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Rover Boxing Day Sale - up to 50% off Outdoor Power Equipment


Rover Battery Lawn Mower Kit - Half Price! Save $500.
Rover Battery Mega Bundle - $1299. Save $1100.
Rover Line Trimmer & Attachment Bundles. From $299.
Rover Commercial Grade Lawn Mowers. Save up to $300.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • +1

    Well the weblink don't help at all

    Check back soon for more info on Rover's biggest sale of the year!

    When does it actually go live?

    • Boxing Day?

  • +3

    I'm assuming this is the mower kit

    Am in the market for a mower, had been tossing up between a pricey EGO or a cheapo Ozito
    $500 off is a pretty good deal, but I can't find many reviews of this battery mower but it did place well in the choice rankings.

    • Same boat yeah, 5 year domestic warranty is pretty good too - https://www.experteasy.com.au/blog/the-best-battery-powered-.... If they discount the blower/trimmer may put that saving towards a package of it all, don't want to pick and choose from different brands given you want/need to keep the same ecosystem battery wise. Have the full 18v AEG kit but just don't trust the reviews enough on the 18v/36v mower..

    • Also curios how this stacks up against the EGO as they seem very well reviewed.

      • $500 for a kit is about $300 cheaper than the cheapest EGO though - would have to be a lot better!

  • Hi all,
    Yes this is a Boxing Day sale. It's going live on the 26th.
    There will be very big deals on all Rover Battery power equipment.
    Team Rover.

    • Is this going to be online only, or instore at Rover dealers too?

    • Only battery operated?

      You say commercial grade also, could you elaborate or any specific models by chance?


      • They don't have any battery operated line trimmers but it's included in the upcoming sale, so safe to assume the sale will cover petrol engine products.

    • Can you share more details about the sale?

    • Rep can you confirm if this is online only or also in store?
      Keen to get the 1010 kit but would prefer to get it in store to save on time + shipping.

      EDIT: just noticed this fine print on the website

      Terms and Conditions:
      Offers available until January 11th 2021, or strictly while stocks last.
      Offers available online or at participating dealers only.
      Online orders are subject to shipping charges.

      So will have to ring around dealers to see if they are participating (or even open!)

      • It seems all dealers near me are closed today. I drove to one that appeared to be open as per google maps to find it closed.

        • I used the rover website to find dealers and called them one by one to see who was open.
          Found one 30 minutes away, was able to order with them but they don't have stock. Apparently as an online deal they order it from rover. So i have placed an order with deposit - no ETA yet.

          • @Gemeraldine: Did you manage to find any reviews or to check the mower in store?

            • @bashar20: Ordered over the phone so haven't seen it in person.

              It was reviewed well by choice so am basing my purchase on that.

              • @Gemeraldine: Would you be able to share with me choice's review?

  • +1

    Sounds like an advertisement to me?
    Where's all the details OP?

  • +1

    The deals are live now

  • Did any one manage to find reviews of CORE Duracut 1010 Lawn Mower?

    And any dealers in Sydney to avoid paying for delivery?

    • +1

      After calling 15+ dealers. None stocks it or they are shutdown till later in January.
      This is quite annoying as I wanted to check the mower in person.

      • The only dealer that answered my calls didn't stock them and claimed they'd had lots of problems. This info came 2nd hand so didn't get a chance to find out more.

  • +2

    These battery powered Rovers are actually Troy-Bilt rebadged as Rovers. I think Troy-Bilt bought out the company that designed and patented the Core motor which is actually a pcb and magnetic disc motor unlike other brushless motors we are used to seeing.
    The design and engineering looks fascinating. I watched some of the Troy-Bilt youtube trimmers and mowers and looks impressive.
    So impressed with the videos and the Rover CORE MEGA BUNDLE sale that I actually bought it online just now including two 6A batteries for $99 each.
    Shipping was surprisingly free.
    Been looking to get cheap Ozito's 36v mower and trimmer, then with the boxing day sales on been looking for good deals on EGO gear, but nothing then noticed the Rover mega bundle deal, plus very cheap 6A batteries.

    • Any reviews for the equivalent Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower?

      How did you mange to get free shipping? It shows me Shipping & Handling (Shipping Rate - Shipping Rate) $29.95

      • +1

        Is the shipping charge including the mower? Batteries incurred shipping charge not the mower so when added to the mower bundle it was free.
        I'm from Western Sydney so maybe depends on area.
        $29.95 shipping is very cheap.
        The EGO mower with blower deal that i was looking at Total Tools which are sold out had shipping charge about $130.
        Couldn't find any reviews for the Troy-Bilt battery mower but seeing it has a limited lifetime warranty on their motor i m willing to take the risk.

        • Yeah I'm right there wanting to take the jump on that mega bundle after watching some 40v tool reviews, that tech is very interesting - hopefully no issues with the pcb but given the warranty length confident there. No reviews found on the mower though, apart from the Rover site which is full of praise.. Only thing I'm wanting to check is what blades it has, and if you can get spares relatively easy enough if they're the same as their petrol counterparts.

          • +1

            @RickoWest: Blade Kit suitable for 18" and 20" steel decks
            SKU: 333-100-0001
            Fits Rover Walk Behind Mowers with 18" and 20" steel decks *Does not fit Pro Cut Range

            This one has 18” steel deck.

            • @Shikha966: Thanks for that Shikha.. I ordered, let's see how we go!

        • I bought one from GYC Mowers Peakhurst. a Bit of a drive from the Hills.
          They gave me an extra 1 year warranty on top of the 5 years domestic warranty.
          With the current wet weather of Sydney not sure when I will be able to test drive the mower.
          Unfortunately mower cant be stored standing up to save storage space.

        • For some reason Rover website wanted to charge me delivery with Mower Kit. Ended up driving to Peakhurst to check Mower in person before buying it.

          • @bashar20: That's strange, I'm in metro WA and didn't get charged shipping. But great win on the extra warranty, did you just get the mower or the bundle?

            • +2

              @RickoWest: Just the mower. I did my first run today. My grass was overgrown so tried highest setting. It struggled and shut off with a thick batch of overgrown buffalo near the fence. I suspect that area may have retained moisture compared to the rest of lawn. I will do another test run on lower height in coming days when it’s dry.

              • @bashar20: That's a pretty good first finish given the thickness it looks like it was. Would be clogging up quick with wet grass too, hopefully a good run on the dry run in the coming days! How's the noise mate? Also, looks like a beautiful spot you're in!

                • +2

                  @RickoWest: I did it on highest setting. will need to do 2nd runs on lower height.
                  This is just 1/3 of the backyard as my property is a corner one. But Grass not as good thick on the other side.
                  I didnt find it noisy. But mower is a bit hard to maneuver / turn around, This is my first mower is not sure if I am doing it correctly.

  • +1

    Just received email order confirmation. Its being shipped from Dandenong Victoria, estimated delivery 4th January.

  • I ordered 1010 kit from GYC, pick it up tomorrow. Looks like a good bit of kit from research, has a long warranty.

  • would love to hear about your experience with Lawn Mower…

  • Can anyone comment on how long the 4Amp battery lasts on the mower ?

    • +1

      I took delivery yesterday and mowed the front lawn which is about 130sqm, which was long (two full catches worth), used 3/4 of a 4ah battery.

      • +2

        Here is a photo of first pass, had no trouble with the thickness. I've used a victa tornado 4 stroke for 11 years, this mower is easier to maneuver, heaps quieter (found didn't need hearing protection). Feels really solid. My 9 year old son was having a go at mowing.


        • Mine struggled with a thick patch of buffalo and after 3 runs the grass has turned out brown :-(

          • @bashar20: Hey bashar, should come back with watering and care. I have newish lawn installed (kikuyu) and no matter the grass leaf the advice is to cut 1/3 of the grass at a time, cutting long would have browned it off as the under grass isn't used to it, but it does come back - I've done it with mine as I initally let me new grass grow very long and wild. Just keep watering that patch so it doesn't dry out. Then maintain mowing to keep it low, a few times having it low it will get use to it. Reason I'm after the quieter mower to mow more frequently, my honda 4 stroke does a good job but it's too loud for suburbia

            Get mine on the 8th Jan apparently, so I'll report back too..

        • does the torque feel the same as your victa?

          • @r33tom: Feels similar torque wise, both my old mower and this one are same 18". Done lawn twice now, nice bit of kit. I go through 1 1/3 batteries for back and front. Old mower would usually do front twice and back once before it was out of gas, so is similar in run time. Battery charges very quickly.

        • Hi bburgess76,

          May I know what’s the minimum height settings for this mower? Can’t seem to find any info on the height adjustments for this mower.


          • @pondsie: Not sure in mm, but I mowed at level 5 on it, and it looks pretty much the same as my old victa tornado that had same amount of settings.

      • Thanks . Nice lawn

  • did most people purchase the full kit vs just the mower kit?
    keen to hear people's opinion on the mower

  • My mega bundle kit arrived yesterday Monday at the Mainfreight Preston's depot and no one has called for delivery.

    • yep don't expect a call, mine just got delivered by them and lucky i was home.
      it was at prestons since 31/12/2020 and when i called them on monday they told me someone will call me to organise delivery this week.
      reading google reviews seems like its common scenario when they don't call and just rock up.

  • I was going to get this kit but then in Costco catalogue today had greenworks kit for $519. I looked at a few reviews and seemed positive. Went to Costco Adelaide today which only had 2, grabbed 1 and scanned at $499. Tried it tonight and worked well. I've always been happy with warranty claim with Costco so bit more piece of mind.

  • Yesterday as I was driving to work (afternoon shift) received call that bundle was going to be delivered. Called the wife to expect delivery. Later that night called her again to see if it arrived and she said yes and that the mower box was opened where the tape had been cut. I was upset thinking that they had it for two days and maybe opened it.

    Got home which is midnight now and saw the box was opened then saw the two extra 6Ah battery inside and was thanking maybe Rover forgot to tape it up or the freight company employee had opened the box.

    Looking at the mower got a fright when I saw the conduit tubing from the handle to the battery motor is squashed/ crinkled at a certain point. Don't know if the 6Ah battery box had moved around in the box and damaged it since there was poor padding in the box as all 4 4Ah batteries had no box just in plastic sleeve. Put battery in to test it does turn on but looks like the cable could be damaged.

    Will call Rover tomorrow as have to go to work now to see if I can get a swap.

    Haven't opened the rest of the kit yet., maybe tonight to see if everything else is ok.

  • Received today (ordered online), but it didn't appear to come with the manual, red handle for the catcher, or even the key to turn it on.

    • There should be a plastic bag containing manuals and warranty inside catcher.
      Mine came when 2 warranty papers and no manuals so pointed that out to GYC mowers and they grabbed me a manual from another unit.

      • Hi bashar20,

        May I know what’s the min height adjustment for this mower?


        • No idea. Manual doesn’t say. Try calling rover.
          1300 951 594

        • +1

          Hi pondsie, I spoke to Rover, apparently best petrol mower to compare to is the duracut 420 - that lists 10 cut positions from 10-65mm

          • @RickoWest: Hi RickoWest,

            Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.

            10mm is a lot lower than a lot of other cordless mower out there.

            • @pondsie: I personally haven't used lowest setting. I tried higest for first run and middle height for 2nd run.
              I found the highest setting not as high as Victa. The Victa highest setting is like 90cm+

  • Hi all, how is the mower performance?
    Also I’m keen to get one but would need to be able to pack up and transport it in a mid sized SUV to mow my parent’s lawn from time to time.
    Any advice RE: suitably for this purpose most appreciated!

  • Just got it today and fit easy in my Impreza hatch with the back seat folded down. So nice having reasonable sound levels and not needing ear protection. Cut was great on the third lowest on an uneven backyard. Only have a Masport with a 140cc motor in it to compare a d I recon that has more power but this suits fine

    • What type of grass do you have? Mine struggles with some buffalo areas in my lawn and the English ne shuts off even when the grass is short.

      • No idea what type of grass mate. Will take a photo if I get time when I get home. Mine definitely not like Buffalo grass so can't give you real life anecdote sorry

  • +1

    I think one of my batteries is faulty. It frequently gives the constant red colour when trying to charge or when fully charged. When it charges it charges fine though.
    The other battery is fine. will try to call Rover tomorrow…

  • +3

    sale extended till 31st Jan or until stock last.

    Received the mower yesterday. Well packed on a crate.
    Great mower so far, average noise, very sharp and efficient at cutting and catching.
    Quick charge from the batteries and the whole unit feels solid.

    now contemplating buying the rest of the kit…

    • Did you buy the rest of the kit? I'm contemplating and it's also the last day of the sale and the bundle at $799. Seems to be a good value.

      • +1

        I went and talked to the local rover dealer,
        He basically laid out and said that the technology is great and all but rover/ parent company are likely cleaning stock as it didn't make them the money they had initially planned on.
        That being said, I think my mower is fantastic but I'm on the fence if I need all the other accessories at the moment.

        My heart says get it all now but my Ozb head is telling me to wait and watch to see if the price drops or they clear the lot at auction or something..
        I've got enough juice in the 2 batteries (hopefully) that I can get 5 years out of them.
        Interestingly if you read the warranty booklet, even though rover talks about a lifelong warranty on the motor, they make it very clear that it's only 5 years and with likely the tech selling out I'm not sure if investing more will be fruitful in the long run, especially if i will just be storing the hedge trimmer in the cupboard.

        • Part if this has to do with:
          - expensive rrp for Mower kit $999. They must be high when they set that rrp. I would pay an Ego if I wanted to spend that much.
          - product not stocked by dealers. Had to call 10+ dealers. Only one that appeared to have stock is GYC Mowers Headoffice in Peakhurst. So ended up driving 45k 2ways to get it.

          • @bashar20: I picked it up from Castle Hill. Ordered online through their website and chose pick up location as Castle Hill. Haven't tried it yet, waiting for a good dry day.

            I noticed there's a hissing noise when the battery is charging? Is that normal? Have you noticed it?

            • @vjoz: That’s the fan blowing to keep battery cool.

              • @bashar20: Thanks mate, I haven't noticed this in my Ryobi 36V so was confused.

                • @vjoz: I went to GYC Castle Hill but they didn’t stock it. They could have ordered it in for me. But wanted to see mower before I bought it.

                  It’s good you Managed to get one from GYC as for some odd reason it disappeared from their website.

                  • @bashar20: You're right. They ordered it in from their other store at Peakurst.

                    Oh yes, it's not available anymore. Could be because the sale ended in Rover's website as well.

                    • @vjoz: Look forward to hear about your experience with mower. Unfortunately it’s quite wet the last few days in Sydney. So may take a while before you can test drive it.

                      • @bashar20: yes mate, the mower looks premium and has mulching capability as well. At $500 it's def a bargain! Better than the mid-range ones like Ryobi 36V from Bunnings. I'm really contemplating on getting the handheld kit too at $799 before it gets sold out. I don't have a big lawn so not approved by Mrs unfortunately.

                        • @vjoz: I already got the 36v Ozito blower which is more than enough for my needs.
                          Have a tiny hedge at the front with plans to plant high hedges all around backyard. But won’t want a hedger till like 2years from planting hedges.
                          So the only thing I would like is the wipper snipper as my entry level cheap Ozito one is not powerful enough.
                          Can’t justify spending extra $800 atm.

                          • @bashar20: yes, makes sense. I'm in a similar situation at the moment. I'm after a decent whipper snipper as well for my small yard. Eyeing the Worx 20V whipper snipper/edger tool. Heard it's light weight and does a decent job for a small price tag.

                          • @bashar20: Hey mate, when I picked up the mower I found the blades a bit rusty. Is that how it is for you?

                            • @vjoz: Mine wasn’t rusty. Take it back to GYC mowers. They can either replace the blades for you or get you a replacement one I guess.
                              Replacement blades are ~ $20

                      • @bashar20: Tried the mower today. Fantastic mower very happy with the purchase! No problems cutting through thick and slightly wet Sir Walter Buffalo. Looks and feels premium when compared to the 36V Ryobi I had. I really should have bought the handheld bundle, missed out - as I need a whipper snipper. Only thing is, it's a bit heavier than my previous mower which I've to get used to unfortunately. It's expected with the steel deck. Now to Bunnings to buy what you suggested for maintenance.

                        P.S. I've taken a couple of pictures, I don't know how to share here.

                        • @vjoz: Use https://m.imgur.com/ to upload and share photo links.

                          WD has 4 items in their gardening range. The one I suggested is great for spraying on blades and inside body to protect and make cut grass not stick.

        • All prices back up to RRP except the handheld bundle https://www.rover.com.au/sale-menu/core-bundle-sale.html.

          I think it'll go back up as well after they run out of stock.

          • @vjoz: Bundle is back up to full price as well.

  • +3

    Delivered today, got the bundle. Was packed well and delivered via 12T truck and tail lift. Just charging batteries up now, they were slipped into the mower box.

    Just mowed yesterday with my petrol honda so will try and give it a go tomorrow afternoon and see how it goes, have village green kikuyu, fingers crossed.

    • +1

      It will be difficult for the Rover to compete with the Honda I guess.

    • +1

      Keep us updated mate. Keen to know your thoughts

      • +4

        Pretty impressed with it all, noise is just blades spinning and the vacuum whirl of the air like a battery vac, main reason I went for it wanting battery was to mow more often this kik in the warmer months to keep it lower and not thatchy and not being obnoxious as more lawn out back than front, the cut I would have been happy to be on par with my Honda and pretty happy I feel it is, grass retains moisture well and carved through those wet thicker bits, but it wasn't that long to start with. Easy to manoeuvre and solid where it matters in the steel deck, had a pri*ck of a time clipping the catcher together (comes in two parts) but once it was together, real solid and so much better than my Honda fabric one. The only thing that was weird was coming to the end of the first battery, power dropped briefly till it flipped over to the second charged one - haven't looked to see if you can manually do that yet. No manuals just jump right in.

        Stoked with the whipper snipper and blower, picture there of the cut like butter whipper snipper, was worried I'd still need a proper edger and battery options are light on, but this thing carves, and does very well, even through the thicker thatchy bits that have been growing over my concrete, and the blower has so much power blew the snipped grass back onto the main bit with ease, definitely get some good use out of that elsewhere too.. So quiet too, damn pleasure over my thumping 4 stroke and 2 stroke gear, and just instant on, especially with the mower and stopping to empty the catcher. whipper snipper and blower haven't dropped a lot of power, and just made it onto the 2nd battery with the mower - for 120sqm that's pretty good I think - but cut height wasn't high or too intensive apart from that first lower cut I did. Look forward to using the mulch plug eventually when I get this lawn to a more even lower height. The hedge trimmer will be in storage for a while till my hedges grow, but that's a bonus, value of kit for $1299 with 4 batteries, mower, whipper snipper, blower and the warranty on offer. Glad I went for it and suits my situation well


        • I've got the rover mower, and really like the operation of battery electric and have been thinking of getting the line trimmer. I do a lot of edging more so than brush cutting, does it work well as an edger being a straight shaft? My current trimmer is a curved shafted using a 3.3mm line (pre-cut) which can do both front and back lawns without replacement. Do you know what line the rover trimmer uses? What is the max line size it could use? I assume it is a bump head design? I'm not really a fan of bump heads.

          • @bburgess76: I had a Honda UMS425 before this, and this is miles better. The auto torque/power is amazing in action and pretty happy with my first hack at an edge - https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/109320/86453/screensho...
            The balance of it is perfect just tilted to the side and even with the stock handle position how I have it, it works. I'm stoked with it.
            Uses normal corded ribbed/twisted line and comes prespooled with decent line ready to go, and it does have a bump head but again, it is absolutely miles better than my Honda was with the same, albeit older first gen attempt at a bump head.
            It does take a while to whirl down though to actually do the bump and pull further, or the way I prefer to do it. I use to manually be able to stop the Honda quickly but this retains power/more revolutions, so only negative I have. But I'm stoked, mine was quite thick and thatchy grown over and it cut beautifully. And feel confident holding that line using this. Overall very happy I made the jump, and the blower is insane power, blowing everything back on the lawn before I mowed to pick it up.

  • +2

    Just my two cents.

    Got the mower pack only and cuts like an absolute dream and quiet as, no need for hearing protection.

    Got an extra 6mah Battery that I've set to half charge and stored. That's just in case the two batteries one day go cactus and this line is discontinued so no replacement.

    Wish I had got my dad one of these instead of the Victa he got a few months ago. Worth it at full price in my opinion and at the promotion price a no brainer.

    Really should have splurged on the line trimmer pack with the 4 batteries but the Mrs said we don't need it, save money etc… She obviously is not an ozbargainer.

    • Am curious which victa did your dad get. The 82v? And what’s wrong with the Victa?

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