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Free Bunnings Warehouse Building Block (Worth $30) When You Find Rudolph (Kids Only)



Closing Date 24/12/2020
Draw Date 24/12/2020


Description bunnings warehouse building block
No. of Prizes 1

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Limited
Entry Methods In Person
Prerequisites n/a

Sorry it was too rushed especially when you have kids around and I didn’t take any pictures. Feel free to reformat or remove this post.

Apparently some Bunnings stores now have a “Find Rudolph” game in store, for kids only. They very likely to reject your participation if you are NOT accompany with a child.

You know if the game is available by going to Information desk and spot a Santa toy (~15cm tall) with a sign something like “Help me find Rudolph”.

A Rudolph figure/toy (~15cm tall) will be places randomly in the shop, you’ll know when you find it as it has a sign something like “I’m lost, help bring me back to Santa”. Take the toy back to information desk and let a staff know.

They’ll need to take a picture of the kid with Rudolph and Bunnings building block, likely for marketing purpose, and the toy is yours (Building block, not Rudolph)

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  • +4

    These kinds of activities are run by individual stores. It is not brand wide. One store will be doing it and two hundred won’t be.

    • Thanks for clarification and setting correct expectations

  • My kid is keen for this and I do need to go to Bunnings to pickup some screws.

    I wouldn't pay $30 for the kit though, at most $5.

    There's one review, as per below:

    Poor quality
    ★★★★★2 out of 5 stars. 7 days ago
    The pieces don’t lock together very well and lacks the quality of LEGO , $30 for this is a real stretch… wouldn’t buy again.

    • +1

      try using bunning's heat gun to lock them together..it works wonder

  • +6

    Reminds me of when Apu hides a snake in the Kwik-E-Mark during whacking day as a promotion for a free squishy 😅😂
    It doesn't end well…

  • +3

    A $30 toy in exchange for free usage of my child's image in publicity photos… no thank you.

    • Agreed. Nothing would convince me to ever give over my child's image for someone else's use.

      • +2

        Good luck if they are into community sport and the like?

  • +1

    They very likely to reject your participation if you are accompany with a child.

    Do you mean the child should be unattended? If so that's a horrible idea, there's real weirdo's around.

    • I would assume that only the child can participate in the challenge and get the free toy, not the accompanying adult.

      • +1

        No no, OP meant "if you are A COMPANY with a child" and naturally Bunnings would reject that Parent company.

    • Corrected

  • +1

    I'm a kid at heart

  • I heard Bunnings Logan rd announce this yesterday as I was leaving.

  • +1

    they flooded the market with these, each store got around 1200-1600 units and sales have been a complete flop! so not surprised they wanna give them away

  • +1

    B-but due to popular demand!

  • Anywhere in SA doing this ?

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