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Free - Watch Dogs: Legion - Winter Holiday Gifts @ Ubisoft


Some more freebies for WD. No need to own the game to redeem. Available for all platforms.

Gifts include -

x4 Masks
x2 Outerwear
x3 Innerwear
x3 Legwear
x1 Shoes
x1 Handwear
x3 Hats
x6 Earrings


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  • Feels like they're giving away alot for this game because it got smashed in the reviews

  • +6

    3rd time I fell for the Watch Dogs hype lol…. such a horrible game

    • +2

      The John Wick part of the trailer got me.

      • -1

        which trailer?

        also off topic. if you want a john wick experience. theres a few john wick moments in Cyberpunk.

    • +2

      WD2 was fun, i really liked that one.

    • Really? I quite enjoyed it and a couple trophies away from platinum.

  • I was waiting to pull the trigger on this. Might go for Farcry 6 and Harry Potter instead.

  • +9

    I thought this deal was saying WD Legion was free. So disappointed haha

  • I saw the title and thought they were giving away Watch Dogs Legion. But then the sudden realisation set in it's just a bunch of DLC.

  • +1

    This or Cyberpunk 2077?

    Heard both games were flops

    • +2

      CP2077 is pretty amazing. Not sure where you heard it’s a flop….

      • -4
        • +1

          It’s amazing on pc

        • +1

          If the bugs are squashed it will become great same as Witcher 3 and Battlefield 4 after they “flopped” at launch.

          • @Usernames: Battlefield 4 did so well that they cancelled half of the roadmap…

            • +1

              @Scipio: You mean they did so well because they cancelled half of the roadmap and fixed the game. Point is the game turned out fine and is still very popular.

              • @Usernames: Fixed much in terms of the gameplay (and silly initial cosmetic/fortnitewannabe) issues, but still flopped hard enough that they cancelled half of the planned content and have wrapped the game up well ahead of what was to be the schedule. Sorry mate, I love BF but they messed it up badly with the release and never recovered to what it should have been, including in terms of the playerbase.

                …actually, that may well be where CP ends up.

            • +1

              @Scipio: BF V not 4

              4 was also a mess at launch but they fixed that shit over 12 months and became best modern FPS of all time for me

        • yeah i always get my gaming reviews from richard murdoch publications

      • +3

        It's a wreck on consoles. Specifically the previous gen consoles such as the PS4.

        • Its a shame that they cant block out the base ps4. If Sony allowed them to release just for the PS4 Pro all of the fps problems would have been sorted.

          • @fuzor: It runs fine on the PS5. I haven't tried it on my PS4 Pro, but the game should never have been released on current gen consoles. My OG PS4 overheats and shuts down on games like Rock Band, and my PS4 Pro gets very hot and noisy playing games like Ghost of Tsushima (or anything 4k), so it's not surprising that games like Cyberpunk will cause problems. Some of the glitches i've seen on various YouTube vids look hilarious though!

          • @fuzor: sadly theres like hardly any PS5s in the wild due to covid.

            if it was 2021 post covid where everyone has a Ps5. this would be a non issue

            whole situation sucks for everyone. 2020 having covid issues plus being between generations screwed them over leading to stupid decisions all for the sake of profits

            artistically this game still has the potential to be even more amazing. as is its great but not amazing. there are amazing moments, but let down by other aspects that are missing which hopefully get added in

        • It has been fine for me on the Xbox Series X.

    • Cannot compare with GTA V. Much better than any UBI Soft games. Compare with game play, I personally think it is better than RDR2.
      Talk about the bugs, if you expirence Fallout or Elder scrolls, nothing really suppirse me.
      However, currently, it has a bug - If your Cyberpunk 2077 save file becomes too big, it might get corrupted, https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/20/22192375/cyberpunk-2077-...

      Again, the game just fun to play on PC.

  • +4

    I am getting a 404 error when going through to the link. Happens in incognito and firefox/chrome. Any ideas?

    • +2

      Me too.

      • If you have the app, go to games, click on Watchdogs legion, rewards, and click get it for free

        • +2

          I have the app, but unfortunately, haven't found the rewards section.

        • Yeh, you need the game to access it via the app.

          The website itself appears to be working now though - certainly wasn't earlier!

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