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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 128GB Smartphone $969 Delivered (Was $1499) @ Amazon AU


Looks like Amazon price matching JB HIFI.

Brand - Samsung
Colour - Cosmic black, Cosmic grey and blue
Memory Storage Capacity - 128 GB
Display - AMOLED

Its not the 5G version.

Note 20 is also available for $999

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    Thanks OP!

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    this is 4G version btw…

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      Thanks mate

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      just because 5G is a thing doesn't automatically make 4G bad, for me at least my 200-300mbps 4G connection is good enough and latency is good enough for what I do when out. 4G is perfectly fine for a lot of people and it's not like 4G is getting shut off in a year.

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        I didn't say it was bad. But I think the 4G version should've been cheaper as I bought my 5G version for $1097 3 months ago from Officeworks…

        Im using Telstra and 5G is not 'free' in the current plan so I've been using 4G anyway…

        I'm not negging this deal as it is a good deal for what's currently offered but still personally think it could've been cheaper…

  • Also available for the same price at Officeworks and Harvey Norman

  • Thanks OP. Would have been a great new year's present to myself if this price was for a 5g version.

  • wouldn't this be cheaper with the $300 loyalty bonus from Samsung?

    • There isnt any stock available at studio stores.

  • This or pixel 5?

    • Thinking the same

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      as much as a i like the larger screen, i'm going with Pixel 5..

      I really dislike the Samsung skin

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        I switched from Pixel to S20+ and while I agree that the stock android experience is much better, it probably only took about a month to get used to it to the point where I didn't feel like I missed anything any more.

        Now my only issue with it is Pixel clearly takes more superior photos in basically every setting. S20+ has rubbish fingerprint sensor under the screen. If you had a Pixel with a fingerprint sensor on the back it was almost instant, always worked, half the time I have to press the S20+ screen multiple times and much harder than you would expect.

        • I have the S20 FE 5G and agree on both points. I use Nova Launcher and core Google apps and hardly notice the skin. And the fingerprint sensor is still terrible - about 10% success rate on my left thumb and about 80% on my right.

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    This or the 20+ FE?

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      Had a FE, returned it because of the ongoing screen issues, replaced it with this.

      Plus is much more premium feeling (materials, sound quality, haptics etc), but I never thought the FE felt bad.

      Plus gets slightly better photos at the top end, and consistently more usable shots in poor conditions.

      Plus has better multitasking, FE felt marginally snappier generally.

      FE had better battery life hands down - I'm talking 7+ hours screen on time vs 4.5, with better standby to boot.

      FE would be an easy recommendation if it wasn't for the problems they're experiencing.

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    Got OPPO RENO 5G the best phone I've ever owned, amazing screen, camera and technology, better than any Samsung I've ever owned, Oppo are really starting to bring out some decent phones!!!

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      I have to agree with this. OPPO surprised me a lot with their tech these day especially with their battery life. Even xiaomi also pretty impressive these days

  • The S21 is due to be released in 3 weeks, so probably best hold off as the prices of S20's will surely drop…

    • I have stopped buy new tech. Wait 1 years and get the same tech for half price.

      • But in this case it looks like $969 vs probably $1100 (edu store pricing, s21 base not plus) for the S21.
        I am not sure why anyone would buy this (unless they really couldn't wait 1 month), especially with the new Exynos chips coming out.

  • how are you getting 969? its 999 at all other retailers. amazon isnt even showing a price

    • It was there till those have it at the lower price are sold out than Amazon shows the next lowest.

    • The deal is 2 days old, cant expect stock to last. Black and grey sold out before today. Blue was available a few hours ago.

    • Only cosmic grey is available at the moment for $969. Everything else sold out.

      • Someone must have cancelled their order. Wasn't there before and only 1 left now.

        • Possible. Now everything sold out

  • Can anyone assist with a screenshot/redacted invoice of the phone at $969? Grateful for a PM if possible.

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