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Yeelight YLTD001 Monitor Desk Lamp US$49.59 (~A$65.77) Delivered @ Banggood


Recently got one of these mainly to free up some desk space. Other benefits are that it eliminates screen glare and is said to also reduce eye strain. What I particularly like about this lamp compared to others is that it has LEDs on both sides, so you can use the lights located at the back to create ambient coloured lighting.

The lamp has a metal body and good build quality and is powerful enough to light up your whole desk, so more than enough light if you need to do some reading or writing. The lamp is controlled by a wireless remote or via the App.

There's also a PRO version (YLTD003) with Razer Chroma Support which provides interactive lighting while playing games. Supported games are, League of Legends, CS: GO or DOTA 2. You can find the complete list of games at Razer website.

To get price in title:

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Coupon also works on the Yeelight YLTD003 PRO - Price after coupon US$61.99 (AU$82.21)

YouTube demo

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  • Is it RGB? Can it mimic on-screen colours?

    • Not too sure, there is more info on the Pro version here

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        Additional Pro mode advantages according to the page:

        Key Function of Pro Version:
        - Supports interaction with Razer Chroma and OverWolf
        - For RGB dimming ambient backlight, Pro version adds 4 pre-set mode options (office mode, cycle mode, leisure mode, competitive mode) to the standard version. And it is customizable by adjusting trigger action, color, brightness and speed.

        Enjoy the game like Cyberpunk 2077.

  • How would this compare to the Taotronic desk lamp? I usually have the desk lamp sitting behind the monitor so this would suit my needs better and I don't mind returning the taotronic one and pay a little extra for this

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    Should be delivered by the time Cyberpunk is fully patched and bug free.

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      I ordered mine on the 4th of December and received it two days ago, pretty good considering it was delivered by Fastway :)

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      or possibly delivered by the time Cyberpunk jokes start becoming old

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    hey I have a dumb question: does it light both the desk below and the wall behind the screen? photos kinda imply both. If so, are there separate LEDS lighting up below and behind?

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      Separate LEDs for front and back, so can have just front LEDs or back LEDs or both on together.

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        thanks mate! I'd be all over this if I didn't already grab two of the baseus version touch controls alternative (with no RGB backlighting)
        This is a great deal.

        • +1

          Do you like the Baseus? Ive got one and not liking it, it just shines the light on the screen and makes it hard to read. I really wanted it to be able to light up the desk but cant get any angle on it outwards.

      • How do you operate them? Controls directly on the lights or via an app only?

        • Wireless remote control or via App. Can also integrate with Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

          The wireless remote control is the grey disc next to the keyboard in this video

  • I read somewhere this kind of display backlighting can give the illusion of improving the contrast ratio of your TV / display.

  • Hey OP, I have an all-in-one pc and it is a chunky 5cm at the top. There is no information on the bracket attachment. Do you think it will fit? Also, the angle of the front LED's lights, do they light the desk below or light the screen? I don't want them reflecting off the screen.

    • +1

      There's 25° of adjustment so you can angle the LEDs so it doesn't reflect on the screen. It actually works quite well, as there's no reflection or glare on my screen from the LEDs. I checked the bracket attachment and it's adjustable up to 3cm, so I don't think it would fit your AIO PC.

      • Thanks for the reply.

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    There is a cheaper option here for those who just need the monitor desk lamp function warm to white only: https://www.amazon.com.au/Quntis-Reading-Adjustable-Brightne…

    AU stock.

    Remember Cashback & extra bonuses if you were targeted.

  • +1

    Thank you OP, today finally got one.

    the Pro version is much cheaper than other store.

    and reviews are not too bad from chinese customers.

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