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[Android] Google Play Pass 2 Months Free Trial then $7.99/Month or $49.99/ Year


Found on Google Play Store main page.

Additional one month extra compared to one month only long term trial period.

Here is the roundup list of best 25 apps and games included as well as complete searchable list of all apps and games, both courtesy of Android Police.

Personal favourite apps (bought them prior to Play Pass launch).

  • Tasker
  • Stardew Valley
  • Star Wars KOTOR
  • Hidden Folks

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    Thanks. Remember to cancel straight away. It will then cancel when your 2 months is up

    • How to cancel? Could not find the tab.

      NVM. I found it under manage subscriptions.

  • My Play Store doesn't have a Play Pass button anywhere?

    • Do you have a G Suite account? As usual we get screwed and this feature is not supported.

      • G Suite as in the corporate/enterprise version?

  • Thanks Op, about to open a new Android phone for Xmas so this will be perfect.

  • Do you get to keep the app/game after you cancel?

    • No, essentially game pass for phones

  • +2

    I no longer play games on the mobile. I use to, but the type of games I like seem to have stopped being made and now it is all Pay to Unlock energy crystals or whatever.

    I enjoyed the Room, Monument Valley, and Stranger Things games. Are there any good games like those still being made that I'm not aware of?

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