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70mai Midrive TP03 12V Portable Car Tyre Inflator A$35.17 (US$26.32) @ Banggood


This is a all time low for this portable tyre inflator according to couponsfromchina.

Thank you to onemesh for pointing out that compared to the Xiaomi inflator this does not have a battery so you'll need to plug it into the 12v socket.

By coincidence, a few hours ago I was commenting on how I was disappointed at my last 70mai product. But after getting an alert that it has dropped to this price I'm willing to take a punt on them again. Hopefully they are better at pumps than they are at dashcams.

Make sure you untick shipping insurance, this comes via AU direct mail which in my experience is quite quick compared to the usual china post.

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    This needs 12V from your cigarette lighter - its not self powered. the other model has a lithium ion battery inside it.

    • Ahhh! Thanks for that. I sold my car in favour of electric scooters so this won't work for me. I'll cancel my order.

  • Beware I got this from aliexpress a few months back and I can't seem to be able to use it to pump my road bike tyres with the included presta valve attachment. Also couldn't get it to pump a gym ball.

    • +1

      it works very very slow, needs a very long time to pump a car.

      • How long are we talking about per tyre?

  • Would combining this with like the liquid that’s used in emergency kits for sports cars keep your car on the road for a little longer enough for you to get home or to a tire shop? Anyone got a link for a tire liquid repair thing? Am I making sense?

    • Donno the answer to your question but I guess you are talking about this stuff?

    • Kept pumping my scooter tyre up every few kms with a simple $2 bike pump once on the way to get it repaired. Not ideal, but got the job done.

    • Better not use the liquid repair kit. I have one which comes with my car, and the sales particularly mentioned that if you use it on the tire, the tire basically is done and need to be replaced. I would definitely call my road service and tow it to the shop for fixing.

    • your car ahould come with either a spare or a kit that that a pump like that and the sealant?
      What car come without either?

      • Oh yeah you're right… I haven't looked into it to be honest, despite buying a portable jump starter, trickle battery charger and now thinking of further contingency plans with this pump haha

  • Hopefully they are better at pumps than they are at dashcams

    what's wrong with their Dashcam? A800 is quite good for dual camera $176 on sale.

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