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Optus Sport 12 Month Membership $99 at Woolworths (Normally $139)


Missed the deal for 15% off iTunes cards at BigW to get Optus Sports for cheaper, so went to pay retail at Woolworths and it scanned for $99. The checkout operator was shocked too.

Haven’t sent this advertised and no idea how long it goes for, get in for Christmas!

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    Wait till tomorrow and pay with zip for extra 10% 🙂

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      Awwwwww nuts, didn’t think to check zippay/zipmoney!

    • Isn't that minimum $300 spend? correct me if I am wrong.

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        You get 10% cashback on all purchases, no minimum but the max is $300 to maximise the cashback. If you spend over $300, you can only get $30 cashback, for example if you want to spend $600, you should split the amount into 2x $300 and so you can get 2x $30 = $60 cashback. If you spend $600 in one transaction, then you can only get $30.

        • This isn't totally right - cash back is only paid out in $30 increments, so if you spend $300 you get $30 back, or if you spend $300 + $299 you still only get $30 cash back. All rewards must be paid out but Jan 8, so you'd need to earn another $1 reward before then to get the full value from the rewards.

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    so how does this work? u dl the optus app onto ur tv and then put in the paid membership card details and it will allow you to stream sport over the internet u with?…

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      If it’s supported by your TV, otherwise download the app on a mobile/tablet, use your web browser or one of the other supported devides.

      It has a decent amount of soccer if that’s your interest.


    • I have the app on my phone/iPad and then cast to tv.

    • Yep, download app on smart TVs or appletv, download on phone/tablet and Chromecast to tv, watch on pc/Mac or cast to tv

    • ok thanks for the help fellas, will grab it

  • Looks like the login can be shared with multiple people on multiple devices and it still works…

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    Never have had a problem with optus sport. Get it for free with my phone/internet however the late night/early morning games kill me. Regardless for under $10 a month this is pretty worth it.

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      That’s what I feel like too. Games timing is not really made for Australia.

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        Yeah. Don’t even get me started with UEFA CL matches. They’re even worse lmao

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      It's Arsenal loosing or drawing every EPL game sine I subscribed that is killing me.

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        same with me!

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      True but the mini games are great and available very quickly

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    Isn't optus sport free with optus plans.

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      Yup, with all postpaid Optus plans it comes included.

  • Only really worth it if you want to watch soccer I guess. Telstra/Foxtel has the rights to NRL and AFL unfortunately.

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        Yeah, but soccer, the way some play it, is a diving sport:-p

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    Should just call it Optus Football (soccer). Do they even show any other sport?

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      I only watch the yoga

  • need a Bein Sports deal

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      Ridiculous statement.

      Have you tried it because I was quite surprised how well the Optus network is coping and in fact bringing a better experience than Foxtel.

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    If you are on prepaid, you can get it for $5 per month (although they charge every 28 days)

    • Where can i see this info? Im using prepaid at the moment, cheers

      • In your optus app, click on Add on, select your payment method and optus sport should be there along with others

  • Anyone knoe if they stack?

    • Same question. Love the football, with EPL, Euros and UEFA Champions League etc.
      This is a great price of it can be stacked, or redeemed at a later date. Thanks.

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        I just bought one and it valid 3 yrs after date of issue. So, I will activate it close to world cup 2022 (if optus has the broadcasting rights).

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    Nice score for a first post O.P., well spotted and shared. Just shy on 50 ticks overnight and it's got the day to run.

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      Thanks! Been lurking for years and never been brave enough to post something, this was far too good a score not to take the plunge :)

  • This might be a stupid question, but does it have an expiry date when it needs to be redeemed by?

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      Firstly, thanks OP! Bought one this morning.

      Re expiry, it says redeem within 3 years of date of issue.

  • The fact that this didn't support 1080p streaming for the PSG vs BM final put me off considering it in the future.

    Have they fixed it?

  • Free for some lucky ex Optus customers too.

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    Pity they don't have football…

    • grabs popcorn

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    So i bought this and when i tried to redeem it. They said i m not eligible for this offer and then i called the costumer support and they said its expired on 27th September. So i asked for refund and they said we can't refund u because u dont have an optus account for a refund. So looks like lost all my money 😭

    • If that's the case, maybe try asking woolies for a refund. It could be a mistake on their part.

    • So you went to https://sport.optus.com.au/campaign entered the gift card code and it gave some error?
      Are you running any VPN ? Does whatismyip/etc say you're in Australia?
      (ignore support as that was a credit card offer not the gift card)

      • It gave me error as it looks like you are not eligible to redeem this offer

    • Can confirm it work for new customer, the only thing I notice is that the self check out machine ask to call the attendant, so after payment he check to make sure the code is activated, which it should say on the receipts, not sure if that maybe the cause of it.

      btw, first game watched last night was pool VS palace, holy moly!!

  • My 5 per month that I loaded to the max before leaving Optus is expiring. This is right on time :) thanks OP!!!

  • Already tried but they said they can't help. Dont know why they are still available at woolies.

  • Bought at my local Woolies in NSW. Added to my existing inactive subscription account. Worked perfectly. Zero signage that it was reduced to $99 but scanned fine as 99.

    • That’s the crazy part, not a single sign or tag or advert for this deal. It’s a Christmas gift for my son, part of me wants to buy another one and stack it for two years.

      • Does it stack?

        • Reports say it stacks

          • @bUrd: Sounds like a great idea, but will Optus even have the rights in 2022?

            • @rawm: A good question, so you either pull the trigger now or sit and see if this comes on special again? This is practically 30% off, and wasn’t advertised anywhere. They might have this again next Christmas, or buy $140 of iTunes cards when they’re 20% off and pay for it with that.

              • @bUrd: Pulled the trigger at my local (Gladstone Park VIC) and purchased no worries. Will redeem prior to next season.

                Thanks for sharing the deal and fingers crossed this was a wise purchase and Optus still provides EPL content next season!

  • is this still on? anyone knows? also these are displayed at the gift card stand?

    • Should be at least until close of business today (Tues 22/12). Get a card, get an employee to scan and check it's $99, and if so, pounce.

    • Displayed and I think you can always just ask the clerk to cancel it if the price ain’t right

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