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Mistral and Hauffmann Davis 5.5L Air Fryers $69.95 and Hauffmann Davis 3.2L Digital Air Fryer $54.95 delivered @ Australia Post


Hauffmann Davis 5.5L Digital Air Fryer reduced from $99 to $69.95 delivered

A healthier choice - make delicious food without the oil
Cooks up to 200 degrees celcius
Non-stick food basket
Timer: Up to 60 minutes
Touch screen digital display
7 pre-set cooking options
Cool touch handle

Mistral 5.5L Air Fryer reduced from $99 to $69.95 delivered

Hot air technology for healthier frying
Touch screen panel
8 dedicated cooking functions
60 minute timer with automatic shut-off

Hauffmann Davis 3.2L Digital Air Fryer: reduced from $79 to $54.95 delivered

Digital touchscreen display
Fast, efficient and healthy cooking
7 Pre set cooking options
3.2 Litre detachable drawer
Temperature settings 50- 200 degrees
Timer: 1 - 60 mins

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    "Hauffmann Davis". One very impressive sounding name. It would be even more impressive if they had a hyphen between the names for Anglo German relations, But maybe the are so prescient of the Brexit thing.


      Anything to hide the origin of the product.


    I still don't get how these things can fry with air. Some witchcraft, surely


      Wait until you see the waterfryer. Turns gooey raw egg to soft solid one.


        If ice can give you a burn, air and water should have any issues frying things


      They are small fan-forced ovens, nothing more. People seem to think they are magic, but it's just a small oven that doesn't take 20 minutes to pre-heat. They all do the same thing, no need to spend $400 on a Philips just for the brand name.

      For longevity and ease of use, try to buy one with mechanical controls, as touch screens and electronic timers don't like heat cycles, so are always the first things to fail. I usually just leave mine on 180C so I just crank a single timer knob, and don't need to press seventeen different buttons to set the time.

      Yes, they are fantastic and I use mine nearly every day, because my meat pie/chips/nuggets etc are crispy and ready in 15 minutes, when it would have taken 15-20 minutes for my full-size non fan forced kitchen oven just to get to a cooking temperature, then another 20-25 minutes to do the cooking.

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        99% agree,as long as you get one with decent wattage and size that suits your needs, you should be ready to go. No need to spend $400 for a Philips, but make sure you don't get an "el cheapo" one that will spell burnt plastic even after 40 uses :)


    Can anyone comment on the quality of these?

    The Kmart Air Fryer's are consistently OOS - how does anyone get one of these!

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    Bought Mistral one from Woolworths and returned it back next day - crazy smell of cheap plastic inside :(


      Does expensive plastic smell different than the cheap one? I have had a "Rank Arena" air fryer for more than 5 years, smell has got a lot better over the years, but sometimes I still think I can smell the plastic