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Asus TUF Gaming X570-PRO (Wi-Fi 6) $319.34 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


New motherboard which launched 2-3 months ago. Cheapest price in Australia I could find and seems to be the cheapest one which has all these features (WiFi6, BT 5.1, Front USB-C, 2.5 Gb LAN)

ASUS TUF Gaming X570-PRO (WiFi 6)
Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 support out of the box
PCIe 4.0
2.5Gb LAN
Front USB-C Header
Wifi 802.11ax / BT 5.1
BIOS Flashback
USB 3.2 Gen 2
Addressable Gen 2 RGB Header
Asus Aura Sync

Also get $50 steam card when you buy this and register at link below by 4th January 2021


Also free incentive (mystery gift it seems) when you register your selective Asus product


04-Jan-2021 price Updated with Currency exchange fluctuations

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    Australian and NZ stock*

    • They might honour it if you state it was bought from Amazon AU

      • +3

        Receipt would state Amazon US and serial would not match ANZ database. That’s how they refuse warranty for things like Asus routers bought from grey importers. Besides, unlikely to arrive in time for you to register this.

        • So ASUS au wouldn't honour warranty?

  • +6

    Damn that level 1-2 reward is too good to pass up

    • +1

      Lol! It's like a bad Kickstarter reward tier

  • +4

    This vs MSI X570 Tomahawk?

    • Came to comments to either see if someone asked, or ask it myself :-)

    • +1

      Consider your own needs, I don't trust msi so I'd buy this

    • +1


      Found this link to buildzoid's comparison while browsing through reddit. Says the X570 TUF Gaming Pro is a solid alternative to the Tomahawk.

      • Yep I researched further and watched that video already. So basically the TUF PRO has better memory topology, while the Tomahawk has better VRM. The TUF PRO arguably has better LAN too, but that hasn't been fully confirmed yet, I saw it mentioned elsewhere. It's using the Intel® I225-V, but version 1 and version 2 are known to have a hardware issue that cannot be fixed via a firmware or BIOS update, and a LOT of the X570 boards and B550 boards use v1 and v2 of that LAN chip, however there are reports that the TUF PRO uses the v3 of that chip which solved the issue, making it one of the very few boards that has a very solid INTEL LAN chip. I do however wonder if this discount is to get rid of the older stock that had the v2 chip, so I will wait anyway since I haven't purchased the CPU yet. And hopefully we see better discounts in a month or two for the Zen 3 CPU's and these boards.

        EDIT: Tomahawk also has front USB-C header on the motherboard, which the TUF PRO does not. So if you have a case that supports front USB-C connection, it needs that header to connect to the motherboard.

        • +2

          TUF Pro does have front USB-C

  • This vs B550 Vision D?

    • +1

      $400 is pretty damn pricy for B550 unless it has something you really need

      Looks gorgeous though.

    • +2

      The vision D if you need Thunderbolt. This is you don't.

  • -3

    Needs moar USB!

    7 isn't enough (and imho it's 6 really.. Usb C doesn't count since I have no Usb C devices that need permanent connection)

    • +2

      Buildzoid is that you?

      • Haha!

    • Buy a hub. Be warned that there's a limit to how many devices you can connect even with hubs, based on the number of USB 3 endpoints. Unfortunately it's hard to find documentation about how many endpoints a motherboard supports. Often you have to go digging into technical information about the USB chipsets (if that's available) or google and hope you can find someone who's hit the limit.

    • It drives 14 USB ports, not 7.
      You've only counted the number on the ATX panel, and ignored all the headers for front USB.

      • +1

        4 of the front ports are USB 2. the ports to connect to the headers may be optional for some or all of them, so small additional spend required. Also need a case that will accommodate via a front bays.

      • Front is for temporary devices. I'm after enough on the back panel for permanent devices

        I have an ergonomic mouse, charge cable for handling mouse, keypad, keyboard, controller dongle. There's more I need but that's 5 without even trying just to cover work and gaming. This has wifi 6 so at least I don't need a bt dongle.

        Aorus x570 pro wifi 6 would be the best for me (10 on back panel) but need at least 8. And usb c is damn well useless on a back panel right now (ok on front though)

        • +1

          You can add USB ports to the back panel from the headers instead, just get the appropriate bracket.

  • I seriously considered this, but went with the STRIX X570-E instead, mainly for the looks.

    But I'm bummed that I miss out on BT5.1 and superior Intel 2.5GB LAN.

  • +1

    Thanks Op, bought one, has all the features I was looking for and great price

  • +1

    Got one! Arrives 7 Jan. Amazon gave me a bonus $15 off as an bonus Woot!

    • Bonus? At what stage did that show up?

  • Can I see the serial number before receiving it? Gonna arrive after $50 steam card and mystery gift deadlines…

    • Mystery gift ends in a years time. Youll only miss the steam card

  • Wow asus seems very valuing than that in Taiwan… In fact you can buy a wifi6 m2 card for $23 on Newegg then you save $30 on a non wifi edition (most of the asus wifi versions such as prime and tuf are only wifi4)

  • Ordered this 17/12 and still hasn't shipped

  • OP is it HDMI 2.1? Amazon seems to list that way but looking at the specs on Asus website, it says HDMI 1.4b


    • i would go with the specs on Asus website

      • Yup, was just pointing it out. Not sure if it matters though unless you use a CPU with integrated graphics?

        • +1

          have removed hdmi from the above post

  • they're stingy with the USB ports.

  • Finally I bought 1 with 12% cashback!

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