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Dell 27" QHD 144hz (165hz on DP) IPS Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $520.15 (Was $799) Delivered @ Dell Australia


The OzBargain favourite Dell S2721DGF has once again been discounted to what appears to be the lowest price on the Dell site since late September. 30% off as part of Dell's Boxing Day Sale, and an extra $39.15 off with the coupon code.

Both Shopback and Cashrewards currently have a 12% offer for Dell, which brings it down to $491.92 after cashback (do not use any code with this though). Credit to reilu in the comments.

Note: Estimated delivery time of 35 Days

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  • my order placed in Nov is now expected in March which was earlier scheduled for Dec
    Edit: for 24"

    • Similar story but 27". Ordered in November expected today but it hasn't shipped and the tracking site 404s.

      Makes you wonder why a reputable company like Dell would use the dumpster that is eBay…

      • I ordered Dell 27 4K UHD Monitor from ebay on 20/11/2020 and recevied it this Tuesday.

    • Yep still waiting for mine too - dont order anything from Dell unless you happy to wait several months.

    • Lol, they haven't changed, i ordered a laptop 7 years ago and it took 1 month to arrive

    • haha … after 2 months waiting and a "lost" order I asked for a refund. Worst customer service I experienced. Ordered in September - Refund early December! Not even a "We are sorry" email.

      • Yet somehow we keep going back
        It truly is the worst customer service ever, order something, say its delivered in 2 weeks, then it changes to months

        Then by the end you are just happy the ordeal is over

        • Yeah, I've never understood people saying Dells customer service is incredible, and that's a reason why people were buying the alienware Ultrawide over the X34P at twice the price. I've bought 3 things from dell now, and 2 of them have been awful experiences.

    • Question, did Dell take the payment immediately even though delivery hasn't even begun?

      Kogan did this for something that ended up being posted several months later and it really annoyed me because $300-500 could be useful in many ways instead of sitting in a corporate account doing nothing of use for me.

  • Dell monitors "full house"

  • I'd be hesitant on this too, ordered in Nov and no sign on when it'll be delivered as yet…

  • The delivery time sucks.

    Ordered their 32" monitor in Nov, now expecting delivery late Jan

  • Buy now, receive later

  • Mate ordered on black Friday, no sign of delivery this side of 2021, probably going to be Easter.

    What a duck up Dell. I told him to order it and now I look like a bad guy

  • Will there be a deal on Dell 24 Monitor: P2421D for boxing day?

  • My coupon for $60 off $120+ spend


    Expires boxing day

  • Had one of these on order and cancelled it to get the Xiaomi ultrawide instead. Wasn't disappointed. Maybe a good consideration for others if you're not keen on the wait times of this, but I certainly see the appeal of a 165hz 1440p IPS panel.

  • Would this be the best monitor for someone who has just purchased a 3070 system? I don't play any competitive FPS shooters, I just want the best picture quality for the card.

  • Extra $30 off the price down below:

    Coupon code: G0ZR8WXZ7S8$H4
    Discount: $30
    For purchases above: $100
    Valid until: 26 December 2020

    Reply to this comment once redeemed. Enjoy

  • +1 vote

    I placed the order on Black Friday, haven't derlivered….

    • Dell, buy now, receive later.

    • Only the first 150 units/orders were supposed to receive their unit before Christmas
      All the rest get their in early 2021 I assume

      • Bought mine 11th Nov, prior to Black Friday and still haven't received mine. I'd be salty if those 150 receive theirs before me.

  • I just bought my 34inch ultrawide few days ago. IPS 144hz
    I'm an ultrawide fanboy

  • Great monitor if you can wait… extra $60 off if you're quick:

    Coupon code: 3R2J??3X?QG45P
    Discount: $60
    For purchases above: $120
    Valid until: 26 December 2020

  • I ordered during the black friday sale and eBay app says they've posted on the 7/12 with expected delivery by 21/12. Rep on the original *black friday deal said 150 will receive before xmas through first batch with the rest during late Dec through to early Jan.

    Edit: just put my tracking number through the Dell site and it's saying 27/12 expected ship date.

    • I'm in the same boat. Don't really mind though as I'm waiting until GPU prices calm down a bit anyway, so it won't be getting proper use until probably Feb/Mar

    • Thank you, did not expect to put the order number through dell.. Got 1/17/21…


      Edit: just put my tracking number through the Dell site and it's saying 27/12 expected ship date.

      Your finger must be quicker than mine on Black Friday sale; mine is showing 27/01 expected arrival date.

      BTW 27/12 is Sunday and 28/12 is public holiday in NSW; wasn't aware their courier work on the weekend/public holiday.

      • Oh god, you're right. Went to check the date again and it's 27 Jan not Dec.. My blind ass must've been seeing things too optimistically and misread. Well that puts a downer on things… Thanks for the heads up, I would've been more disappointed come the next week :(

  • Will it be cheaper on Boxing Day? Anyone know what boxing sales are coming ? In the previous years ebay always run 10% off side wide.


    Does this come with DisplayPort 1.2 or DisplayPort 1.4 cable?

  • After my experience with an order placed weeks ago, then delayed until March-April 2021, numerous phone calls and run around from their "very busy" "customer support team" as I was chasing an order cancellation, I cannot see myself ever dealing with Dell directly again.

    NB: I note that when out of complete frustration I asked to the guy at Dell "Reception", "Do you have an unhappy customer department?" I did get swift action. Maybe that's the trick.

  • Anyone with this monitor have problems with it going quite dark - and cant adjust brightness at all? Only way to bring it "back"is to turn HDR on and it fixing itself after a day or 2?

    Neither OSD or Dell manager fix it

  • OOC how does one get discount codes? is it through a Dell mailer/rep?

  • Good monitors but very bad delivery times. My shipment date has been delayed 5 times.. disgusting. Ended up cancelling and hope 48 lg cx is on sale on boxing day.

  • Anyone know if the dell advantange coupon stack with LOVEKEANU?

  • Waiting for a replacement for mine. Display port and HDMI don't hold the connection

  • Looking for a monitor RN, damn it, was thinking I'd go ultrawide but this is so tempting. Was hoping for something with min 95% DCI-P3 and HDR10. This only has HDR400 and it's pretty crappy apparently. What are people's thoughts?

    This or the mi curved? Or wait for something else? High refresh rate isn't too much of a concern for me.

    • Have a look at the Viewsonic VX3211-4K if you don't need a high refresh rate. The Dell monitor deals are awesome but I was a bit skeptical after everyone complaining about delayed delivery times.

    • Echoing this, how is the Mi curved in comparison if anyone has experience with either monitor? Given the shipping and warranty problems, it's turning me away from Dell. Never had a curved monitor so wondering if it's good alternative.

      • I have the Mi curved and I think it's great. I'm not a massive gaming nerd so I can't tell you if the refresh rate is up to scratch, but for my casual WoW sessions it seems fine. I also use it for work and it's good to work on. The contrast seems good and the blacks are very black. Take a look at the Hardware Unboxed review if you're interested in the specs side of things.

        The best thing is I bought it through the K-mart deal and after my first unit had a single dead pixel I was able to return it no worries at all. The second one is perfect.

  • Coupon code: 1TPF2SNKZZTXJB
    Discount: $25
    For purchases above: $100
    Valid until: 26 December 2020

    Please reply once claimed.


  • Thanks OP! Ordered one!

  • Do not ask for codes in the comments, if you want a code or have a code to give away, use the Giveaway Megathread

  • I ordered one on 11th November and was given an ETA of 21st December, but it actually arrived on the 4th. So only about 3 weeks in the end.

  • Whats the deal with the codes? I want 3 of the monitors. If I buy 1 do I get a code? Then buy another and get another code, etc?

  • Ordered on Nov sales. Tracking provided with estimate delivery 23/12 but they haven't shipped. It's a 'buy now, get later' model. So beware guys

  • Ordered in Nov, still not shipped. Keep in mind if you're looking at getting a monitor sooner rather than later

  • Some feedback on delivery timing:

    Ordered the S2721DGF in Oct and arrived in just under a week.

    Ordered the 2721D on Nov 17 and arrived in 1.5 weeks.

    Ordered the 2721QS on Nov 20 and arrived in 3 weeks.

  • Great monitor, bad ETA.
    This is probably due to popular demand and generally low stock worldwide due to increased WFH and such…

  • Cheers OP! Got one.

  • I've got a code for $30 expiring on 26/12.

    Private message me for the code.
    First come first served!


  • Coupon code: Z3?1PX2C72RDRF
    Discount: $60
    For purchases above: $120
    Valid until: 26 December 2020

    Please reply once claimed.


    Great monitor! Have been using mine for a couple of months.

    • That was quick - tried to use with LOVEKEANU at the same time and wouldn't let me. :(

      Tried to apply your code again and was informed that it was already used. Oh well. :)

    • lots of code snipers around, wondering if it's bots… :'(

  • For those who have been asking for a code, when I checked earlier Shopback asked me to activate the browser plugin for a 12% cashback on the Dell site. I'm sure everyone has Shopback/Cashback but just mentioning it in case. There have been so many times I shop on my phone and forget Shopback.

  • Ordered 1 ETA will be Feb 6 2021 :(

  • FYI Waiting time is 3 months guys.

  • By waht right do they think they're allowed to put these for sale, when tehy don't even actually have stock. Both me and a mate bought these back in Nov, and they've delayed it 3 times over now. Expected delivery is Feb atm.

    • Mugs like us keep buying them and they keep getting away with it I guess!
      From their end its looking like a good business model

      • It's super annoying, cos I bought a different screen from them too, as a secondary and that showed up in 3 days.