Buying a Windows Laptop This Boxing Day for Personal Use. Any Recommendations? (Budget $800- $1500)

Hi Peeps, looking to buy a windows laptop. Could you please help with your inputs

My requirements -

a) Intel processor - i7 (8 - 10th Gen)
b) Screen Size - 15''
c) HD - 512 GB or 1 TB SSHD (or open to recommendations)
d) RAM - 8 or 16 GB
e) OS - Windows 10 home 64
f) Graphics - NVIDIA or Intel
g) Brand - HP or Dell

Budget - $800 -$1500

These are just on top of my mind but open to recommendations on any of the above if there are good deals around.


  • Budget?

    • Updated post. Somewhere around 800$-1500$ for good boxing day deals

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        Lenovo Thinkpad E15 or E14?

        They show up on ozbargain quite often.

        Dell also has a budget competitor, 15 inch model, although I'm personally not a big fan of budget Dell Inspirons

        And if you want to spoil yourself there's the Lenovo Legion 5 gaming laptops and the Acer Nitro 5 is also notable for being cheap for a laptop with a 144hz display and a Nvidia 1650ti

        • I would also suggest Lenovo but OP wants the joys of having HP / Dell.

          • @netjock: I have used both in the past and they have fared well. With Lenovo, I have used for few months as office laptop, the keyboards are a charm but don't like the black colors and plasticky feel. Just personal opinion.

        • Thanks. Will check these out.

  • What are you planning to do with the laptop? Might help out when choosing options. :)

    • Regular personal use. Won't be using this for gaming.

      • If regular personal use is just basic web browsing and watching videos, you can get any laptop under $800. The requirements that you posted are a bit excessive.

        Think about the following:

        • Will you be using this for any photo/video editing?
        • Do you want to be able to play games in the future?
        • Will you be storing a lot of documents on this laptop?
        • How long do you think you will be using this laptop?
        • No for the 1st two.

          3rd point - Yes, mainly photos
          4th point - 4-5 hrs/ day


        Inspiron 15 (R5 3450U,8GB RAM,256GB SSD) $557.06

        Cheap and gets the job done.

        • Thanks a bunch. How does AMD compare with Intel processors (i5 and i7) ? With my limited knowledge Rygen 5&7 are faster than Intel i5 & i7 but how about reliability in the long run and heat dissipation ?

          • @BamOz: The Ryzen 4000 on 7nm process is much more refined than the both Intel 8th Gen, 9th Gen, 10th gen and Ryzen 3000 series, both in terms of power use and efficiency.

            Buy the Inspiron 15 5000 if you're worried about the CPU performance, but realistically speaking, with what you do, you probably will not notice a difference as the CPU is going to be idle most of the time.

            • @scrimshaw: Noted. Thanks!

            • @scrimshaw: Any HP equivalents, just to compare please ?

              • @BamOz: HP Probook 450 G7 is sort of a budget or entry level business laptop, somewhat similar to the Thinkpad E15. Good build quality, but is unfortunately not price competitive.


                you're better off buying a Dell, which you can use coupons and earning cashback on. The Inspiron 15 5000 is not as sturdy, but it is 30% cheaper.

                The HP Envy line is a premium laptop, similar to the Dell XPS series. They have very thin and sleek profiles with mostly-metal chassis.

                I wouldn't touch any of the HP Pavillions (consumer line) unless they had a really deep discount

      • You have to consider the M1 MacBook Air as well then if you aren't gaming on it, if you're considering paying $1500 anyway. The M1 MacBooks are an entirely different breed than any Mac that ever came before it, years ahead of where Windows laptops are at for the price.

  • Any HP equivalents, just to compare please ?

  • I would be getting something used like this - note with Lenovo renowned build quality, next day on site warranty and 1TB SSD + GTX1050 etc, make an offer for $1500 I am sure the seller would negotiate slightly

  • Thanks everyone. Will keep an eye for Boxing day deals

  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions earlier. Got HP envy 360 (touch) for 1088 (1999 RRP) on boxing day