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Apple AirPods Pro $312 + Delivery @ Mediaform.com.au


Hi All. Airpods pros on sale again. Price matchable at Officeworks for a further 5% off which brings the price to $296.4 + Delivery. Mediaform is a authorised apple reseller. Enjoy

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    Nice one. Just got some yesterday for a Christmas gift from Officeworks unfortunately but didn't lose out too much, before price beat I tried Kogan first at $314 and they dismissed it as it was international stock (not sure how that affects me personally because I still got full Australian warranty) but I had the Umart offer of $325 as backup waiting. The only down side is the staff (more so the person they require permission from to price beat) tend to take things personally and really make you kind of feel like crap asking for something that they advertise. Overall the customer experience, I've found, is getting worse there, but it is what it is.

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      I know what you mean about the instore price beat experience. Sounds like the way to go is to call OW and price beat over the phone for click and collect from now on.

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      If they want to advertise price beating which keeps smaller players down then they can cop it on the chin when you come in and ask for it. Don't even flinch lol

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    PSA: These guys use Fastway as their delivery courier. I would avoid these guys at all costs and just go for the OW price match which you can do over the phone very very easily.

    EDIT: Officeworks price beat number: 1300 633 423

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    Great price but $40 shipping to WA! Makes the price beat less attractive

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    Thanks OP! Never did PBG with OW before. Just called the 1300 number above got it np issues!!! OW PBG total came to $305.80 including delivery. Best customer service ever - straight forward and so quick. Got myself one at my nearest store for click/collect today.

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    I did this with OW earlier this year, worthwhile

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    I did this last Saturday and got them for $270 with zip pay 10% cashback

  • @v7dal which website did you price beat with? I couldn’t wait til Saturday so got 3% today instead with zip pay lol

    • Mediaform was $312 brought it to $296 and then 10% off that

      • Did you have any issues when paying (tap n go) with zip pay for amount over $100?

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    Thanks OP, Officeworks price match worked like a charm :)

  • Can I not pick up from office works instead of delivery after price match?

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      Yes, just let the associate know you’d like to collect in store.

  • Not sure how you're able to get a further 5% off at Officeworks?

    • officeworks has a 5% price beat policy?

      • Oh didn't know that! Do other stores like JB hifi or the good guys have that too?

        • Nope, they only price match

  • Thanks OP! Got it price beaten to $296. No delivery charges as I am in NSW

    • I got them for $305.81 - I guess because you can’t pick them up locally via Mediaform in Victoria. Sucks but still a good deal. They really make it difficult, had to wait like 10 minutes for the manager as they hadn’t heard of the website before etc

    • did u do that online? i wna do this but dunno whether they work on sundays

      • i went instore

  • Thanks OP! Do you guys think its worth jumping on this or waiting for boxing day for potentially a price of 249?

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      It was $249 on black friday but it was a tough fight to get one. Don't think it will be any easier to get them for $250 on boxing day so I think $296 is a good enough price.

  • woooooooooooo so tempted. im just hoping for another crazy sale from amazon

    • What was the crazy sale on Amazon?

      • they sold it for 250 i think. so around 50 bucks cheaper

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    AirPods Pro, lol.. I don't speak broke. AirPods Max is where it's at. /s

    • For those who are quick to beg (cough… me) /s means sarcasm.

  • Thanks OP.

    $296 successful price match at OW in Carlton NSW

  • anyone has experience with Big W price matching? I was told that they only price match physical stores not online ones.

  • finally got one. called officeworks and did click and collect. no hassels. everything done smoothly. just call'em up. ezpz

  • I managed to get some in VIC today for $296, they forgot about postage costs. This was in-store.

  • Where are they located to pick up from Sydney

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