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Panamax 100 Tablets $0.69 @ Chemist Warehouse


From the upcoming Chemist Warehouse catalogue starting on Boxing Day.


This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • I do like the 69c pajamas deal, thanks

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    Perfect for the Boxing Day hangover

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      Ondansetron is better for that

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    Usually limited to 2 per customer.

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    how to convince wife?

    Paracetamol provides relief of pain and high temperatures within 30 minutes of taking a dose. Examples of brand names: Dymadon, Febridol, Panadol, Panamax, Paralgin, Panadol Osteo

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      Same active ingredient but other things are different. Meaning different delivery time or means of delivery/ preservation

      • Not just active ingredients but most of time paracetamol from same supplier and same quality. Just different brand name.

        • I can feel a counterfeit Panadol business in the works.

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          that's the active ingredient ya nut case

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      switcheroo: reuse an old panadol box and/or switch out, the foil all starts with Pan-adol Pan-amax and when you have a headache and it looks similar not gonna notice

      • Yes, just grab a sharpie and cross out the "max" on the foil with "dol".

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      It's medication FFS.
      If you're old enough to buy medication you're old enough to know its risks.

      Here's a hint, if someone really wanted to OD on paracetamol they wouldn't wait for a special to come up in order to do so.

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        Unless of course financial hardship is the reason…

        • These are normally only $1 or so more. Supermarket brand paracetamol is like 65 cents and 48 should be enough - costs 30 cents more. So no, that point isn't exactly valid.

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        Unfortunately about 50 percent of paracetamol poisoning is not premeditated but is an acute reaction to a situational crisis. There is quite a bit of research showing that limiting amount in the home reduces poisoning. My son works in Woollies and they are more responsible than this lot.
        Maybe not the forum but have seen too many patients die.

        • My wife has cancer and I have chronic headaches. We use Panamax like it’s lollies. You saying we shouldn’t have access to a medication that works because someone MAY have a waaa waaa. 4Q.

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        Not that I want to encourage any kind of voluntary OD but, for the love of god, please don't ever OD on paracetamol. If you do, you'll feel ill, then get better. Then you'll realise that you have just caused yourself total liver failure. Then you'll spend the next week or so suffering the consequences, reflecting on your choices until you eventually die.

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          It’s a great way to ensure you’ll die… though it’ll take weeks and weeks, cause you immense pain and suffering and be totally irreversible. Buggered livers are loads of fun. Yay

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      ah too be young

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        Indeed on a bad day I can smash 8 tablets

        Do that once a month and yeah

  • Wonder if paracetamol can be chemically transformed into something else? For inquisitory purposes of course

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      people that seek to do this would never understand the complex science anyways

    • Nothing of particular use unfortunately

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    I have no respect for people who pay for Panadol brand

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      Not a real oz-bargainer. Must use shopback to purchase these too.

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      panadol is:


      doesn't leave a residue in packaging

      more variety

      And isn't expensive

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        Panadol is $12.99 for 100 tablets, compared to $2.49 for Panamax even when it's not on sale, so clearly Panadol is expensive and if you don't think so, you should relinquish your OzBargain licence.

    • For infant toddler liquid one can't find anything else with easier dosage

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        Incorrect. MANY brands do liquid paracetamol at prices well below “Panadol” in the same doses. But hey, you do you

        • Out of box on the shelf not sure

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    Wife's Xmas present sorted… thanks…

    • Wife's Xmas present snorted


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    This is what I need to swallow all the guilts of overspending this year lol

  • Amazing deal!! Now to try and grab 5 packets.

    • Usually 2 max

    • Near me they have a limit of 2 or 3 per store, so buy 2 or 3 at each of the stores, of which there are about a dozen in the general area. Thanks for posting Op!

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    Nice deal, and if someone doesn’t like any kind of medication this link might help. https://youtu.be/82ShSNuru6c

  • Nice, qualifies for massive paracetamol overdose 50g (500mg x 100), just a medical fact.

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      Yes if you take them all at once, just like a bottle of whisky will probably give you alcohol poisoning if you drink it all in one go.

      • Yep

    • We all need to keep our options open!

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    I'm getting a headache just thinking about how awesome this deal is!

  • Just an excerpt from the above journal- "Our study showed, in accord with earlier studies published by Prymula et al. [15], that exposure to paracetamol can suppress immune function to antigens derived from bacterial and viral pathogens, and this might have consequences for resistance to infectious agents. The effects noted were modest, but modest suppression on a population basis may have considerable consequences as has been noted with exposure to environmental pollutants inducing similar levels of immune suppression [16]–[18]."

    Look I am not saying paracetamol is bad or anything, I am only saying let your own system fight through a small fever and cold and that's it and that's why I cautiously used words "unless you need it really badly".

    In saying, I also would like to say a little fever is not bad for your health nor a little cold, they also help improve your immune system. You can do your own research on this and come for a debate.

    • I’ve never bothered taking paracetamol, there’s more downsides including the fact it’s a pill and is not good for your organs.

    • 177+319 data points (people) is not a robust enough dataset. The study shows at best a casual link, but still well within the bounds of statistical anomalies. Though it’s a well thought out premise and execution.

      Thankyou for bothering to research your position and back yourself with an actual study, it’s nice when someone has real intelligence.

      Apologies if I come off harshly discouraging!

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    I find that this brand takes longer for the effects/relief to be felt, compared to the more expensive panadol.

    • Same active ingredient.. What you are experiencing is likely a placebo effect

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        Same active ingredient yes BUT difference in ingredient quality and manufacturing process determines absorption rate and efficacy.

        Buy panadol rapid and compare it against this product and I bet you 100% you will see (feel) the difference in effect time.

  • Breakfast sorted

  • come in handy with all the booze bargains lately

    • don't mix paracetamol with booze.
      If you're drinking, or have drunk recently take ibuprofen or aspirin instead.
      alcohol+paracetamol=no good

      • alcohol and most other drugs don't mix: antibiotics, psilocybin mushrooms (so I've heard)

  • Good time to stock up, only got several boxes left - thanks op!

  • God bless this country. $0.69 for 100 tablets of pain relief.

  • great timing

  • These will almost certainly be limited to only two or three per customer.

  • I used to buy these BUT they’re no longer Australian made😔

    • Made in PRC?

      • Made in India. I don't know where you can find Australian-made paracetamol any more. Panadol (GlaxoSmithKline) doesn't disclose the country of manufacture on their packaging, so you can be sure it's not Australia.

        • Yeah, the Woolworths ones used to say they're Australian Made until recently, but now it's India too

        • Is that not compulsory to tell where it's made from how panadol get away with that??

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