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Samsung 75 Inch 4K HDR UHD LED TV UA75TU8000W $1639.97 @ Costco (Membership Required)


In Costco Ipswich (QLD) this evening heaps of stock. Seems keen?

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        Apologies was out with kids and attempting on my phone- will do better next time hopefully!

  • Commander Keen!

  • Is there way I can connect webcam on this TV. Want to use it for zoom

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      Plug in laptop to hdmi port and use zoom software on laptop?

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      When using a big TV for Zoom, the webcam placement is going to be important if you want to appear somewhat engaging to the participants, especially if you are the host.

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    $1788 in videopro… seems all retailers are discounting this model a lot

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    Bing lee has this for $1795 + $250 visa gift card


    • Isn't this a better deal? Works out to $1,545.

      • Plus delivery

        • Can you just pickup.

          • @sunnyc: Do you really want to pick up a 75" TV? The TV alone is huge. The box that it comes in is even bigger due to the foam padding.

            Most dont a have a vehicle that can fit this TV upright.

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              @xoom: I learned this a while ago. LCD dont need to be upright when transporting, only plasma tvs needed to be.

              • @fuzor: True but ideally you want these things upright or sitting flat when you transport it. Sadly many vehicles that people own can't accommodate. While some just can't fit this size tv at all.

                • @xoom: It just takes two people to pick up a tv.

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                    @sunnyc: Well aware of that. But if your vehicle can't fit this tv so it can be transported safely. You can see where this is going. I have personally witnessed and I'm sure others also seen people who have underestimated the sheer size of these tvs boxed up. Then struggle to fit it in their vehicle. Some even resorting to removing it out of the box.

                    All that to save on delivery fee. Potential of ending up with a damaged TV. If you can safely pick this up and your vehicle can accommodate. Sure why not. This is more a warning to those that aren't sure their vehicle can fit said tv.

        • Was 40 to Vic

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    Same price at NH with $300 HN gift card, better if there's something else you want to buy from there.


    • Yes I want to buy Harvey a one way ticket, but unfortunately $300 won’t take him far enough

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      That's if you buy the tv and soundbar.

  • Pay with Zip on Saturday and split to $300 each
    then you get 10% off with Zip rewards

    • How would this work? Does Costco allow you to split payment at register? Do POS terminals allow the same payment type to be used multiple times when splitting a payment on a single transaction?

      If so, then you just put through 5 x splits of $300 and 1 x split with the balance, and each time you just tap your zip payment.

      Or are you proposing we buy multiple Costco shop cards (gift cards) in lots of $300 then use that to buy the tv?

      • yes, costco allow you to split payment at register
        been doing this all the time (usually split $90 as HSBC global debit has 2% cashback on mobile payment under $100)

      • Almost everywhere allows you to split these days, it's built into every modern POS. Maybe to accommodate low income customers.

  • This or TCL 75 C815 with QLED??

    Anyone can recommend?

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  • Would it be worthwhile waiting for boxing day sales?

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      I got my TV there last year on a boxing day sale. Don't ask me the details but I was happy with the price. I think the sony I ended up with was only better on the black friday sale but not by much. Long story short, I would wait.

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    Can anyone confirm this is available in lidcombe?
    Will it fit in a pathfinder?

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      I am on my way to a Nissan dealer to measure up the internal space of a Pathfinder for you, then off to Costco to measure up the box after which I will come back to you. By the way, which Pathfinder model/MY have you got?

      • You, sir, win the internet today!

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          Just trying to help a fellow OzB'er.

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        DAIM MAN!

      • BOOT DIMENSIONS: a handy website is www.automobiledimension.com which covers all European cars - I use it when booking cars and need to include 2 golf bags AND luggage. I download the info and take to rental desk just in case they try and give me an alternative car with a smaller boot. I haven't checked if they have Nissan.

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    Yes but has anyone picked this one up and taken it home on the bus?

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      Sunnyc said it only takes 2 people to pick up this tv. So that said. Grab a mate and give it a try.

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        I am taking a mate right now with me to give it a go. We will test out Costco's return policy. We'll take it on the bus till the next stop and then catch the bus back to the shop. Reason for return: not needed, just tested if it fits on the bus.

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          Perfect. Two birds with one stone.

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          LMAO! LOVE THIS.

    • I know that elderly people get free transport. Wonder whether one can take their grandpa and get them to pick the granpa with 75 incher in the community transport. Save on bus fare $5.

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        I seen them community buses as I live near a hospital and private clinics across the road. I wonder that too.

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        I just told my mate to hold on, got my grandpa to come with me. I will load up the bus and tell grandpa to sit tight and enjoy the one bus stop ride…. I will run after the bus and meet him at the next stop and help unload and then back again on the next bus to Costco…. saving 2 x $5 fares woohoo! Thanks Naigrabzo

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          LMAO! We should get OZbargain or NIAGRABOZ Tee shirts while we do it. Wait for a deal though.

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    We are going to have to start building houses with bigger doors soon, just so we can get TVs in and out. Big enough will never be big enough for TVs and the price per inch for a good panel drops every year.

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      You know you can bring the TV in through the door sideways right?

      • What about when they hit 150 inch. Or whatever, I'm not good at math to work out the diagonal to vertical length ratio.

        • Still won't be as thick unlike the crt and rear projection tv of old.

          • @xoom: An online calculator says a 150 inch TV would be 187 cm tall. The average door is 80 inches high Google says, which is 203 cm. Which means the maximum TV size before people will start having trouble fitting it into their homes is 160 inches.

            • @AustriaBargain: Believe me. You will have bigger problems like how to watch said TV even if you can fit a 150" TV through the standard door.

              "The general rule of thumb is to be at least 5 times the distance from the screen as the screen is wide."

              Very few people have such a space in their Iiving room for such a tv.

              Just over 19 meters.

              • @xoom: The front row of a cinema isn’t five times away from the screen as it’s width. Your computer monitor isn’t either.

                • @AustriaBargain: Huge difference with cinema. How long you sit in front of a cinema screen compared to a TV?

                  As for computer screen. Still more people sit in front of TV than computer screens.

                  • @xoom: Weren't those rule of thumbs written for 1080p? We have 4K now, 8K soon. But even that doesn't really matter, most movies you've seen were projected in about 1080p resolution and you didn't notice any problems with quality at that size. People will want the wall size TV. There won't be some sweet spot around 75 inch and that's as big as TVs get for most people until we invent LED wallpaper. People will want the 80 inch, and of course they will want the 100 inch, the 120 inch in 8k will be a no-brainer, and so on.

  • This TV is on sale everywhere at the moment. Anyone know why?

    I saw the 50" on display at a JB Hifi the other day, the picture looked very unflattering. Maybe it was just the settings?

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      Spoke to local JB Hi-fi dealer & he mentioned that this is one of TV Samsung actually have heap of stock everywhere in Australia so hence why it's on discount & one store had 29 of them

  • It's also $500 off from Samsung website, so basically Samsung dropped the RRP by $500.


    If someone is thinking of pickup, and if Samsung's website is correct:

    • Package Size (WxHxD): 1840 x 1118 x 198 mm
    • Package Weight: 41.9 kg
  • Prices have all reverted back everywhere.

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