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adidas: 40% off Outlet + 10% Upsized Cashback @ ShopBack (Ultraboost from $100.80, Stan Smith from $54.60)


Another 40% off outlet sale from adidas. Stack with Shopback 10% cashback for further savings.

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  • I have bought two pairs of running shoes from adidas on the last sale like that.
    1. The size charts are not accurate.
    2. Quality leaves much to be desired.

    Had to return them back. Refunds take place within about 28 days.

    • Agreed. Bought triple black ultraboost 20's in the last sale and had to return them because of how bad the quality was.

      • 3rd that, bought 7 different pairs and returning them all. Guess this sale will just keep going round!

        • Do you need to pay for return shipping? 7 pair of shoes will cost a lot to send back!

          • @humbala: I'm not the poster above, but wondered this too and found that returns are free: https://www.adidas.com.au/help/return.html

            I think I'll buy 2 pairs of different sizes and return the pair that doesn't fit.

            • @Bargainendorphins: Yeah, free returns. I did this and found the shoes fit small/ skinny and the ultraboost in particular looked pretty average for their premium price over the others. I actually ordered another lot as well and tried to change the second order to a different size. Adidas said I couldn't just cancel/ change the order and had to wait for them to eventually arrive and then send them all back as well. 3rd time lucky. Be good if the Adidas fitment guide at the bottom of the description was actually true / accurate (clearly just a copy paste).

      • Is this poor quality off your specific show model or is Adidas selling poorer quality stuff during sales?

    • you musta got a bad batch or something bcz my UB are legit the most comfortable shoes i've ever worn

      • Ultraboost 4.0 maybe but the 20's are trash

        • Mine are UB 2.0 they are so comfy, i had a 20s but resold it. So can't really compare.

          • @easylife: The 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 are softer and better for every day use. While the 19 and 20's are firmer and performance orientated, so better for running.

            • @strikeout119: My first UB experience was the 20s. Felt like almost Kmart foam under foot to me, not quite as good!

              Karimor Duma's from Sportsdirect at under $50 on sale have been a good shoe for price for me.

              For comfort, Nike Air Zoom Structure…can't beat it. But haven't found a special on them in 4 years :(

      • That's what adidas told me: our quality is super good or something along those lines. To that I told them - have a look at Mizuno shoes so that you know what the quality actually is.

    • The NMD R1 V2 I bought in US9 fit as if they were US 10.5 or somethin and I normally fit a US9 in Ultraboost..The R1's also felt very cheap compared to Ultraboost

    • I've bought like 5 pairs in the last year for me and my wife and they all were great, best shoes ever for ~$100

      • What do you compare the quality to? Shimano, Gaerne, Fizik, Mizuno, Asics, Innov8, Merell, Solomon - that's what I compare the quality to - and it is not even close.
        Compared to some Target running shoes adidas may be OK, of course!..

        • What do you compare the quality to?

          Every other shoe ive bought from similar brands (Nike, Puma, Converse, New Balance)

          If you are comparing UB with real running shoes then you are clearly out of the loop. Literally noone buys or should buy these for running, their strong selling point is their style and comfort.
          If you buy these for running then you should just know better :)

        • I've had Adidas Seeley shoes for over 3 years which refuse to break. Just super durable all around and cost me like $80.

          Adidas seems like a good balance between quality and styling options. None of the brands you mentioned really have a wide range of aesthetically pleasing shoes. Adidas has nailed a good mix of price, style and quality.

          Lucky they have free returns so those who find the shoes not to their likening essentially get a risk free purchase.

          • @RoeJogan: It is just a bit of a too painful and lengthy process to my liking. And everyone has change of mind returns within 14 days.

            I was not discussing styles or colours, just the quality.

            Adidas seems to be a very popular teenager brands, the three stripes seemed to have engrained in the pop culture.

            It used to be a good quality sports brand years ago, I do not argue that. But my last positive experience with it was about 10 years ago and now it has changed a lot.

  • Very, very limited stock for UB

  • No more x-plr

  • Still haven't received the order I placed on 6 Dec :(

  • Only crumbs left in terms of UB. Guess they getting ready to release the 21

  • Not many M sized clothes left in the outlet.

  • Nothing really left in stock of the UB. Other sales have picked the outlet clean.

  • I was looking for the "terrex" type. But it says the promo code is not valid for this. :(

  • Can someone tell what's the appeal of UltraBoost? Why are they so popular on Ozbargain? To me, the upper is too soft and it can't act any form of protection.

    • Ultraboost and NMDs use the boost material on the sole which has really good "memory foam" properties for comfort but good energy return so you don't feel like you're walking on dough.

      They're really not suited for shoes that you need protection on the top layer, but they are very good shoes for walking about daily or in urban environments (breathable, form fitting, wide soles for stability)

    • They're lifestyle sneakers / running shoes, not worksite boots. Most people like them because aesthetically (well, excluding the Ultraboost 20's) they are good looking shoes, a tonne of different colourways, boost is really comfortable, and they're pretty easy to wear with most outfits.

    • What do you need protection for?

      If you need protection while running, buy trail runners.

  • I tested the 20s a couple of days ago and for me it's a downgrade compared to my 19. will skip this year batch or try to find a solar one somewhere - was the best for running imo.

  • very limited choices for both shoes and clothing.

  • Is there usually no golf items in the outlet or just not at the moment? There's generally always football gear in there any time I look.

  • I wasn't allowed to use it on the Tshirt that I wanted - says discounts not allowed on selected items.

  • Great for stocking up on running shoes again. Wearing them out like once a year though. So 50-70 pairs in landfill till my life expires? Should I just go barefoot? lol

  • Did the whole thing from my phone this time via the shopback app.
    I'm hoping Shopback will track and honour it - they've been pretty bad for me as of late (Dell $100 challenge was denied, despite me being very careful and clicking from clean session/window).

    • Despite only using the Shopback app on my iphone to complete the purchase, it did NOT track… Getting very disappointed with Shopback now. I'm thinking they are not worth the hassle even if better rate vs CashRewards, because it will be ZERO for Shopback and something from CR (who have customer service reps that actually help you through it).

      • Shopback are known for being terrible, please stop using and supporting them.

        • Just got an email from them that this order didn't track so won't pay…
          Cant track a purchase using their unique code… SB = scam