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Acer Nitro 5 15.6-Inch i5/8GB/512GB SSD/GTX1650Ti 4GB Gaming Laptop $996 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


was shopping for a 1650ti gaming laptop

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      Auto Chess?!?! No way

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    I saw this a few weeks back, still at $996, but skipped past it as I noticed within the title: "4GB Gaming Laptop ", assuming it had only 4GB RAM but it is in fact 8GB RAM.

    edit: Aha, the 4GB refers to GPU RAM

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    Does anyone know the difference with this one:

    It's it just the screen refresh rate? It's $100 cheaper

    • Yep screen and keyboard is backlit red instead of RGB.

    • Yep, screen and also the one you linked has red backlighting on the keyboard instead of RGB

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        Thanks. Worth the $100 premium?

    • Purchased one yesterday and they are the same in every regard apart from the refresh rate

  • Op, you might want to add 5% off gift cards at SB.

  • What am I missing? This seems like a great deal for those specs. I'm looking at sub- $1500 for light gaming and similar speccd machines seem to be $1400 or so. Is a Ryzen 5-4600H much better in terms of gaming? Anything else this one might be lacking? Even 8gig ram seems ok when its expandable.

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      Fantastic internal specs for price, but known keyboard issues.

      I've been writing about it in another thread but my partner got it two weeks ago and we've returned it. The keys don't register unless you hit them precisely in the middle. Might not be an issue for some, but she found it annoying while playing LoL (abilities not triggering if she happened to hit the side or bottom of the key).

      I've also read online someone mentioned while holding 'w' to move it'd randomly stop (presumably as the pressure deviated from the middle of the key).

      • Keyboard aside, was it worth the extra $100 for 144hz vs 60hz refresh rate?

        • Couldn't tell you, unfortunately. Didn't use it long enough to notice anything about the screen.

      • Your girl plays LoL? Man you're lucky.

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        I had exactly the same issue

  • If anyone has brought this laptop could you give a recommendation if it's worth it or not ? And which games do you play on it. I went and looked at the laptop this morning and the service person advised it wasn't that good for AAA games and mainly good for a game like The Sims, I was expecting them to say something like that and then recommend a much more expensive laptop which they did. All reviews say it's a great laptop but finding reviews for this exact laptop seems difficult as there's afew different versions of it GTX1650Ti v 1650 ect

    I'm not after a high end laptop just something to play newish games (ARK,Sims, Cities, Battlefield, 4x strategy games ect). Thanks alot in advance.

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      Salesman just trying to upsell you.

      This machine is fine for many games. The beauty of PC gaming is you can adjust the settings.

      Looking for exact model reviews are difficult because there are so many levels of options.

      Just search for "GTX 1650 ti laptop gaming" on Youtube.


      • Thanks for your help I'll look at afew more videos and convince myself in the next few days before the sale ends.

    • I am actually going to be buying this tomorrow, can give up update in a few days time regarding gaming. I will be playing COD Warzone on it (currently playing on Xbone) and use for general use such as web browsing, youtube, netflix etc. Based on my research, it should be able to handle it quite easily and I am not fussed about "Max Graphics". There is a 60hz version for sale for like $100 cheaper but I would much rather the 144hz version.

      You can also check what your laptop / computer can do on https://www.pcgamebenchmark.com/ by inputting the specs and then it will give you a list of games etc, or go to the games section and type in specs and can show you if it will play or not.

      I am going to take it to my local PC shop and get them to add another 8gb ram to bring it up to 16gb and maybe a 500gb / 1tb additional SSD, seems to be something that can easily be done but I would much rather a professional do it - never done this before, don't want to take laptop apart myself but have watched videos etc.

      • Thanks, I'm in the same same boat just wanting something abit faster than I have and not aiming for extreme settings, and would probably get another 8gb ram. Goodluck with it 🤙

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          Hi mate, I picked the laptop up yday, set it up and have been playing some warzone on it on lower settings. FPS runs between 45 - 60 and drops a bit sometimes but is definitely playable. I played with both laptop keyboard and external keyboard to test the keyboard out but am a controller player so plugged in my XBONE controller and have been playing with that.

          Screen: Decent - can't complain, have locked Warzone FPS to 60 in game as the build can't really handle more.
          GPU Temp: depends on if you leave it on auto, max or play around with it in the Nitro Sense App - manageable - I let it get hot by leaving it on auto to see how it goes and it hit like high 70s which is fine, on laptops they often hit 80s and is fine. On Max Fan it sounds like a Jet engnie taking off (can adjust for CPU / GPU as well) but really brings the temp down to like mid 60s which is really good for a laptop.
          Keyboard - I don't know what people are complaining about, all of the presses are registering for me and it works fine
          RAM: Can be expanded - will get a PC Shop to do that
          Storage - Can expand with another SSD NVME or HDD

          I will definitely get the an extra stick of RAM added.

          Gameplay so far: 2 Hours

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          Updated Review after 2 Weeks.

          Performance: the below performance is in reference to playing COD MW / Warzone.

          Screen - due to the nature of how laptops are made, the screen will not hit 144hz in games like Modern Warfare etc, however, after installing the extra 8gb ram, performance has been awesome, on the laptop screen I get about 60 - 75 FPS on low settings and consistently get 60 FPS (locked it in at this on the laptop screen). Works great on Halo MCC - very smooth too. For MW / Warzone - I now play on an external monitor - FPS runs at around 90 - 110 and I have locked it at 90 as my monitor is 75 hz. The reason there is such a big difference between the lower performance on the Laptop screen vs higher on external monitor is because the GPU processes everything and it has to then be pushed through to the shared graphics on the CPU which is the only way the laptop screen works - there is no way of changing it, as such, adding extra loading, while the HDMI out port is directly connected to the GPU, hence, cutting out the extra step. Doesn't sound like much but it will make a difference (did some research into it too).

          I feel the CPU could have been better, but it does the job.

          Cooling - The Acer Nitro Sense App is easy enough to use, just bump the fan speed up to Max or Custom Profile. So far, CPU temp avg is around 70-80 (loading at ~60-65%) while the GPU temp avg is around 64 with a loading of 65-70%. This is noted playing Modern Warfare for ~4 hours and has been consistent over the last week.

          Keyboard - after a bit more use, not the greatest, can miss presses but it doesn't bother me as I use Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller and mostly use a gaming mouse and keyboard.

          I would would definitely recommend this laptop for the price and if it meets the usage criteria, my requirement was that it plays MW / Warzone and it does that without any issues with the extra 8gb ram I put in.

          • @TChalla: Thanks for the review. After reading your first review, i was about to pull the trigger. But reading this part (and other similar comments) about the keybaord issues, I will have to give this one a miss.

            • @Danstar: Yeah that is fair, I use an external K&M and Elite Controller and hooked up to a monitor so it doesn't bother me, but can definitely be annoying.

              • @TChalla: Just got this for a few hundred more

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                  @Danstar: Yeah that is a way better laptop, good purchase, just checked it out. I would have done the same. I had to buy it from HN as my employer has a salary sacrifice arrangement with HN, so ended up being like net ~570 for me.

  • I am assuming I won't be able to play RDR2 on it, will I?

    • You can. Just adjust the graphics settings accordingly.


      CPU is slightly better but performance would be very similar.

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      Food for thought: RDR2 will benefit from a bigger screen. My laptop is 18" and even then I'd prefer to be playing it on a tv. But this is all pure person preference. I just find bigger screens better for open world immersion.

      Either way you can usually plug an external monitor in and controller anyway.

      • Laptop screens feel too small to play games on, which is why I question whether it's worth paying the extra $100 for the 144hz version or saving $100 for the 60hz version.

        I think the 60hz version is terrific value.. but haven't pulled the trigger yet because I have 2 consoles I don't even play with..

        • -1

          Exactly. Also at that price, $100 is more of a saving. I'd probably opt to use that money on some other external peripheral. Hell, use towards an actual monitor.

          It may be different if you were already spending say, $1800. At which point you almost may as well chuck in another hunge for the screen.

          All that said I'm not particular about refresh rates etc. It's not something I've read up on or know/care much about.

          If you're on the fence, I'd say either wait it out for something built better (I've complained about the keyboard too much here now) or save the money to build a desktop. Unless, of course the drawing card is it being a lappy.

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    How is the colour reproduction on either screens? are they 100% SRGB ?

    • 72% ntsc on the 144hz, unsure of the 60hz spec

      • my apologies, took me ages but finally got through to acer and the 144hz and 60hz models are 45%ntsc, only the rtx model with a 144hz display has 72%NTSC = 100% sRGB

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    What are peoples thought on the volume output as the one I have is relatively quiet and would only be around 60% to 70% of volume in terms output compared to my other laptops

  • Does anyone know how this would go with photo and video editing? Photoshop, lightroom and da vinci resolve are the programs I usually use.