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Sony WI-C200 Bluetooth Earphones $9.95 @ Australia Post (in Store Only)


Saw these at Australia Post Greensborough and was told they would be the same price at other branches. These headphones are really cheap considering they are $62 at Officeworks and $62.95 at JB https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/sony-wi-c200-wireless-in-...

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  • did anybody ellse found it same price at other location

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      Try calling 13 POST (13 7678) to check local stock levels

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        Might need an inventory number for that

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        Called but they had no idea what I was talking about

      • i called and the guy had no idea either. he needed a code but i dont have it and he checked every earphones on their system and nothing came up

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        Since you're all blowing up our phone lines and I had to google it to even find where someone found these, the stock code is 46854. Some agents won't be able to find the code as the stock is on clearance, but that number will work in our Stock Locator.

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      Less than 20 across NSW.
      The post office I was at just confirmed.

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      Only stock in SA was Mt Gambier….

  • not on the website from my quick look

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    These will go good with my jbls and ned whisky

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      I'm set for Christmas pressies this year. Thanks OzBargain

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    Thanks. Took the only piece at Fairfield Vic

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      Could you upload your invoice? We can price match at OW. THX

      • Yeah wanted to ask the same thing. Would appreciate if someone uploads an invoice.

      • Can you use a clearance price to pricematch? I

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      Thanks for saying, saves me from checking lol

  • Would have purchased these, if not for my wireless JBL buds from Telstra set to arrive!

    • Same here, one pair for my kid, one pair for wife.

  • Nice - would like a pair in eastern subs of melb if anyone sees??

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    Good deal but $62 is not its original price, I got it at JB for $39 earlier this year, even the C310's normal price is $65 https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/in-ear-headphones/wi-c31...

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    Lucky me, sold at Gumtree at $45 a few weeks ago.

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    I don't mind these headphones audio quality is okay, don't like them for running at all they bounce around heaps and feel uncomfortable for me.
    Edit: even as a second pair for running I never use them, I prefer the wired set that came with my phone (which are fairly poor)

    • Yeah for running you really need the kind with ear clips.

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      Try tucking them under the neck of your T-shirt. Every manufacturer realized this design with the cord and double modules were a huge mistake as soon as they made them. Thank god they rushed TWS out.

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        Much safer via the cord than BT syncing the pairs via the brain. I only use 1 fully wireless earbud.

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          I get you. People were worried about what kind of radiation the wireless buds gave out and if it was safe or not but Apple sold 60mil pairs last year and now everyone wants a piece of that pie.

          • @maruuO: No wonder Covid has easier targets.
            McDonalds sells billions & we know why the Americans are obese & dying 3,000/day.
            Every individual's sensitivity is different. Don't Apple warry about safety (or money)?
            I would think before following the herd.

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    These keep falling out of my ears, so are useless. Poor fit.

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      Lots of people complain the Apple Air Pod Pro also falls off the ear. I guess the only solution is the ones with the ear clips

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        And another solution is to get a new pair of ears.

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      Try a different size tip but yes eventually with movement and the oils/wax in your ear will eventually gonna push them out. Pretty much all of my in-ear plugs do this.

  • Just went to my local they didn't have any but Shepparton has a pair if that helps anybody.

  • Any stock around sydney?

  • Went to a couple of stores in Sydney. No stock online. Maybe some in Woy Woy and Coffs Harbour?

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    For those in WA - only a small amt of stock in Mount Hawthorn and Subiaco

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    Store specific & less than 10 in stock. NOICE DEAL! /s

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    Wasn't in stock at all at my local (Gladstone Park VIC 3043) so hit and miss and definitely not at all stores. But noticed lots of clearance stock with other tech products. Picked up a Google Home Mini for $19.95 (last one in stock).

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    Couldn't find any in the Northern Beaches stores. Checked all of them, stopped for lunch at the RSL, now I am off interstate to check those stores.

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      this guy jokes

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      that's the spirit, keep it up lol

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      I found a pair in my local Avalon store, the code is cough sneeze cough cough sneeze. Works every time.

    • Keep us updated please

  • Will price match work with JB or O/W?

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      Please ask them and let us know.

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    None at Brisbane Post Office Square.

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    I have these. Bought them for $30 from amazon a few months ago.
    Do the trick for me at the gym. Sound is fine and stay in my ears when running on the treadmill. Decent battery life as well

  • Do these have microphone? As I'm can you make calls with them, not that fussed about review on-line remote but if I can make calls might grab a few if my local has them.
    Thanks OP

    • Yes, you can make calls

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    Thanks OP, grabbed 2 from the local. There was also other Sony earphones, cables etc on clearance as well.

  • These have been like this for a few months now I believe - picked up the only one left at local VIC one during lockdown in melb.

    • Yes mine had an old clearance sticker on them for $19.95, but they scanned up at $9.95.

  • Pretty good price if you can find one. Amazon is selling them for $49

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    Hey does anyone have a invoice for this and can share as my local officeworks need it to price match

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    Showed my local OW and they said they won’t match clearance prices

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    are these similiar to beats by dre?

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      stop it

    • are these similiar to beats by dre?

      Yes. Except in everything including quality, price, looks, durability, bass depth perception and treble resonance.

      But hey their only $10 and where can you get dres for $10?

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    These are the same buds that went on sale at aldi for 29.95 and were returned in mass and ended up going out for <$10 in store due to aldi's 'special stock kept over time' price drop.

    I had a pair, they're really not that great. Worth $10 if you're walking past them and too impatient for online purchases.. but not worth hunting them for $10.. If you have 'difficult' ears, you won't be able to keep these in either. Same 3 (maybe it was 3+already inserted?) sizes that every brand provides.. just my 2c/experience with them anyway.

  • Thank you OP.

    My local post office had 1 pair left and also had the Echo Dot (3rd Generation) for $9.95 and the Sony WH-CH510 over ear bluetooth headphones for $29.95 (list price $99.00).

  • Somone posted these as being on sale from amazon a few weeks ago. I think I paid $25, it thought I didn't think it would get better than that

    That's bargain hunting I guess

    • the c310

  • Can someone please post an invoice? Keen to get from OW who are likely to have stock!

  • Will OW price match from the photo alone? Or do they ask for a receipt?

  • Got a pair of these, they do surprisingly well, especially given the price. My recommend is to grab a cheap pair of foam ear tips from eBay for them for $1.

  • Anyone had any luck in getting price match?

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