manual on that page it seems they accidentally uploaded an internal document.

    Nothing particularly interesting but if you ever need to return one you got the process right there to show them.

    • Ah Directed Electronics, So much fun dealing with them in the past life.

    • If the reason for return is user induced, please advise, and educate the customer accordingly.

      I wonder what sort of educate? :D

      • Have you tried turning it off and on again?

        Is it plugged in?

    • I think the interesting part is where their internal policy pays no attention to ACL.

      "Outside of warranty period (365 days)" it is directed that repairs be at the customer cost without any consideration to any alternative. A hardwired floodlight camera such as this should last much longer and presumably SCA would be up for the "reasonable cost" of paying an electrician to remove a faulty camera and reinstall a replacement. Very poor form by SCA.

  • what do you use it for?

    • +12

      You attach it to a diesel generator then use it to take holiday snaps.

    • +6

      I always wonder when I see comments such as this with no evidence quoted whether they are correct.

      I have one of these cameras - so just did a test and looked at a video of a delivery van today coming down my long driveway. I noted the point where I could first clearly see the licence plate and took a tape measure out to see how far - over 8m, not 3!

      I’m quite happy with the 1080p, also takes great quality colour video at night.

      In true OB style, got it a bit cheaper through 15% Amazon cash back deal with zip pay in Black Friday sale.

      • I want a few to replace the old floodlights around the house, but I can't help but wonder if they'll be coming out with a 2 variant soon, as they've upgraded the rest of their cams.

      • Are we talking number plates readable at 8m at night under these lights? If so, I'm in!

  • … From the thumbnail I thought it was a pair of glasses with some kind of scifi attachment

  • Are these actually any good compared to a proper security camera around the same price?

  • +2

    We had this one for more than a year. Very happy with it

    • How bright are the Floodlights?

    • Same, it actually has resolved the problems I had with Eufy not working correctly, direct feed seems to bring your security system from the dark ages to light.

  • +27

    Thought this was a robotic uterus from the pic.

    • +5

      Scrolled down to look for this comment

    • i was looking for a comment like this

  • +16

    Looks like a Uterus

    • +1

      Was searching to see if anyone else thought the same thing.

  • seems useless to be frank

    • +14

      Agree. No point being someone you’re not

  • What’s the viewing angle on these? Wide? Any experiences?

  • I've called the Ringwood bunnings, they said they cannot do price match with special orders. :(

    • Try a different Bunnings store. I called two stores. Second one was happy to do 10% price beat 🙂

    • They will I've done it.

    • I had the same problem at Springvale. Doesn't help when some muppet of a customer nearby decides to chime in with "nah you can't for special order, has to be stocked item". So of course the girl behind the desk parroted the guy and said no.

    • Just avoid Bunnings, their policies are all over the shop.

      Easier to get 10/8% off SCA gift cards from + CR/SB %2 Or if you have ZipPay the 10% hack on this Saturday

  • Had one for almost a year…it's supposed to be installed by an electrician but it wasn't hard to do if you have pre.existing wiring…such as a porch light.

    Camera quality is good enough and the lights are super bright. No need for subscription but i wish I could record to local drive… It stores for 24 hrs on the device and self deletes. Motion detection works well.

    Edit: I'll take a screenshot later of my phone interface I'm currently 600km from home its good to see when courier drip packages off

    • Can't you buy the Homebase 2 and connect there?

      • I don't think the floodlights connect to the homebase, they are WiFi and have a built in memory card.

        It's the only reason I have been holding back on buying them at this stage

        • Hhm.. bugger. Had planned to get a HB2 to connect..:(

    • Mine stores weeks and weeks until I manually delete.

      Yes motion detection does work well. Birds walking on my lawn are the most detected event, followed by Uber drivers delivering food incorrectly to my address.

  • Do you need a home base with this for it to work or is the onboard storage sufficient?

    • Onboard. No sd card just onboard memory but trust me it's enough.

  • Just got this installed today, floodlight works great

    • Are the lights warm white or cool white?

      • +1

        cool white

  • +1

    I have owned a ring doorbell since they were first available.

    I recently bought a Eufy Floodlight and 2 camera bundle with homebase 2. (July 2020)

    I too was thinking I would be swapping across to Eufy for everything.

    However, after using the Eufy floodlight I am quite disappointed. Eufy advertise and have the feature of motion zones - which ring also has - and what I will say on the floodlight product is that this does not work. Motion alerts are received all day from tree movement every day it is windy - and the motion zone has been set to exclude the view of the tree. Various people have posted similar comments online. I end up turning off the alerts on these days which kind of defeats the purpose. I was hoping a firmware upgrade would fix this - so far it has not. I have had this installed since July.

    The wireless cameras likely don't have this issue as more development seems to be going into them (since they likely sell more).

    I am starting to think it is hard to compete with a company Amazon squired for $1 billion dollars, and perhaps paying a monthly fee is not so bad for a product which works as advertised.

    I ended up buying a Ring Floodlight camera recently to replace it - although I have not installed it yet - based on my experience I would not recommend this product if it will be imaging if a tree etc or anything which regardly moves is in the field of view. If you done have this situation this product is probably fine.

    On a more positive note, the lights from these floodlights are very bright.

  • euterus cam!

  • Do NOT recommend this product. After a week of testing and customer support trying but unable to help (customer support were useless), could not get the Floodlight to sync with the App. Avoid and go with Ring.

    • Was that with the Android app? If yes the same thing happened to me, kept looping between home wifi and the camera. Tried at least 20 times.
      As soon as I used the iOS app for set up it worked correctly 1st go.
      Have been using the Android app on mine without issue since but with the initial setup I could only get it to work via iOS.

      • Yes with the Android app and exactly the same issue as you have reported. What was funny was their useless Support team said this has never happened to anyone else in the world and I know this was just a croc.

        Don't have an Apple phone and would not buy one just to get the Floodlight to work

    • No issues for me syncing with the Android app.

  • Can this be mounted on a ceiling, or is it wall only?

    • Yes to ceiling, that is how I've set mine up (and very happy with it). The spotlights can be adjusted for both direction and angle. No issue mounting to ceiling.

  • +1

    Thumbnail looks like a robotic uterus…

  • An electronic F tube? Yowza!

  • Looks like Roberto from Futurama.

    • Stab Stab Stab Stab

  • Just rocked up to my local Bunnings n they r refusing to price beat by 10% cause it is an on sale item

    • Edit. Visited another Bunnings store and went to special orders desk as it is a special order and they price best by 10%. Good luck folks. Ya have to visit multiple stores and try ya luck

      • Yeah I did the same just now. It worked for me, thanks!

  • +1

    Excellent deal OP. Had to go to two bunnings to get the price beat, first one only offered price match. Ended up getting two, can't wait until they arrive.

  • Bloody Bunnings being shifty, went in today to price beat Supercheap and i think overnight they dropped the price to $198.99 now, so couldn't price beat Supercheap.

    Will wait for Boxing Day sales hopefully!

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